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Sunday morning starting off just right with a delicious cup of coffee and two small cookies. Oatmeal cookies, so I can count it as breakfast, right? Oh how I love those little crunchy oatmeal cookies with the icing on top! You know, the ones every major grocery store has in a variety of inexpensive off-brand bags? Usually on the very top or very bottom shelf? Never eye level? Yes, those – you know what I’m talkin’.

This is a weekend of lounging around the apartment, enjoying time to myself. Sure there are a few weekly chores I completed yesterday and a few more ahead today, but there aren’t too many of those pesky tasks. And in between those duties (and we all have them!), I’m watching some old TV shows again on Hulu and videos I checked out from Nimitz Library. And then the pièce de résistance of the weekend ….. Murder She Wrote with one of my favorite actresses/women in the world, Angela Lansbury. A good friend loaned me several DVDs from this 1980s – 90s television show for the weekend – thank you Alexis!

Oh sure there is also reading involved: a journal article about library collection development, a book about the subject of economics (not the yawner some might expect!), and Howard Schultz’s new book Onward about the “come back and rise” of Starbucks.

And food. Food I enjoy the most. Easy dishes. Because it is rather a goof-off weekend. And even though some of it is junk food, such as the oatmeal cookies and chips and dip, there is also some fairly healthy food like the nachos pictured below – prepared just the way I like them! ‘Cept I had no beans. Dang. Out of all my dried beans in the apartment, I had failed to soak and cook any of them (Remember? Except for the reading and pesky tasks – goof off weekend!).

So here you have my favorite meal from yesterday – whole grain corn chips, toasted in the oven to melt the extra sharp cheddar, topped with onions, tomatoes, and extra-lean beef cooked with just a little salsa (it cooks better with a tasty liquidy tomatoey something) and the perfect mixture of seasonings I blend in while cooking. Celebrated with a dollop of sour cream in the middle.

I see ahead today more of my favorite food, reading, movies, television, and maybe even step-exercising in front of the computer while I watch Jessica Fletcher solve another mystery in Cabot Cove!


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Starbucks in Annapolis – the one in the shopping center with Barnes and Noble. What? Why, I’ve only been in Annapolis for 10 months – I shouldn’t be expected to know the name of this favorite shopping center already. oops! Maybe I should.

My friend Becky is perusing Barnes and Noble and I’m sitting in Starbucks, giving her some time to herself to ponder and peruse. Yes, I used the word “peruse” twice. I’m smart like that!

Talking to you, watching people, and enjoying my signature drink – Grande single shot, decaf 5 pump mocha, extra hot, whip on bottom, mocha. Thanks for the new mug Hannah! This time no one had to try to remember!!

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