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Wow! Two posts in one morning! That is what a second cup of coffee does for me – more talking! Aren’t you the lucky one. Since I’ve been dealing with the blues, I’ve decided to try one of the most important healing methods for such moods. Healthy habits. Again. As I’ve slipped away from the pescetarian lifestyle, I’ve more than just slipped. I’ve just raced around that meat-loving NASCAR track like Carl Edwards in the lead on the 250th lap!. [Well, OK. Jimmy Johnson won the Sprint Cup Series again this year; third time in a row he has won the honors in that circuit. But Carl Edwards rocks! And he ranked second place, and I’d rather use him in my analogy. Because…..well…..he rocks!]

At my dinner last night with friends I did eat a little meat. But my portion was much smaller than a fist, so I’m sure it was no more than 4 ounces. I’ve got a little chicken in the refrig I need to eat today or tomorrow so it doesn’t spoil, so I think I’ll eat it tomorrow for supper. Before then, though, I will eat no meat.

Yesterday I made a dish with lots of cheese which I will eat on today. I cooked whole-wheat penne noodles and placed them in the bottom of a shallow casserole dish. In a separate bowl I mixed Ricotta cheese and fresh Parmesan with a little garlic and black pepper. I spread that on top of the noodles and add small chunks of mozzarella throughout. I covered the noodles and cheese with organic tomato sauce and then topped with more thin slices of mozzarella. I baked in the oven and took a little to my neighbor, but I haven’t tried it yet. Surely it will be delicious, especially after I add a little more fresh Parm on top. Did someone say there would be cheese?

[side note: Penne noodles are my favorite pasta. They are bite size so they don’t half hang out of my mouth like a spaghetti noodle. Plus, the little ridges hold the sauce so well. Yep! My favorite.]

At People’s Grocery yesterday I bought some really pretty Medjool dates in which I plan to stuff each with a whole almond and a little soft goat cheese. Yum! I see no reason I cannot take that for my mid-afternoon snack tomorrow at the library. And sometime today I am going to eat a salad of beets (cut into nice chunks), Granny Smith apples, and add more of the goat cheese. Kevin told me that it would be extra tasty if I added a drizzle of Balsamic vinegar mixed with a little sweetener, so I think I will stir into the vinegar a little local honey I bought earlier this year.

I started my day with my private coffee blend and one-half sandwich made with cream cheese and slice cucumbers. Oh yum! Since I’m listening to the wind outside, feeling so grateful for my warm and cozy apartment, I think later this morning I will enjoy a third cup of coffee with another one-half sandwich, only this one will be toasted with organic natural peanut butter, composed of only peanuts and a little salt. Yes, some natural peanut butters have palm oil, so please read your labels!

At least I have continued my walking, so exercise has been with me all along. Of course, it takes real Midwestern courage to walk when the wind is blowing between 20 and 25 mph and the temperature registers in the single digits! But as I told my friends last night at dinner, “I’m a Kansan now. I live, drive, and vote here.” The least I can do is walk here!


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Last night I prepared a small pizza for my supper. Our son, the chef, told me that extra salt is the reason my favorite pizza with lots of cheese from the restaurant in my Virginia hometown tastes so much better than my homemade pizza with all lots of cheese. Is that sentence long enough for ya?!? So last night I made one of my favorite homemade pizzas, purchased crust, pizza sauce, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, lots of mozzarella, and salt. Mmmmm. . . . .yes!! He was right!! I knew he would be. It was SO much better than usual. It is not the healthiest pizza around, because I use a crust made with white flour. And the cheese is full-fat. But it was a small one and I only ate half of it. I added a salad of tomato, onion, and cucumber with a little salt and pepper. And then I cooked fresh squash I purchased at the farmers’ market this past Saturday and ate some of that on the side, too. For dessert? One ear of corn straight out of the refrigerator, no butter, no salt. Hmmm. . . .maybe since I eat it cold I can consider it ice cream? Corn ice cream. I’d probably like that. I like hot corn, corn pudding and creamed corn. I like hot coffee and coffee ice cream. Yep! I’m a candidate for corn ice cream.

Yesterday walking home from work was absolutely lovely. Overcast sky, soft wind blowing. You know, more than a breeze but not a strong wind. Almost cool. I didn’t check the temperature reading, I just know it was grand. Then to set my day off just right, in the Holiday Inn parking lot, was the trailer that carries the Carl Edward’s “show” car! Now, for me to follow a race car driver and his stats, it is so out of character for me. Because I try to walk everywhere I can and save on fossil fuels. I conserve my electricity. For me, that is part of my duty as a human being, American or not. But our daughter lives in Concord, NC and is about to finish her two-year community college motorsports program as she starts another in accounting. And to be a part of her life I want to keep up with what is important to her. And my hubby likes it, too, so I find I really enjoy the business end, keeping up with who sponsors whom and who drives for which owner. Hubby and daughter both really simply enjoy racing, from the pavement to the dirt track. Motors going fast – they get a kick out of it. Not so much for me. Hey! But I do enjoy turning left. [For those of you who don’t understand the Southern roots of NASCAR, that is pronounced “turnin’ lay-uft”. You know, two syllables. That’s important]

Of course, Carl Edwards is not from the South, he is from Missouri. So his speech is more articulate, which is one reason he makes pretty effective commercials. But I forgive him for that, and he is my absolute favorite driver! In his first race in the Nextel Cup series he came in 10th, and that is when I decided he was the driver to follow and for whom I would yell “whoo hoo!” Later that same racing year, my daughter saw him outside a friend’s apartment while she was talking with me on her cell phone. I convinced her to ask him if he would speak to me, and (under protest) she gave in. So I spoke with him on the phone and I was absolutely thrilled! And . . .sigh. . . .I acted so silly. Of course for him it was like talking to his mother (bummer), but for me it was just exciting. And let me be honest here, I didn’t just sound silly, I acted like an idiot. Embarrassing, but still thrilling for me. Good news is that should the chance ever come that I am able to help him with a reference question, or find some government information for him, or help him find just the right geographical resource, he won’t remember that I was the idiot on the other end of the phone that day. Whew! And I’m sure he will be calling me any day now so that I can help him with such a question. I’m a-ready!

It is important to mention here that I also like a few other drivers, Jeff Burton, Jr., Kevin Harvick, good ol’ Ward Burton, Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer (from Kansas, ya know), and Mark Martin. Martin has signed a new contract, just when I thought he was retiring. yippee!

One more racing tidbit before I sign off this morning. If you are not a vegetarian of any type, you must one day travel to South Boston, Virginia and take in a race at the Speedway. You can carry in your own water and colas and beer, but you absolutely must bring money to purchase a baloney burger. They are delicious!! Stay long enough so you can eat two. Really, in the NASCAR world we are famous for our baloney burgers. (yes, I know the proper spelling is “bologna”, but who on a race track would bother to do that? Not even me! And I can be quite the “word” snob.) Side note – Vegetarians may also enjoy the track, just keep your dietary habits a secret. I went there during the time I was a pescetarian in the past – just took carrots in my cooler instead of beer. I felt like such a rebel!

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