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I have many friends that enjoy Indian Food. I enjoy it myself, but not too much at one time. Why? Just too spicy. Sometimes too hot. I love food, but I like the flavors added to be more subtle.

And my lack of desire for Indian food means that when a group of us decide to go out to enjoy a meal together, either I am miserable or they decide to go elsewhere – just for me. I don’t like either option.

So I decided to start cooking a few dishes myself. Adding less (much less!) seasoning than found in most authentic Indian culinary delights. Then increase spices as time goes on. Maybe I can work my way up to the real thing?

So, Regina, Danielle, Leo, Jason, Laura, Tara, and all the rest of my friends that love the Indian epicurious adventures – I’m in training!

Yesterday I made vegan Alu Matar – peas and potatoes in an onion/tomato sauce. Oh my it was scrumptious! And I’m packing some for my dinner at work later tonight. There was also a yogurt/mint dressing to toss with seeded cucumber slices. OH MY GOODNESS! Who knew that plain yogurt mixed with mint, a little olive oil, and garlic could taste so amazing!

Very simple – the most time spent was cutting up onion and a few potatoes. I took pictures of the finished dish, but they were awful. So instead I just have pre-cooking pics.

Gathering the spices

Main ingredients

Then add the cucumber yogurt/mint salad

Now all I need is my own tandoori oven and I’m set to dazzle all my foodie friends with my extraordinary culinary talents! Sigh….but I still to work on my lack of photography expertise.


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