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Thoughts this morning

Exams are over, and work at the reference desk will slow down for the next few weeks. I will miss the midshipmen filling the library every morning, but they will be back! In the meantime, I can catch up on other duties, such as learning more about new resources to help along their education process as well as spend more time updating my LibGuides. Still have tons of reading to do as I plan for the American Library Association conference in January, but at least I can do it all on my own schedule.

Yesterday I went to the doc’s office for a routine check-up. We spent some time talking about my year here in Annapolis, and I mentioned that even though I am very happy here, I really miss Kansas more than I expected. She was surprised. She could not imagine I would like Kansas more than here. I explained that it’s not that I thought Kansas was better, it’s just that the comfort and friends I found in Kansas would be hard to duplicate.

My decision to more to Annapolis was a good one. I’ve made a couple of friends at the Naval Academy and enjoy my work there immensely. But Kansas? Definitely something special there in Manhattan, the Little Apple.

And guess what! She and her husband are flying to Manhattan, Kansas to visit a friend over the Christmas holidays! Weird happenstance.

Speaking of Christmas, following is a picture of my tree. That’s a special bear that entered my living area to view my tree. She was quite pleased, though she did complain that her chair lacked sufficient lumbar support. πŸ™‚


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Saturday morning early. Planning my day. Quick trip to pick up new glasses today – the ones I use for work at the computer. A lot of reading ahead on the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) and plans for the American Library Association’s MidWinter meeting in January.

A really bright spot in my day will be all the delicious leftovers in my kitchen. One of the most wonderful aspects of having a few good friends over for dinner is the leftovers the next day. At my house! Another perk is that I cleaned the apartment really well before they arrived and now it is quite the shipshape space this morning and will stay that way for several days! That’s my plan anyway πŸ™‚ .

There were three of us, Alexis, Wan, and me …. and I forgot the camera. again. But the evening started with a favorite cheeseball I made the night before. along with a mixture of gourmet olives, cornichons, and red grapes. Followed by bowls of mushroom soup freshly created with shiitake and crimini mushrooms, butter, and a little heavy whipping cream in with the milk.

There was an eye of round roast, candied yams, and marinated raw veggies. I set out a plate of baked goodies cut into small pieces (thank you Whole Foods!) to serve with decaf coffee at the end, but we were all pretty much full by that time. Oh! And really cold Diet Coke out of the can for Alexis. Her fav!

You want to know what was really super fantastic? Even though we were too full to keep eating, we were not too full to keep talking. We each have different backgrounds, different thought processes, and our bachelor’s degrees are from three different areas. Wan has a JD; Alexis and I each have a Masters in Library Science. So naturally we did not totally agree on everything in our discussions. But we conversed for quite some time, explaining our thoughts about taxes and the economic situation and people in the news. We laughed and learned. It was simply a magnificent evening!

Yes, a clean house, quick trip planned to pick up my glasses, preparing for ALA and discussions to provide the best library services possible, delicious coffee by my side, and a refrigerator full of scrumptious yummies! Yes …. good day. good day.

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5:30am – up early again, drinking my first cup of coffee and reading the news via the Internet. Prefer print news but still don’t receive a home-delivered newspaper here in Annapolis. Maybe later this morning before getting to work I’ll purchase either a Washington Post or NY Times. Rained most of the night but seems to have stopped. So I’ll go into town early and walk a bit. Now THAT will wake me up for sure!.

10:05am – Another full library this morning. Lots of printing going on. Final exams next week and final papers mostly due this week. Still lots of assistance needed for primary sources, scholarly journals, 19th century newspaper articles, and more.

12:30pm – Just came back from lunch at Galway Bay, and as usual, it was delicious! I treated a colleague to a meal there because he is retiring at the end of this month. He’s been my neighbor in the next cubie for over a year now, and I will miss him. I wanted to treat him, talk about his family and precious granddaughter, and pick his brain for any info I could use after he leaves. I’m not sure exactly how long he has been a librarian at Nimitz, but it’s been for quite some time!

10:00pm – Spent the afternoon going over my list of goals I made at the beginning of the semester to see how many I was able to accomplish. Looks like I did pretty well! Everyone ought to make goals, keep up with them, and then look at their work. Yes, it takes time, but I’ve done this very thing all my life, and it encourages me to keep pushing forward even when I’m not in the mood. Plus, when I look back on my work I often find I accomplished more than I realized, which is a very good discovery for the attitude! Can’t help but feel better about myself.

After work Alexis and I went to Applebees for our usual Friday supper out. Over to the mall to find a few Christmas gifts, then on to Whole Foods. I was super tired after work today, so Alexis drove and I left my car at the apartment. Riding in her car on the way to Whole Foods, the hubby called, and I explained to him the activities of our evening out. He responded by saying that we should put a sign on Alexis’ car that says, “Wild girls night out.” Huh. I think he was being sarcastic πŸ™‚ !

One thing I learned this week while helping a midshipmen with his research: The Latin term for Asian Shore Crab is Hemigrapsus sanguineus. Who knew?!?

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7:30am – Yesterday was an extra-long day at the library, so this morning I am going in a little later than usual. Thus, extra time for my blog!

Even though we are getting closer to the Christmas Holidays for the midshipmen, last night we were very busy at the Reference Desk. Computers were all utilized pretty early in the evening. Even though I did not have many questions last night, the ones asked took more time than usual. Most of the questions I received delved into the sciences – not my strength. But each interaction ended successfully! Just took a little longer than normal. Therefore, there was NO down time – but still all good time. Left late last night feeling that fantastic type of exhaustion – when you feel like you’ve spent your time doing something helpful and positive. You know what I mean! Now. . . off to work again. . . .

1:20pm – Just finished listening to two of the economics honors students present their papers to economics faculty – sorta the half-way mark. These papers will be due the end of next semester, and this week they have presenting what they have so far with critical feedback from faculty, which will play a huge role in their completing their year with a successful paper. Last week I was able to listen to several of those in political science present their half-way mark papers as well.

AND !! I’ve listened to students in several other political science classes present their end of semester papers as well. I’ve learned about Ulysses S. Grant, Ronald Reagan, Fidel Castro, the economy of various African countries, North Korea, trade, politics of Indonesia, and so much more. I took tons of notes because it was all so interesting! Also talked with a few mids about more resources (for those honors students who still have work to complete).

3:00pm – Just got off the Reference Desk – covered an extra hour for a colleague. Still busy. Had more than the usual number of questions for a Wednesday afternoon. But I was up to the task!

7:15pm – Left work a little after 4:00, stopped by the grocery store for just a few items, came home and tidied up just a little, put on comfy clothes, prepared and ate a few tacos with meat and beans I cooked a few weeks ago and placed in the freezer. Oh my yum!! Added a few chopped tomatoes and raw onion, torn-up lettuce from the salad bar that the grocery, and then shredded cheddar. Felt like gourmet tacos for sure! Now I’m getting ready to drink a cup of super-delicious decaf coffee with a piece of pineapple orange cake purchased from the bakery at the grocery store. Yes….. life is wonderful tonight!

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