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Late for Fashion Week

Well, I wasn’t really late, but my pictures surely are behind schedule. I went to NYC the Saturday of September Fashion Week and took a few pictures again. There was brunch and coffee with a dear friend and later browsing of the the beads and notions stores during a ferocious rain storm.

In between those two adventures I stopped by Mood Fabrics to buy a striped fabric, coveting a jersey knit made with modal. I purchased a delightful simple shirt two years ago, and a certain percent of the fabric was modal. Love it!! So soft and comfy.

After Mood, but before buttons and beads, I took several pictures of clothing assembles at Lincoln Center, but those pictures will come soon!

First, I had to find Mood Designer Fabrics

So much fabric! Stuffed everywhere! Finally found the right section – thanks to the handy dandy folks that work there

Not this large striped sparkly fabric, but stuffed somewhere in that chaotic shelf is my striped modal!

Someday soon, after making this dress, ever time I wear it I will be reminded of this Fashion Week trip to NYC!


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Healthy and healthy

A few pictures of some of recent scrumptious meals. Vegan, you ask? Well … uh … not totally. But it’s OK! Work in progress. Right?

A recent trip to Whole Foods with a luscious lunch to follow. Not quite vegan. Obviously! If not hidden in the food – then a large sign in the corner! 🙂

Then there was the dish of black beans, soaked for several hours, then cooked slowly with a little molasses, onions, green bell pepper and my favorite seasonings for chili. After adding a can of tomatoes, I realized I now had bean soup! No worries. Add the corn chips and there was a delicious meal!

How about variety for this one? Leftover turnips topped with a few fresh brussel sprouts, with a light drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Green beans left over from yesterday’s post. Carrots steamed, then tossed with a little salt, pepper, honey and sugar. The one non-vegan dish? The potatoes baked in a cheddar cheese sauce. Too much food and couldn’t eat it all!

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I am still enjoying the memories of a wonderful 2012 Thanksgiving Celebration. Did not return to my family this year for various reasons. However, I will see them for multiple days over the Christmas holiday and am already planning ahead for that occasion!

In the meantime, I will tell you about the Vegetarian Society of DC’s (VSDC) vegan Life-Affirming Thanksgiving Celebration buffet held at the Hyatt in Bethesda. Lucky for me – right at the Bethesda metro stop. Sure, I could have driven, but the metro was quiet and I could relax and read uninterrupted. And parking at the metro lot was free that day. Of course, I love the metro any day for people watching, but quiet for a change is super nice as well.

We were over 300 people large, sitting around multiple round tables. I sat at a table of singles, meaning I came alone, not meaning I was necessarily looking for someone special! We shared stories of “where we were” in our quest for a healthier diet. Not everyone was vegan or even vegetarian. Anyone that wanted to eat a delicious healthy meal was totally invited! I listened to a young woman tell the story of her military career and her current journey through nursing school with plans to return to the U.S. Army. As we discussed the bean-soaking process, one woman shared how she prepares a bowl of lentils every morning for breakfast. And etc. etc.

Congressman Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich, a couple I truly admire, joined the crowd that day for the meal. What a wonderful surprise! Dr. Milton Mills from the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicines (PCRM) spoke not only about the health benefits of going vegan, but also the animal and environmental welfare we promote by doing so. He was a very engaging speaker, and hearing such a lecture from a graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine, spending time with like-minded people sharing simple ideas that we could use at home every day, and chowing down on several new dishes, was absolutely wonderful!

What dishes did I like best? The butternut squash soup with coconut, kale, and caramelized onions. Raw veggies, pumpkin seeds, and crackers served with Moroccan carrot dip and roasted red pepper and walnut spread. Cranberry sauce. Spicy collard greens with sun-dried tomatoes. Mashed potatoes with onion gravy. Freshly baked rolls. Pumpkin pie. There was more – but those were my favorites!

Afterwards I met with a friend for coffee and more conversation, which was actually the most fantastic part of the whole day. We talked about hiking, food, our country’s policies surrounding our current economy, and other pertinent topics. Dianne is a lovely person who is simply perfect for a fascinating conversation – no matter the topic!

So, I’m back in my apartment, still not totally vegan. However, following are a few pictures of my quest to do so! [First six pictures were taken by the VSDC. The last one is my own :-)]

Rose City Chocolatier vegan chocolates with each place setting

Portion of the buffet line

Spicy Collards

Wild Mushroom-stuffed raviolis with tomato & fennel broth. A favorite!

Dr. Mills and his fantabulous lecture for our group

VSDC president, Saurabh Dalal, with Congressman Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich

And finally, a picture of my vegan lunch prepared yesterday. Turnips from Whole Foods; green beans lovingly grown and canned by my mother-in-law, with onions,mushrooms, and topped with toasted almonds; pickled beets also lovingly grown and canned by my Virginia neighbor Jeannette, which I heated and then thickened the sweet liquid; and celery with peanut butter, both from Whole Foods.

So now I’m hungry again! Time to see what else I can find in the kitchen!

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