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Thursday was another amazing day in DC – someone pinch me! Arrived early for an hour of Starbucks and a delicious cup of Gold Coast with a banana. I’m in the midst of reading Imperial Hubris (au: Michael Scheuer), so I just sat there, read my book, enjoyed my coffee, and watched people come and go.

Then walked less than a block to work in the library at the Middle East Institute (MEI) for several hours (pro bono). The Institute provides a tremendous resource for scholars but are without a full-time librarian right now. Met a few new people and spent the day doing what I love to do!

When I finished at MEI, I walked up to U Street for a chili dog at Ben’s Chili Bowl, and it was as delicious as I had heard it was. I arrived about 2:45pm and the line was literally, honestly, out the door. Inside the line snaked around a little, but they are so on the ball that it didn’t take long to get my hot dog.

Old Motown coming out of the speakers. Lots of loud laughter and smiling faces. People in all types of dress (and incomes) waiting for the same thing. Didn’t take long to place my order; they have perfected their process of dealing with a crowd! I sat at the counter with my meal in a bun, trying to contemplate how on earth I would eat it without utensils (loaded with their famous chili, onions, mustard, and topped with a little bit of creamy coleslaw)! Just as I looked up to ask someone to bring me a fork, one of the cooks behind the counter brought me a fork and knife. Thank you!! And the chili really is fantabulous!! A little extra heat. I’ll surely be back.

In the meantime, here is my fav Ben’s Chili Dog video:


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