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Organization. Me?

My organizing skills have suffered through the years. Learning new ways, sometime utilizing them, but not very proficiently. Just like a plumber who leaves his own plumbing needs at home untouched, this librarian who loves to alphabetize, complete a lesson plan, edit online cataloging records to make them just right, dig until the right resource is discovered, reconcile my checkbook, and etc, does not seem to have the same discipline when organizing at home! (Or on my personal desk at work, either 😦 )

A few months ago I purchased a shelf and more boxes at IKEA. I assembled the shelf, assembled the boxes (with the help of a neighbor to save time), and organized a bunch of articles I have found through the years and refer to every-once-in-a-while. But did I complete that project? No. There is still so much left to do!

So here are the pictures I took of that particular project a few months back. In the next few months I will complete that project. I say “few months” because I am doing lots of things right now, and chances of me finishing right away are slim. So I’ve set a plan. A goal. But there is always the start….

And there was help, of course πŸ™‚ ????????????????????????


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There were visits with family and friends I do not see very often. Antics of the children that still make me smile. Delicious baked beans and a real homemade Southern banana pudding. Some of the best grits ever eaten. Lasagna without meat but with tender thin slices of eggplant. And one of the best parts? I actually lost two pounds during all of that!!

I learned some information about cameras that may help me in my quest to improve my skills. And there was one particular fantastic conversation involving education, perceptions, news media, legal terms, libertarianism, economics, criminology, and etc. Seven of us coming from different directions and not one harsh word uttered. That conversation was an educational joy for me. The things I learned – as much as I love to talk, I really like the listening, too. As one professor from grad school reminded me once, it is when I listen that I learn.

And there was just some plain fun!

There was the process of coming up with ideas for gifts. My workspace, which includes a cup of delicious homemade vegan vegetable soup on the windowsill. ????????????????????????

So many pretty baubles! What to use next . . . ????????????????????????

These two items were for members of my family. Right now I am working on bracelets for those who want to add a little something extra to their outfit without dangling bracelets that can get in the way. Both of these are easy to put on when there is no one to assist, and they fit close to the wrist. ????????????????????????

And while I work, there should always be supervision peering at me from behind ????????????????????????

On my way back to Annapolis, I stopped in Richmond to visit a dear childhood friend, and we walked around Carytown and enjoyed a delicious vegan Indian meal and delightful conversation. Susan is a very accomplished counselor with her own practice, and I loved the time we spent together. She also drove me to 43rd Street Gallery”, owned by Robin Cage, a very talented artist and also from my hometown area. I bought a few pieces of her pottery, and when I returned home I made cauliflower soup and enjoyed it from one of her beautiful cups. [OMGosh! Please excuse the background of this first picture] ????????????????????????????????????????????????

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2015, What will it bring for each of us? What will we make of it? How will we proceed?

I will reflect on the past and hopefully learn from mistakes made. One thing I want to learn is how to work my dang camera! I do not know how to focus nor adjust for lighting. I will learn soon. Promise! In the meantime, however, please bear with me. I really want to concentrate on today and what is ahead! But before moving ahead too far, let me share with you a little about the past few weeks.

Christmas celebrations, of course. Delicious food (some not so vegan but never straying from vegetarian!) prepared by family and friends. And yes, I prepared a bit myself! But there was also preparing for the celebrations, so here are a few pictures:

Working on an idea . . . . . ????????????????????????

Two bracelets created and given as gifts. I like these tiny adornments that can be worn alone, with a watch, or layered with other bracelets 9two????????????????????????

And this particular gift is a little dressier than the others, but sometimes to brighten a day, dressy can be just plain fun! ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????

Crocheting wire is a new love of mine right now (an remember, focus of the camera will be a new love soon!)

Now let me show you a few things about my tiny little tree that I like. Music. What is life without music?!? ????????????????????????

And the top of the tree is usually reserved for Angels and stars, so I added several stars πŸ™‚ ????????????????????????

And well, you know me and Starbucks! I now most often go to the Harbour Center Starbucks, and even though this pic is not the clearest (you should see all the ones I deleted!!), it gives a true sense of the peace and quiet there. Serenity except for the usual shenanigans of the baristas behind the counter – which I always enjoy πŸ™‚ Just to the right of the Starbucks logo is a lovely fireplace. And what you cannot see are several folks in front of the fireplace, sitting in comfy chairs, starting their busy day with fascinating and rather intellectual conversations. I’m really liking this place . . . . ????????????????????????

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