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In the library yesterday we had a planning afternoon. A workshop for all in the library, where we broke out into smaller collaborative working groups,
mixing with folks with whom I seldom work. Led by Maureen Sullivan, it was a great workshop, looking at the future and how we will continue to meet
changes head on, as they say. Loved it! Listening to the ideas of others’, sharing my own strategies. Loved it!

Then tonight I worked the Reference Desk until 10pm. Not too busy, so I was able to prepare for two library instruction classes this Friday. One is
a class I’ve never taught before, so that one takes a little more work. But it was nice to be there for when I was needed for reference or directional
questions and yet still be able to work on other stuff at the same time.

Tonight there was also time, of course, for my supper break! One of my mom’s favorite meals was sliced avocado, grapefruit, and that red sweet salad dressing we buy in the grocery store. I always thought it was a rather yukky combination. But during my mother’s last few years of life in the nursing home, sometimes I would prepare that dish and take it to her on Saturdays for lunch. She didn’t eat much by then, but she always ate that particular meal! One time she kept talking more than eating (oh my …. that sounds like me), so to encourage her to eat I would take bites myself. Wow! I found it to be delicious! So now I prepare it for myself, only I also add thin slices of onion. Scrumptious!

Know what else is wonderful? The architecture here at the U.S. Naval Academy. For example:

And how about our Navy ship that recently rescued the Iranian fishermen? Proud am I today to be an employee of the Department of the Navy! According to an article in the New York Times, the Iranian fishermen were from the area of Iran that borders Pakistan and therefore spoke Urdu. When the Iranian captain spoke to the U.S. Navy ship, he eventually began to speak Urdu, because the Somalian pirates could not understand it. So he could tell the Navy ship that there were pirates on board. Fortunately, there was also an Urdu speaker on our ship. And voilà! There was communication and the pirates were busted! Yay U.S. Navy!!


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Back from a very productive conference in San Diego. Enjoyed a few very tasty meals while there, but I return to Annapolis and cook for myself. There was the breakfast, Total whole grain wheat flakes, slow-cooking oats (raw), wheat bran, ground flax seeds, golden raisins (or green?), pecans, and strawberries. Topped off with a little skim milk. Oh yum!

A salad of Romane lettuce, thinly sliced onion, chopped avocado, tomatoes, and carrots. Grated sharp cheddar. Tessmae’s All Natural Lemon-Garlic dressing, drizzled with just a little red Russian-type sugary dressing. (A little sweet with avocado. The way my mother used to prepare it.) Then topped off with garlic croutons. A little crunchy and garlicky makes any dish taste even better!

And, of course, another meal of veggies. White potatoes are frowned upon by many people, but they are loaded with potassium. Boiled one and added two dollops of sour cream. Okra toasted in a dry frying pan with canola oil added just before removing to ensure a certain crispness. Cold beets cooked a few weeks ago. A salad of tomato, onion, balsamic vinegar, and basil. (No fresh basil so I used the dried) Part of a seeduction roll from Whole Foods, and I was ready to go!

Side note – I have again decided to add meats other than fish to my meals. However, there is a butcher near my apartment that offers meat from animals that were not given extra antibiotics or hormones. Plus he has beef that was totally grass-fed. I purchased some from him last week and froze portions in the fridge. So you most likely will be seeing meat again in this blog.

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Sitting on my balcony this morning, drinking my Starbucks coffee and nibbling on a delicious oatmeal cookie I purchased at Whole Foods last night. Not too far from my apartment are several really wonderful grocery stores, and last night I chose Whole Foods. What a fantastic hot and cold bar! I bought a very little bit of cauliflower, broccoli, bean sprouts, and green peas. If I add mushrooms, carrots, and onions to the mix I will have enough for two generous servings of stir-fry veges this week. I think a few raw cashews topping those veges would be just perfect. Yep! A plan. Today I will go to the local Giant grocery to pick up some of Amy’s low-sodium soups. Can’t seem to find the low-sodium anywhere else.

Sigh….. I do miss a co-op, though. I loved my co-op in Carrboro, NC (Weaver Street Market) and the one I left in Manhattan, KS (Peoples Grocery). However, no city offers everything for me, and Annapolis still ranks pretty high in most areas! (especially seafood. yum!)

Gone is almost all of my delicious vegetable soup I made a couple of weeks ago, so I need to make more. Only one or two more servings in the refrig, and I really like to pack it for lunches. Add a few crackers and peanut butter or cheese – and oh my goodness I am smiling!

This past Sunday I made a scrumptious fish gumbo, made with tomatoes (from a can), lots of sliced okra, green pepper, onion, a few seasonings, and grouper. I use a little more hot red pepper than written in the recipe, but I like the heat. Now, my heat is not the kind that makes your eyes bulge out and your forehead sweat. But it is rather hot. Also, my soup does not include rice – I place a few tablespoons of rice (brown and wild mix) on top of the gumbo. That way the rice is more neutral and helps my tongue adjust to the heat. Or something like that!

I used one of Mama Dipp’s recipes (those of you from North Carolina probably know about Mama Dipp!), only she uses catfish. And I have adjusted it in a few other ways as well. But from her I learned the trick of placing the rice on top when being served. I truly like that idea! And if you like spicy hot soups, I suggest you try the same sometime. Here is a photo:

Another night I prepared sliced eggplant with melted cheese. I don’t like breading on my veges, so I simply performed the usual eggplant ritual of washing, slicing, salting, draining on a paper towel for 20 minutes, rinsing, and frying in just a tiny bit of canola oil. Sometimes I just throw it in a hot frying pan and “dry” cook it, but that little bit of oil adds some crispy. While that was frying I sliced a few thin slices of fontina cheese and Parmesan Reggiano. Then took the slightly crispy eggplant, placed a little cheese on top, and broiled for a bit in my toaster oven.

Before beginning on the eggplant, I cut in half the rest of my mixture of tiny tomatoes from last week’s trip to the farmers’ market, sliced an onion, and marinated those tasty morsels in balsamic vinegar, sea salt, black pepper, and basil.

THEN!! I took out of the freezer a serving of lump crab meat. Yes, I said lump crab. Oh oh oh one of my new favorite foods in this world. Seriously people. It is so sweet and rich that I cannot eat too much at one time, so I freeze in small servings.

Anyway, I sliced a few mushrooms and browned them in butter; once the butter had browned I added a touch of white wine. Threw in the crabmeat and tossed it a bit so it would just warm through and not cook too much. Then two tablespoons of whipping cream. Oh. My. Goodness. I stirred for about 5 seconds, then placed on my plate.

And there was more! For another fantabulous meal I prepared an avocado salad with thinly sliced onions, chunks of grapefruit, and a little French dressing. This dressing I made from a recipe out of an older cookbook that belonged to my grandmamma, and it consists of mostly oil and cider vinegar with a little paprika. I think I will start to cook more from that old cookbook, but I’ll write about that project another day. In the meantime, here is a picture:

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