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Yes, I live in “my” world, and most everyone else lives in “their” world. My daily world involves my love of staying connected with friends and family, assisting others on finding authoritative information, cooking and eating, walking, studying God’s and man’s designs around me – trees (yes, I hug one now and then πŸ™‚ ), flowers, vegetable gardens, wonders of mountains and oceans, architecture (interior and structures, old and new), sculpture, pottery, furniture, fibers, apparel, and on and on. I also find people fascinating! Sometimes they surprise me, and if they suprise me in a negative way I try to learn a lesson. If they surprise me in a positive way then I can smile about it for days!

To learn more about all the above I need to step out of “my” world. I can walk the streets, go to museums, and I love a furniture store jaunt into DC or NYC. I can also read. How fortunate I am that I can read. Below are pictures of two places (not the only places, but two main places) where to go for such a pleasure.

A library – and here is a picture of the New York Public Library I passed during my last visit to the wonders of NYC. It’s not the best picture, but I believe I was focusing on the engraved name of the establishment and the capitals of the Roman Corinithian columns:

A newspaper. Not only a newspaper, but for me, the newspaper. I can read The New York Times online (with a subscription) or in print. It’s not the only place I go for domestic and global news, but it is the main place I go in the mornings. Walter Cronkite always recommended reading at least one newspaper a day and being sure to read an article in a section that is not as familiar to us – learn more outside “my” world. For me, that would be the sports section.

And just for fun, I snapped the following picture of this building in the area of Times Square during that same visit. I was so amazed and taken back with this design that I forgot to find the identity of this building, nor memorize the exact street. But, being the strong librarian search engine I am πŸ™‚ , I utilitzed another search engine via Internet when I returned home (not so easy this search – because I began totally clueless!) and discovered it was the Weston Hotel. Reviews have been mixed, but I personally loved the surprise of the colors.


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Another lovely Saturday here in Annapolis, but I’m spending a lazy day inside with the cat. Just watched September Issue for the third (or is it forth?) time. Fascinated for a glimpse into the life of a print magazine that is still making amazing profits! I’ve loved Vogue for many years, though I’ve only actually subscribed for the last three. One year I missed the September issue, and I vowed never to do so again. Thus – the subscription.

Can I purchase what I see on those pages? Well, not so much really. But it is where I go for inspiration when I DO choose my clothes. Even on Birkenstock days (which is almost every day of my life), I can add that splash of just the right color in a scarf or a bracelet to make the difference. However one describes it, I do love design of clothing. And furniture. And architecture.

Which most of you know already. Following are a few more pictures from my walks with a camera.

Rag & Bone in DC back on February 10 of this year – the Saturday of NYC’s 2012 Fall Fashion week. Couldn’t make it to NYC that day, so I turned my day into my first official DC Design Day! Anyway, even though I truly covet something in that green in the background, I really like this simple mixture of colors in the store:

Then there was the interior design of this retail haven. Oh My Goodness!

Also stopped by the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams store on 14th street and took a picture of their fantastic slipcover sofa! A dream of mine to own such a sofa that is so traditional – so traditional that we could arrange around it some of my favorite much edgier pieces. AND I could change slipcovers now and then as the seasons and our moods change.

And …. well ….. of course there was a stop into Dean & Deluca. Now there is a place that knows something about design! I did not buy anything, but I sure enjoyed the journey!

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