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January 17. Not exactly the beginning of a calendar year, but still in the first month.

I recently returned from Boston, MA, where I attended the American Library Association MidWinter (ALA) Conference. My plane landed on a Friday morning, and after checking into the hotel around 9am, it was time to find coffee and a nutritious breakfast!1 Breakfast

After registration and taking possession of my ALA badge, I wandered through the conference center a bit. Look at the sign I found – love it!3 research

And yes – they do! A web search is surely part of research, but just one part.

Then I took a shuttle bus to another hotel and enjoyed an informative, educational, and delightful lunch with four colleagues from across the country. After that there were two afternoon meetings and discussions, then a walk back to my hotel. I’m not much for staying out late (I’m an early-to-rise girl!) unless there are good friends and conversation waiting for me, but not tonight. Back to the hotel for an artisan mushroom pizza and going over my notes from the day at M.C. Spiedo. Oh. My. Gosh. Delicious!

2 mushroom pizza

Then reading in a comfy bed and off to sleep for another early start the next morning.




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