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Recently took another trip to NYC with an extra day included because my hubby gave me $$ as a Christmas gift with strict instructions to use only for a trip to New York! Thank you, Sug. You know exactly my favorite gateway to the world!

First there was a stop behind 50 million folks at the Starbucks on W 35th St and 8th Ave. As usual, the baristas had their routine going and moved us along as well as any sheep dog could have done. In and out to work our day.

Walked a few blocks further to drop off my backpack at my hotel for the next two nights, then continued my walk to Central Park where the overcast skies made the flowers appear even more colorful.


???????????????????????? Quote from Theodore Roethke

Then on to Strawberry Fields, a lovely stroll in memory of John Lennon. It was a beautiful day with many shades of green. Enjoyed several Beatles songs played by young musicians on acoustical guitars. The city streets encourage me to walk quickly (and I thrive on that!), but here I am encouraged to just enjoy. And I did.






I ended my sweet walk with a sudden more tragic memory of Lennon’s death. A picture of the gate at the Dakota where Lennon stood with his wife in 1980, and then was murdered.


After a short pause in Lennon’s memory, I turned on my heels to continue the joy of this city.

Next it would be the New York Historical Society to see the Bill Cunningham Facades Exhibit. Oh it was grand and worth every penny! The commentary about his life and that of Editta Sherman was the best! Cunningham is a young-at-heart man somewhere in his 80s, still riding his bike through the streets of NYC and other parts of the world taking pictures of our streets’ fashions. Here is a link to a trailer for the documentary film made a few years ago about Bill Cunningham.

Ms. Sherman died in December, 2013 at the age of 101, and NPR produced a short piece a few days later about Editta Sherman.

As I made my way to my lunch destination, Gazala’s, I passed several unique architectural examples. Here are two pictures I took of the building housing the restaurant at the corner of W 78th St. and Columbus.



Anyway, I ate some of the best vegan Middle Eastern food ever! The crunchy falafel balls were the best! I ordered the falafel platter. I’ve never been a fan of taboule (just a personal food quirk), but I did taste it and found it fresh and full of flavor, but two bites were all I wanted. However, the hummus, tahini (just tahini and lemon, no yogurt), rice, pickled cabbage and corn, and the falafel balls were absolutely scrumptious!


Followed by a quick ladies room break, I had to take pictures of the art on the wall of the bathroom. True, it would have been a better picture without the roll of toilet paper, but I didn’t notice it while holding the camera. I’m also not very savvy with photography software, and cropping would have removed some of the tiles, so I left it. Still fascinating!



Then walked further on up to the streets with three digits. More to come!


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Today there will be a few more pictures from my walk this past Saturday and a few that are almost a year old. Last September I embarked on a one day train trip to NYC for Spring 2012 Fashion Week and took tons of pictures while there. There was NO getting into an actual runway show – there would have been a need to know someone, and I know no one. However, there were a few celebrities and wanna-be models and tons of fashion-styled people on the street to be just there. Simply there. To see and be seen. Especially at Lincoln Center.

Bill Cunningham was there taking his usual wonderful pictures, and when I saw him I stood there like the goober I try so hard not to be. Grinning. Giggling inside. Thinking to my not-so-mature self, “There he is!! It’s Bill Cunningham! Oh my goodness. It is really him!” Not surprisingly, he didn’t take my picture. 😦 I dressed a little in my own style – or something like style. But among all the confidence and grandeur I was pretty dull. Anyway, I stood there with my camera in hand, and did not think to take Cunningham’s picture until about 60 seconds after he had ridden away on his bicycle. dang.

However, here are a few pictures I did take that day. For spring of 2012.

Here the tote matches the shoes. The draping garment is a soft shade of golden brown similar to the shorts. And somehow the hat pulls it all together. How’d she do that?

I’m thinking bold move here

Taking a break …….

All types of shoes!

And now – more from the wonderful houses on my recent Annapolis walk

How about an older house with new stacked stone steps and metal with cable railings?

Seafoam green accents

Got color?

And more color?

Creative folks come up with some fascinating ideas!

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Yesterday was an amazing day! I left home and parked the car in downtown Annapolis before 9:30am. Walked constantly for over 5 hours with my only break being 15 minutes at a counter eating a very tasty veggie dog from Pips Dock Street Dogs. Added a Diet Coke and I was truly a-smilin’!

The other special treat during this walk was a phone call from a friend of mine – a business librarian at the University of Michigan. Talked a long time as I walked these streets and we shared information about our work. I did stop another 5 minutes to take notes regarding a few business resources that could be useful for my work with the Economics Department. I will see what other info I can find about them when I return to work on Monday. In the meantime, I am very happy to have friends/colleagues that so willing share their expertise!

Well, back to the walking ….. I’m hoping to find an apartment closer to the library so that it would be easier to walk to work – as well as living within walking distance to restaurants and just about any other type of store I would need. I began in the area of Eastport, going up and down and back and forth over all the little streets, looking for “for rent” signs. None. I actually viewed one apartment I think I may really like (listed on craigslist), but I’m not sure. I’m still thinking.

While I’m thinking, I want to share with you a few pictures I took of lovely dwellings I found on my walk. So much uniqueness that I found myself, no joke here, actually squealing with delight! I think I may start to call myself the “Bill Cunningham of architecture”! OK, not really. But I truly do love architecture and all the different aspects I see as I walk on the streets of our earth. How do people like to decorate or design their living spaces?

This particular arched doorway, with the forged iron, and with all the trees and what I would call a little “over growth”, reminded me of the story of Hansel and Gretel. Totally captivated with it! (note the arched window above)

Then there was this clean, sleek veranda with four non-tapered columns with square capitals and bases. The floor to ceiling windows really caught my attention, and the wooden door with three lights provided the perfect accent.

There was also what I would call a “hippie” house. I liked it and thought the owners were very bold! Well, I’ll let you decide….

I also spent some of that walk on the southern/western (??) side of Duke of Gloucester Street, where the even older homes offered something different from the first few hours of my walk. Here are a few lovely row houses painted in different colors. Makes for a fantastic online jigsaw puzzle!

I hope to write again soon with more pictures from my walk and maybe one or two pictures of delicious meals I have enjoyed. Food Food. Right, people?

As I leave, let me share this picture of a new puppy at our home in Virginia. Who doesn’t love a cute puppy??!?

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