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Tried tofu again yesterday. Truly, I tried. I believe very strongly in the soybean, and I believe tofu is a very healthy food. But it still feels like tofu and chewy and squishy. I like fried clams, and they are chewy on the inside. Just don’t get it with me.

I marinated it in a brown sugar/crushed pineapple/mustard marinade. Delicious! Sweet and sour sauces are some of my favorites, and this one sits near the top. I cut the tofu into small pieces before marinating for several hours, then fried it a little, then added a little soy sauce and my fav raw vegetables. Crunchy is my favorite, so I added a few cashews and crispy noodles on top.

It was a tasty meal, but after awhile I was pushing aside the tofu. Hmmm….. maybe next time I will make sure with every bite of tofu I also eat a crispy noodle or nut? You know, to camouflage the squishy. As I gradually fool my senses from the squishy, I should soon be able to leave off the nuts now and then.

When avoiding meat, I tend to over-do on the starches, and for someone who is already overweight, too much of that culinary delight is not a positive. I could probably just add the nuts always and forget the tofu, but I did that last time I followed the pescatarian plan and after two years simply got tired of every nut out there. Nuts also make up a part of my snacks during the day, and it began to feel as if I was eating them all the time!

However, in this dish, the tofu was the best I have ever tasted. There is more marinating in the refrig right now, and more of my favorite vegetables to be added. Tonight I will try it again. But here are two pictures of last night’s supper. There is tofu, broccoli, bell peppers, tiny corn, onion, and carrots. No rice or regular noodles because of the crispy noodles on top. It does really look tasty, don’t you think?

Before adding noodles

Now with the added crispy noodles!


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Ahhh……another beautiful (but cold) morning here in Kansas. Thinking of what I will cook today to help take me through the week. Earlier this week I ate the last of my pinto beans I had frozen, and they were so delicious that I decided to soak white Northern beans this morning. Can’t wait to try those later!

And squash. Like the asparagus mentioned in my last post, I must confess I don’t know the carbon miles they flew or trucked getting out here, but I bought three yellow squash and plan to make a casserole, including cheese. Casseroles make a really scrumptious main dish and are super easy to pack for lunch at the library. Even though our library allows patrons to eat just about anything, anywhere, I can’t bring myself to sit out among the stacks and eat my lunch. Into my office I go! Oh – and thank you, Hale Library, for supplying little ovens in the staff lounge. You rock! Anyway, add a few raw carrots and crackers and I’m good.

This morning I prepared another favorite breakfast, pictured below. There is 1/2 bagel with jelly (but I had to throw away part of it – tummy got too full too early), had-boiled egg with salt and black pepper, dried figs, and a little bit of extra-sharp cheddar. Oh yes! And caffeine in a mug. The added caffeine prepares me to skip the nap that otherwise would take up the next hour.

Figs, cheese, and more

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