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My my how I love to eat super tasty and healthy meals. Preferably with friends, but if I cannot be with friends, I can still eat the food!

This first meal I made a few days ago, kale cooked with a little water, apple cider vinegar, and raw sugar. Love me some kale! Green peas with mushrooms and potatoes, flavored with a little Earth Balance vegan “butter” at the end. A bit of salt and pepper sprinkled on both dishes. And my favorite jam on a piece of toast. Just because I love jam!

Then there was the tostada, crunchy shell on the bottom, covered with lentils and wild rice flavored just the way I like with hot pepper flakes, chili powder, and cumin. Raw onions, lettuce and tomato. Next day I prepared again but added some avocado. Either way – scrumptious!

Then last week I went to DC and finally trekked up to Amsterdam Falafel Shop in Adam’s Morgan

There I devoured the absolutely most delicious falafel I’ve ever eaten! After being handed the freshly fried falafel balls in a warm puffy pocket of bread, I moved to the toppings bar and loaded with hummus and crunchy pickled veggies. The pink on top are slices of pickled turnips.

You can tell from this picture that it was a beautiful very sunny day!


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Beautiful day here in Annapolis. My little container vegetable garden is enjoying the sun, and if it continues to thrive, I will have pictures at a later date.

My kitty Kimba has been quite the hunter lately. I found one of his little mice up in the window the other day. And then last night there were two!

This morning while I was sitting in bed checking my email and enjoying my first cup of coffee, he decided to go to war with both little mice, tossing and bopping them all over the room. Later this afternoon he was totally exhausted and enjoyed the balcony and sun.

For supper, I made a delicious pizza. Started with pizza dough from the grocery store, added tomato sauce with seasoning, sprinkled on a little nutritional yeast and garlic (love garlic on the crust!), and added bell pepper slices, onion, and mushrooms.

Oooooh!! Hot right out of the oven!

I cut two pieces for my supper and drizzled a little balsamic glaze (freshly made in a little frying pan – thanks to my son Kevin the chef who told me how to prepare!)

I believe I see a cold-pizza-for-breakfast morning in my very near future. Alright!!

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