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Limbs. Long limbs.

My, how times change! There was a time when a lady didn’t say the word “legs”, but would refer to those body parts as “limbs”. Well, during NYC’s Spring 2013 Fashion Week those limbs came out! So, I must degress and leave behind that custom … instead … legs everywhere!

Following are two pictures of a beautiful model showing off her L O N G legs. geez. Mine are probably only half as long … dang.



And more long legs!

And there is this one

Well, I’m grateful my limbs at least make it up to my hips and take me where I need to go! ๐Ÿ™‚ And while I concentrate on that fact, let’s go back to the 70s, when hot pants and mini skirts were king!

Rod Stewart and Hot Legs.


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Late for Fashion Week

Well, I wasn’t really late, but my pictures surely are behind schedule. I went to NYC the Saturday of September Fashion Week and took a few pictures again. There was brunch and coffee with a dear friend and later browsing of the the beads and notions stores during a ferocious rain storm.

In between those two adventures I stopped by Mood Fabrics to buy a striped fabric, coveting a jersey knit made with modal. I purchased a delightful simple shirt two years ago, and a certain percent of the fabric was modal. Love it!! So soft and comfy.

After Mood, but before buttons and beads, I took several pictures of clothing assembles at Lincoln Center, but those pictures will come soon!

First, I had to find Mood Designer Fabrics

So much fabric! Stuffed everywhere! Finally found the right section – thanks to the handy dandy folks that work there

Not this large striped sparkly fabric, but stuffed somewhere in that chaotic shelf is my striped modal!

Someday soon, after making this dress, ever time I wear it I will be reminded of this Fashion Week trip to NYC!

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Today there will be a few more pictures from my walk this past Saturday and a few that are almost a year old. Last September I embarked on a one day train trip to NYC for Spring 2012 Fashion Week and took tons of pictures while there. There was NO getting into an actual runway show – there would have been a need to know someone, and I know no one. However, there were a few celebrities and wanna-be models and tons of fashion-styled people on the street to be just there. Simply there. To see and be seen. Especially at Lincoln Center.

Bill Cunningham was there taking his usual wonderful pictures, and when I saw him I stood there like the goober I try so hard not to be. Grinning. Giggling inside. Thinking to my not-so-mature self, “There he is!! It’s Bill Cunningham! Oh my goodness. It is really him!” Not surprisingly, he didn’t take my picture. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I dressed a little in my own style – or something like style. But among all the confidence and grandeur I was pretty dull. Anyway, I stood there with my camera in hand, and did not think to take Cunningham’s picture until about 60 seconds after he had ridden away on his bicycle. dang.

However, here are a few pictures I did take that day. For spring of 2012.

Here the tote matches the shoes. The draping garment is a soft shade of golden brown similar to the shorts. And somehow the hat pulls it all together. How’d she do that?

I’m thinking bold move here

Taking a break …….

All types of shoes!

And now – more from the wonderful houses on my recent Annapolis walk

How about an older house with new stacked stone steps and metal with cable railings?

Seafoam green accents

Got color?

And more color?

Creative folks come up with some fascinating ideas!

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Another lovely Saturday here in Annapolis, but I’m spending a lazy day inside with the cat. Just watched September Issue for the third (or is it forth?) time. Fascinated for a glimpse into the life of a print magazine that is still making amazing profits! I’ve loved Vogue for many years, though I’ve only actually subscribed for the last three. One year I missed the September issue, and I vowed never to do so again. Thus – the subscription.

Can I purchase what I see on those pages? Well, not so much really. But it is where I go for inspiration when I DO choose my clothes. Even on Birkenstock days (which is almost every day of my life), I can add that splash of just the right color in a scarf or a bracelet to make the difference. However one describes it, I do love design of clothing. And furniture. And architecture.

Which most of you know already. Following are a few more pictures from my walks with a camera.

Rag & Bone in DC back on February 10 of this year – the Saturday of NYC’s 2012 Fall Fashion week. Couldn’t make it to NYC that day, so I turned my day into my first official DC Design Day! Anyway, even though I truly covet something in that green in the background, I really like this simple mixture of colors in the store:

Then there was the interior design of this retail haven. Oh My Goodness!

Also stopped by the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams store on 14th street and took a picture of their fantastic slipcover sofa! A dream of mine to own such a sofa that is so traditional – so traditional that we could arrange around it some of my favorite much edgier pieces. AND I could change slipcovers now and then as the seasons and our moods change.

And …. well ….. of course there was a stop into Dean & Deluca. Now there is a place that knows something about design! I did not buy anything, but I sure enjoyed the journey!

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Participating in a fascinating library blogging project with others from around the world (library day in the life). I am a librarian at the U.S. Naval Academy in the USA, but everything I say here are my own thoughts and NOT those of the Naval Academy.

4:30am – Another day after a good night’s sleep. Kimba and I are doing much better getting acquainted and we’ve only had four nights together. Yay! Now is the time for coffee coffee coffee !!

6:48am – Into work early to polish up my class. Junk food morning – brought some potato chips for breakfast, started downstairs to the drink machines when I realized I was short a quarter. Went back upstairs and realized I did not bring my key and was locked out of the building. Feeling pretty darn stupid, but thankfully (I guess) my supervisor had come in already as well, so I called her on my cell phone. Why did I take my cell phone and not my keys? Dunno. Because it wasn’t yet 7:00am maybe? Embarrassing …..

12:30pm – Two classes of National Security Policy completed, a quick walk to the ATM for some weekend cash, a few short conversations with colleagues, and now settling down to a lunch of canned corn and half an avocado. Not very exciting but couldn’t think of what I wanted today, and that’s what made its way into my lunch box.

The professor of the morning classes asked that I show the mids how to find congressional hearings, which I did. I also thought it would be good to show them an easy way to find the law as it stands today, but as I was showing them Title 50 (War and National Defense), then Chapter 15 (National Security), then a few subchapters and sections …. well, you can imagine I was losing them! To me, the law is fascinating, but even I was getting sleepy hearing me talk about it! Poor first class – I was able to present much better for the second class.

7:30pm – Afternoon classes about Latin America and International Relations completed. I had a few questions in each class, plus a couple of midshipmen have already asked about one-on-one help with their paper topics. Wonderful! That means they are planning ahead.

After work I went to PetCo to return the carrier I used to bring Kimba home this past Monday night. I took the carrier I had often used for my last kitty (lovely Susie), but Kimba is so much bigger that he was totally squished in that one! So they loaned me a larger one. I stopped and bought a fish taco for supper and enjoyed it home.

Let me leave you today with a Sept 2011 picture from NYC’s fashion week. Just a picture of part of a much larger group of people walking in and out of the plaza surrounding Lincoln Center that day. Will miss not being there next week.

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