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Back home after a wonderful American Library Association (ALA) conference in Denver. In the midst of learning my way around the conference center and walking on the slippery sidewalks (Snow in Denver. What a surprise!), I had a few good meals.

The first night there we went to The Capital Grille. Four of us rode to Denver together, and John (a vendor rep) took us out to eat. It was wonderful! You know how I enjoy a delicious meal with friends and conversation. We talked about the economy and digital products and what we liked and what we did not. We talked about libraries in general and our jobs. And the food? Absolutely scrumptious! First we all shared a crab appetizer, with huge chunks of crab meat on top of lettuce, onions, and avocado in a martini glass. Really pretty. And scrumptious! Then I ordered a bowl of lobster bisque with huge chunks of lobster floating throughout, and a dollop of sherry poured right into the middle of that creamy yum. Most often lobster bisque consists of only the puréed lobster and cream and other goodies, but they also added chunks this time. My oh my I could go for some of that this morning!

By then I was full, so I’m afraid I wasted my entrée of baked wild Alaskan cod. I ate maybe three bites of the fish and just one bite of the lemon couscous. I felt really bad about being so wasteful. Wasteful. But I just couldn’t eat anymore. But while others had dessert, I did enjoy a delicious cup of decaf coffee. After that my colleagues went to another restaurant to interact with more librarians, but I went back to the hotel room. You know me, early to bed and early to rise. Very seldom do I deviate from that model. Sounds boring, I know. But for me it makes for a more productive life!

The next day I ate lunch with Stephanie from Louisiana, another librarian from Missouri, and one from…..hmm….I don’t remember. We met at a restaurant called

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