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Wrote the following post yesterday:

Sunday morning, early, and still quiet outside. And maybe it will remain quiet today? I am focusing on a little peace today, because since early afternoon on Friday, the street outside my front door has been the location of quite the fireworks festival! Constant. I’m grateful that all the noise ceased both nights before too late, because we all know I go to sleep early.

I’m not complaining about the noise. Truly. There seemed to be a small group of children, maybe ages 8 to about 15, just having a good time. Adults sitting around in their lawn chairs, supervising and participating at times. Family time. Patriotic time. But oh my goodness those loud pops and bangs would just come out of nowhere!! Constantly. I’m hoping they all had a wonderful time and made a few lasting memories. But kitty and I are very glad that the loud Independence Day celebration is over!

Last time I wrote about my personal introduction to greens in my fruit smoothie. I made a second smoothie with even more spinach, and since it was mostly a frozen peach smoothie instead of a berry smoothie, it was rather green in color. I took it to work in my thermos-type stainless steel coffee mug, which made it easier to drink because I couldn’t constantly see the color. Really. It was honestly a rather baby-poop green. But it was delicious, and I’m sure I had about 1.5 servings of greens in that healthy breakfast! By making my own smoothies instead of buying, I don’t end up drinking that huge cup of eleventy-gatrillion servings of fruit. Which is fattening and unnecessary for me. I do notice, though, with the greens and added soy protein powder, and probably three servings of fruit, I don’t get hungry in the mornings. And three servings of fruit is only one more than I should consume in a day, and I only eat smoothies twice a week. Or three.

Yesterday morning I made another smoothie, only this time I used collard greens. At the grocery store I had planned to buy more spinach, but collards were a lot cheaper, and when I saw them on the shelf, all I could think of was, “collards and onions and egg – oh my!” One of my absolutely most favorite meals in the world! Well, I also add a little vinegar, but adding another word to the phrase messes up the song. (After all, I do live in the world of Dorothy and Toto these days.) Anyway, had to have ‘em. Had to.

I cleaned the collards, and as I was finishing up the task, I decided to save some for a smoothie. But first I researched online to see if people actually use collards in smoothies. They do. Kevin (the foodie bud mentioned last time) uses other greens, but he never mentioned collards. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t one of those weird foods that come from heaven when cooked but send you to hell when you eat them raw. Didn’t want to get sick. Come to think of it, I guess people who try to eat lots of raw foods also eat lots of greens that way. I’m just not familiar with that lifestyle so much.

Anyway, this smoothie was a berry smoothie, and I used plenty of collards. I also added one-forth of an orange this time, which I had never used before. Super delicious! I should have blended a little longer, though, because I found myself chewing on green and berry seeds right much. But to chew is good. I’ll do this again! Actually, I made a larger-than-usual smoothie this time, with lots of greens, and I put the leftovers into two small containers. Sitting in the freezer right now. So I’ll just eat on those as a healthy dessert later this week. Or today. Maybe later this morning. Yeah, I’ll probably do that. I think my first game of the day will be to see how long I can go before gobbling down that new concoction!

So, what am I eating when not downing a smoothie? Peanut butter. Delicious, organic, natural, peanut butter. And when I say natural I don’t mean the kind with slimy palm oil. Oooh gross. But, sigh, I do mean the kind with added salt. Confession time. I prefer salt in my peanut butter. Really prefer. Just ate four Saltines and a little peanut butter. And now I’m continuing my breakfast by eating a bowl of dry-roasted un-salted peanuts (I know I know. Didn’t I just say peanuts need salt? Go figure.), whole wheat dry cereal, and a few Golden Grahams. Yes, Golden Grahams, which lists sugar as the second ingredient, and further down the list there is also brown sugar and honey. The Wheat Chex has six ingredients, the number one being whole wheat. Good, huh. Except out of the other five, one is sugar and one is molasses. Yes. Peanuts without salt, and peanuts with salt. Healthy grains, but lots of added sweet. Somehow, I hope I have a balance somewhere. Trying so hard has given me a headache!

So this week I have eaten lots of corn on the cob, but it wasn’t very good corn. I guess it was picked LONG ago somewhere way down south. But for someone who really, really, loves corn, I can even eat bad corn. Also prepared some delicioius cabbage with more in the fridge to cook later this week. And spoon bread. For those of you who are not familiar with spoon bread, it is made from corn meal (again, delicious corn!), and milk and egg. Much like cornbread, only more liquid so it is more like a firm pudding. Cook in the oven, add a little butter, moosh up with a spoon, and eat it. Oh my goodness one of my favorites! The collards I have cooked, but will eat later today. My hard-boiled egg is sitting in the fridge just waiting!

An yes, I’ve cooked some meat as well. Still doing that one. My neighbor had surgery this week and I prepared him chicken one night, so I saved some for myself. Simply sautéed some breast meat, added onions and chicken broth. Flour for thickening. When just about done I added a little Dijon mustard and cream. Served on wild rice. I must say it was delicious! You know? I bet I could make a really good sauce of vege broth, thickening, white wine, Dijon, and heavy whipping cream. Wouldn’t need the meat to have the sauce to pour over wild or brown rice. I could add green peppers and mushrooms, too. Hmmm…..I’ll need to try that sometime. Maybe later this week! Oh I’m getting so excited at the prospect!! Really. There is so little additional money these days to do anything extra, and making a meal special really thrills me. Adding just a few more dollars (less than $5) to a week’s grocery bill, can make more meals really special. I’m still very fortunate that I can do just that.


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