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Last night I prepared a super delicious supper! I started with a salad of tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers, all purchased from the local Farmers’ Market. I added a few carrots and then made a dressing my grandmother used to make, a little mayo, sugar, and vinegar. I used to love that dressing when I was a little girl and haven’t made it since last summer. So this salad took me back to my younger days when I would stay a few days with her and Granddaddy every summer in Asheville, North Carolina. We’d go to her garden and pick the vegetables, wash and slice, and serve up on the little table in the kitchen. Ahhh………memories!

Something else I prepared which made me think of her was okra. I purchased okra at a new grocery store here in town, grown on a local farm, picking out the smaller, more tender pieces as I chose just the right pods to bring home. As usual, I cut off the little “head” (or whatever that part is called!), washed them, and tossed them in a really hot pan with a little vegetable oil. I like them whole, and it doesn’t take but a very few minutes to get them just right! Added a little sea salt, and my oh my were they fantabulous! Yes, my grandmother also introduced me to the wonders of okra. Thank you, Grandmama!

I also took from the freezer a piece of beef I cooked several months ago (froze three left-over servings). I weighed it – a little less than 4 oz. Perfect! I let it defrost, and after that it just needed to heat up a little. I sautéed onion slices in a hot pan, and when they were still crunchy-tender, I set the slice of meat on top of them, covered the pan, and let it heat throughout for about two minutes. It was very tasty, and cooked perfectly, but I still couldn’t eat it all. Weird. I still crave meat, but I can’t really eat it. Maybe there is a term for this condition? Nuts? Whishy washy? Yeah, I’m probably both those things.

So you are thinking I did very well. A little protein and all those vegetables. Well, not so fast! I also gave in to another food group I should avoid. Processed white flour. Seriously. I bought frozen rolls at the earlier mentioned grocery store. I let them rise, then baked them, then slathered with butter, and then devoured those two soft, warm rolls. I think somewhere in the middle of one bite I did my little happy dance. For real. !! It was just……..oh my were they good!!

Some people think that I am a far-lefty-liberal when it comes to the environment. Well, maybe in today’s political climate that could be true. However, when I was a young child it was considered conservative to conserve the earth and our resources. And honestly? Yes, I do want to conserve our resources for the people and other living creatures around me, for those that are yet to be born, and for the good of all mankind. And for some reason when we attempt to make decisions for the good of all it is considered liberal. However, I am also looking out for me me me!! Because I want to continue eating meals just like I had last night! Keep it up Kansas, Virginia, North Carolina, and all the other states (and other countries) that provide my tummy with tempting morsels. Take care of your land, your soil, your air, your water so I can continue to eat what I like. Oh! And you know what? While you are doing that for you and me, you will also be helping all living cells, from humans to kitties to doggies to squirrels to fish to bugs and even trees. Word.


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