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After ALA, off on bus and rail to Los Angeles for three days of vacation. That bus and metro total cost less than $5! Sure, it took a while, but I rested and read on a wonderful air-conditioned bus most of the way – glorious beginning for a fun vacation.

First night I went to Hemingways Lounge on Hollywood Blvd. to hear NY77 play to a very appreciative crowd. It was a rather small venue in a room full of books – thus, a place Ernest Hemingway would frequent were he to again visit L.A. And to add to the curious surroundings, the music was fantastic! First I had to stay up late because the doors didn’t open until 9pm. Then I had to find the place (no name on the building) AND make it past the velvet rope.

Following behind two tiny and very attractive young women, I was getting a little worried that I wouldn’t fit the entrance criteria! But I made it in (whew!) and listened to the best 70s-type music I have heard in a very long time. Knate Lee, a lead singer and the producer of this band, happens to also be the son of one of my best friends in the world, and I could not wait to see him after over 10 years. I was not disappointed. They opened with All You Got, and I started grinning until they finished the last song. Sadly, my camera’s batteries died that night, and I only took two pictures, so I am linking to a YouTube video of an earlier performance. All You Got. I had no idea Knate could move like this!

I walked back to the hotel after midnight! Really people, to stay awake so late is totally weird for me! But I would not have missed it for the world. I was the oldest one there, but it didn’t stop some young drunk dude from asking me to dance. Several times. Poor fellow, he really was snookered – and his partner was quite embarrassed! Of course, he also kept telling me of my gorgeous looks and how my beautiful soul filled the room, and blah blah blah. I think he would have left me alone much sooner if I just had stopped trying to say “no” so politely! (sigh…. I have trouble stating a firm “no”). However, I’m pretty sure the next morning he remembered none of it. 🙂

First velvet rope – made it through!

Books everywhere, even in the stage area

Afterwards I said my good-byes to Knate, walked to the hotel, and quickly fell asleep. Another grand adventure on my first day ever in Hollywood.


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Christian Siriano, one of my fav new designers, has just opened a store on Elizabeth Street in New York City. dang. And here I sit. In Annapolis. dang. While I sit, I can always go to his website Christian Siriano and enjoy the artistic gifts of this young man.

But all is OK. September 8, the Saturday of NYC Fashion Week, is coming up soon, and I plan to ride the rails to Penn Station once more. And my main stop other than Lincoln Center will be Christian Siriano on Elizabeth Street. During Fashion Night Out, the Thursday night before, there will be a soirée at his new digs. Sadly, I will not be able to make that. May I please say “dang” again? dang. However, I am an academic librarian, right? The first few weeks of fall semester is not the best time to take off two days. And as much as I enjoy the “show” week of design, especially for apparel and furniture (October in High Point, NC – oh how I miss those days!!), I am also fortunate to enjoy my job very much. Want to keep it!

But hey! At least I have the opportunity to go and see his designs in person. Even though I have no need for an evening gown, I must say I am most excited about seeing those creations up close and personal. Especially the fabrics. I have a “thing” about really fine fabrics.

No pictures of his work because I only post views of what I see with my own eyes. However, please enjoy Siriano’s website linked above. And following is another picture from my June walk in Annapolis. This kitty was following the shenanigans of a beautiful Robin. Taunting the kitty I do believe!

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So, what about the rest of the June ALA Annual Conference? Learning, visiting with friends and colleagues, walking and walking, palm trees and more delightful foliage. And the scrumptious food 🙂 .

There was the Italian restaurant, Mama Cozza’s where the company of my K-State buds and colleagues out-ranked a still delicious meal. Later I sat for a while with librarians from Florida State, and at their table were a few pieces of left-over pizza …. and yes, they offered me a piece. I ate two! Good thing I walked four miles to meet my friends! Thankfully Leo had rented a car and I did not have to walk the four miles back.

And then there was Thuyen Vien on Euclid St., the vegan Vietnamese restaurant I enjoyed tremendously with Regina, where we chowed down on noodles and vegetables in delicious sauces. Three mile round trip walk for both of us. Good thing. Just sayin’

With all this walking, the designs I enjoyed the most were the tiny courtyards between small apartment buildings. And the foliage. Magnificent palm trees that stood SO strong and tall! Just about everywhere I journeyed – there they were. Between meetings and programs there was more walking in the warm breeze, finding the shade, and standing in line for Starbucks. Knowledge, colleagues, nutrition, beauty, friendships – made the rest of the trip fantastic!

And, of course, I wasn’t the only librarian reading and resting and talking and enjoying the breeze and sun and shade all at the same time!

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