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Just a few words and photos to share

It’s been awhile but it’s been a busy year. Thought I’d share a few photos with you.

While working at Kansas State University, the hubby made a couple of shelves so I could place some of my memorabilia and a couple of pieces of artwork out to enjoy every day. He also made a wonderful tea-light shelving arrangement that which adds such a calmness to the room. Love them. I posted a picture of them when I was still living in Kansas, but this is how they look now – just a little different.



Then there was the day not too long ago when I just could not get warm. I decided to get out the heating pad and rest it against my tummy while I sat on the sofa with my computer. So I go to the other room, retrieve the pad from the bedroom, plug it in, set the temperature, and then went to prepare some hot tea and get my computer. When I got back to the sofa here is what I found:


So glad he is not spoiled!

And earlier this summer I went to stay with my brother for a few days in a beautiful neighborhood that made for some great early morning walks before the Southern heat began to blast with that mandatory humidity! (Was that what we call a run on sentence? While yes I think it was! 🙂  ) I found these two plants at a neighbor’s home and had to take a picture.


Until next time!




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