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There were visits with family and friends I do not see very often. Antics of the children that still make me smile. Delicious baked beans and a real homemade Southern banana pudding. Some of the best grits ever eaten. Lasagna without meat but with tender thin slices of eggplant. And one of the best parts? I actually lost two pounds during all of that!!

I learned some information about cameras that may help me in my quest to improve my skills. And there was one particular fantastic conversation involving education, perceptions, news media, legal terms, libertarianism, economics, criminology, and etc. Seven of us coming from different directions and not one harsh word uttered. That conversation was an educational joy for me. The things I learned – as much as I love to talk, I really like the listening, too. As one professor from grad school reminded me once, it is when I listen that I learn.

And there was just some plain fun!

There was the process of coming up with ideas for gifts. My workspace, which includes a cup of delicious homemade vegan vegetable soup on the windowsill. ????????????????????????

So many pretty baubles! What to use next . . . ????????????????????????

These two items were for members of my family. Right now I am working on bracelets for those who want to add a little something extra to their outfit without dangling bracelets that can get in the way. Both of these are easy to put on when there is no one to assist, and they fit close to the wrist. ????????????????????????

And while I work, there should always be supervision peering at me from behind ????????????????????????

On my way back to Annapolis, I stopped in Richmond to visit a dear childhood friend, and we walked around Carytown and enjoyed a delicious vegan Indian meal and delightful conversation. Susan is a very accomplished counselor with her own practice, and I loved the time we spent together. She also drove me to 43rd Street Gallery”, owned by Robin Cage, a very talented artist and also from my hometown area. I bought a few pieces of her pottery, and when I returned home I made cauliflower soup and enjoyed it from one of her beautiful cups. [OMGosh! Please excuse the background of this first picture] ????????????????????????????????????????????????


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Wonderful morning again today, cool with a little breeze. I’m really glad I’m a morning person, because I believe I get to experience the best time of the day. Well, I’m glad I’m a morning person until 8:00pm when I decide I’d like to walk down to Aggieville to see waz happnin’. But I figure the university would not be happy with me when I get arrested for walking through Aggieville in my jammies. And the person who takes my mug shot would be most unhappy with me for being without my makeup. So, for me it is either morning or the joint that’s jumpin’. To be honest, nothing starts up in Aggieville until way after 8:00pm anyway. Oh, what’s the use in dwelling on something that I don’t see happening anytime soon.

Last night I made a dish using a recipe I got from a librarian in North Carolina. Very simple, just steamed cauliflower and onions, smashed with butter, salt and pepper. Then sent to the oven for a few minutes with cheese melting on top. Last night I used Swiss cheese, and it was just SO delish! Next time I will try cheddar. Woman of variety, that’s me. To that entrée I added sides of pickled beets, fried okra, and one small new potato. I love okra just tossed in a pan with a little vegetable oil. Not much oil, coz I like it a little blackened. When I make the pickled beets I only use half the amount of raw sugar. Then I add Splenda. So it really was a healthier dinner than it sounds. Dessert?
sigh . . .corn. Straight out of the frig again.

One thing that is good about being an adult is the ability to make my own choices, most of the time. This morning my tummy is a little on the queezy side, and the only thing I wanted was a bowl of cooked tomatoes. So I opened a can of my organic, no-salt tomatoes, added a little sweetner, and Mmmmmmm. . . they hit the spot! I have one of those huge Cherokee tomatoes on my counter, but I wanted to save that for sliced tonight or tomorrow for supper. When I didn’t have to travel so much by plane I use to keep some of my mom-in-law’s home-canned tomatoes on hand. Now THOSE were just absolutely the best! “Cept when my grandmama from NC was still alive, she canned the best in the world, too. It’s all about me, folks. and food.

Well, back to finish up the planning I need to do for a short session with a group of students tomorrow. Then later today it is back to my article.

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