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The last day of a wonderful 4-day holiday. Friends, food, coffee, and some movies I rented from Digital Shelf in Aggieville. I usually get my movies via Netflix, the program where I am only allowed two movies a month. Otherwise I would spend way too much time watching movies! But on a 4-day holiday, I treated myself to extra. Ahhh……

Thanksgiving time was filled with delicious culinary morsels. I still try to eat very little meat, but Thanksgiving Day I was invited to a friend’s home, and the turkey smelled so delicious. I had extra. Dark meat. Ate it. It was good. Plenty of carbs around the table: creamy white taters, creamy sweet taters with added pecans, stuffing, and then I added a dish of marinated fresh asparagus, onions, and mushrooms. Well, the asparagus was fresh, but I figure it traveled quite a far piece. Don’t know where asparagus is grown this time of year! My carbon footprint increased a little I’m afraid.

And there was my walk to Starbucks yesterday to meet a friend for coffee. We talked for two hours! Yes, I know that those of you that know me well feel I really accomplished something magnificent by keeping it down to two hours. But I needed the walk and wanted the conversation. So, maybe that venture was multi-tasking at its finest?

I made tomato bisque earlier last week, and today I am making more. I am right now in the process of finishing up my breakfast, a delicious egg omlette made with one egg, a little onion, and lots of chopped green bell pepper and mushrooms. There is melty gooey extra-sharp cheddar in the middle. And a little black pepper sprinkled on top. Oh my goodness! You should taste it!

There is also a white flour bagel involved. One-half. Toasted with black cherry confit spread on top. I’m not sure why this sweet scrumptious is called confit instead of preserves (there are a few whole cherries in it, so I relate it to preserves). I bought the confit at my favorite Emerald City Market (owned by Larry and Clark and located on Poyntz here in Manhattan) because it is suppose to go well with goat cheese. And it does. But I discovered this morning it also goes very well with egg and lots of cheddar. And here is the picture, served with a Starbucks mug and my morning’s second half-cup of Starbucks coffee. Both gifts from our daughter.

Sunday morning yum!

It is absolutely fantabulous! Seriously. Should fill me up for several hours.


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