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Spring has arrived

Spring has brought us a mixture of weather all around the USA. Of course, I try to adapt as best I can. Which means on one of the colder weekends I tried a new soup recipe of barley, mushrooms, and lentils. Vegan – and tasty! However, the next batch I made I left out the lentils, and I found that batch even better than the first:

First mushrooms, then added barley and lentils, finishing off with carrots, onions, and thyme.

In March the hubby and I took a hike in the woods near our house with the grandchildren. It’s one of my favorite places in the spring, one we discovered a few years ago. In the woods is evidence of an old homestead. No foundation left, but the daffodils that were most likely planted by the mom, bloom every year. You can tell the location of at least one corner of the house by the arrangement of the flowers. Deep in the woods near a creek. And oh yes! In one picture you see the boys have discovered the oven of an old wood cook stove. Noting but the oven left. I can only imagine the delicious meals that came from that stove!



Flowers near a monument


Then there were walks in a nearby park.

And another special treat?  A baby goat!


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