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Very windy day this morning and cool. Just about my favorite kind of day in the world! I’m sitting in the bed with my coffee on the nightstand, my computer on one knee, and my kitty on the other. I’m getting hungry (what a surprise!) and thinking about my meals ahead. Yes, I always plan ahead for the day so that I can better have my mixture of carbs, protein, healthy fats, and nutrients. All of that within a minimum amount of calories. Actually, the calories are not the problem so much, because I just seem to eat the same amount day after day anyway.

I finally visited a nutritionist in Topeka earlier this week. She looked at several weeks of my eating plans and told me I was doing well and to just keep on as I was going. I have lost a couple more pounds, and you have already heard me rave about my last A1c test being so grand. Anyway, it was good to have a nutritionist confirm that my eating habits are good for my diabetes and weight loss efforts.

Before I went to the farmer’s market and grocery store yesterday I got out my own homemade cookbook that houses my favorite recipes. I picked a few I wanted to make this week, figuring how some would pack up for lunch, and bought foods according to my menu. Hmmm. . . .so what do I want today?

I still have two chicken thighs in the freezer. I’ve been wanting to try a Vietnamese recipe of curried chicken and sweet potatoes. I may fix that, or substitute the chicken with tofu. Or maybe prepare shrimp gumbo! The recipe I have is actually for fish gumbo and calls for catfish or grouper (which I understand is on the ecological “do not fish” lists), but you have already heard me moan about the lack of fish choices here in the Heartland. However, I do have shrimp! This recipe calls for yummy okra and lots of heat! And it also suggest putting a scoop of rice on the top, which is a wonderful way to get a bite of bland with the hot and spicy. The gumbo is so thick that the rice just sits there until I stick my spoon in it. And I already have brown rice in the refrig that I cooked last week.

Last night I had one of my favorite meals in the world. I purchased turnip greens at the grocery store (just can’t find them at the farmer’s market) and cooked them with a little salt, pepper, olive oil, and turbinado sugar. I washed an egg and set it on top of the greens for 10 minutes while they cooked. When the greens were done, I placed them in a bowl and topped them with raw onion, the chopped egg, and a little vinegar. I meant to get a piece of my homemade cornbread (Val – thanks for the recipe!) out of the freezer, but I was so excited about the greens that I forgot! But that bowl was just delicious. And, well, I ended the meal with a cupcake someone had baked for me, and that took care of the carb mishap!

Speaking of carbs, I may make one of my favorite pies today – a Southern chess pie. Mostly sugar, butter, and eggs. I haven’t baked anything sweet in a very long time because I have no one here to share baked goodies. Maybe I’ll invite a friend over this afternoon for pie and coffee. Hmmmm. . . . .now that sounds like a plan!

‘Cept I have some work to do. Laundry day. A little cleaning. And I worked right many hours at the library yesterday on a project, and with another two or three hours here today I could probably finish it. And that would be a positive move on my part. Yes, maybe a little cooking, some writing, cleaning, and another episode of Northern Exposure from the DVD I rented yesterday. Yep! That is my plan for the day!


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It is Wednesday morning and I have just about eaten all my vegetables I purchased at the farmer’s market this past Saturday. Sad. I still have half a jar of pickled beets, but the small bunch I bought and simply heated are gone. I have left three yellow squash, small onions, and new potatoes. This time of year at the farmer’s market the potatoes are so inexpensive! One small container will last me several weeks. Since I am flying back to Virginia next week for several days, I won’t buy quite as much at the market this weekend. But I will definitely be purchasing more kale grown on the K-State Willow Lake Farm. Scrumptious!!

Yesterday (2008-07-01) there was an article in the New York Times about healthy foods, and one food it mentioned was beets. However, the reporter talked about the benefits of raw beets with the suggestion of grating them on tossed salads. Hmm. . . . .I’m going to have to give that idea a try! Something a little sweet on top of my raw vege salad? Sounds like a plan to me!

The reduction in a diabetes medicine dosage is working well for me. It actually appears to me I could reduce the dosage even lower than the “cut in half” I have accomplished already. However, I know not to get to anxious too soon. I will try to ride it out until I see both of my doctors during the next six weeks. I try to stay educated on diabetes and aware of my own health, but I still realize I should not try to manage it totally on my own. I have benefited very well from the “established” medical community, but I have also felt comfortable in saying “no” when I had the gut feeling I needed to do so. For me it is a mixture of education, nutrition, visits to the diabetes clinic (Here in Kansas I see a physician’s assistant – I believe he is really “on the ball” and I feel comfortable with our decisions.), exercise, and yes, medicines. I would never tell anyone else how to manage their diabetes, because we are all different. I realize that since I live out here in Kansas with no one to care for on a daily basis but myself, I have it so much easier than many. But even when I was caring for our two young children I believed it important to read about health and nutrition as often as I could, even if it meant only the 10 minutes between the time my head hit the pillow and the time I fell asleep.

When I worked at UNC in Chapel Hill, NC, I visited the UNC Diabetes Clinic several times a year, and it was a very positive experience. This clinic really set me on the path to getting healthier, even though sometimes it meant another med. And I remember a lot I learned there and use it in my everyday decision-making process even now. I am very fortunate to have been able to have those few years with that clinic.

Well, I need to get ready for work in the library. I have been very busy this summer with various projects of my own and assisting professors from different disciplines with their research. The variety of information I have been exposed to is simply amazing! As a department we are organizing and improving our map collection, shifting reference materials into a more user-friendly model, working toward creating a data commons for statistical work, and all the while continuing with our day-to-day activities. Someone pinch me!! A fascinating job and delicious food – all in the same day! I am truly a fortunate person. And grateful.

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Good morning!

Good morning world on a Saturday! I am feeling very good today, even though I have been feeling poorly. “How can that be?” you may ask. Well, lucky you – I’m gonna talk about this phenomenon this morning!

The last few months I’ve had spells of feeling super, super tired. I could not figure it out. I would be sure to add extra steps to these days, because exercise can give energy. I was sleeping OK and getting in as many hours as I had in the past. On the mornings I could sleep as long as I wanted, I would still only take in six to seven hours. Just didn’t seem to me that lack of sleep was the reason for my dragging.

This really tired feeling would most often hit me in the afternoon, but sometimes it could be all day. I would pay attention to my routine with particular attention to my meals. It did not seem to me that I was overeating. I had a bad bout with bronchitis in April that lasted in a minimal context until June, so I began to think that maybe my hemoglobin levels were low (have been in the past). In three weeks I am planning to have lab work done just to check on all that.

But in the meantime, I have decided that there is a good chance I need to reduce the dosage of one of my diabetes medicines. Yesterday I felt pretty good until I was about to leave work for home. That weak feeling came over me, but not the ol’ “sugar lows” I use to experience. I walked through the door of my apartment and began the task of making supper, I ate a few bites of fresh fruit while I was preparing in hopes of feeling better. [I also made sure I took the medicine that decreases my chance of a sudden drop in blood glucose and truly manipulates food sugars to enter my blood stream at a slower, more normal rate.] I ate a supper of shrimp, avocado, squash, and a white-flour roll with butter. Still feeling bad, so I added a cookie and a glass of milk. And then it occurred to me to check my glucose level. Only 73! If it was only 73 after all that food, what the heck was it before I ate?!??!

I had not eaten an afternoon snack. I take my snacks to work, but most days I don’t get hungry and don’t think to eat them. I will try to make sure I do get in my snacks from now on. And I’m going to cut one of my pills in half. It is Saturday and I cannot call my endocrinologist, but on Monday I will call to verify this change with him. I can check my readings more closely as I make this change, and I have an appointment to see him in August.

I am going into work today for four or five hours to work on a research project. But before that I will be hitting the farmer’s market! I am planning on feeling better today than I have lately since I’m reducing my medicine. But, as I said, I will be testing glucose levels on a more regular basis as I make this change – to be sure it works the way I hope. Of course, I remember reading the other day an article about how life throws us surprises when we least expect it. After all, that is life. The article then stated, “You want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans!” Oh how true!! When She /He sees us making our plans for life, and He knows what is ahead, does She laugh? Oh my goodness what does God think?!? Another reason to stay in touch with our Creator. [OK, you may not believe in intelligent design. Or God. I do, and I love living in a country where we can each state our opinions on this subject. As angry as I get with our government sometimes, I am grateful for that freedom of thought. I hope we never lose it.]

Now, make yours a great day, too!

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