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My camera broke beyond repair this past February. I just purchased another and pictures will soon begin again!

I love movies focusing on food. It seems the movie industry is making more of them. Or at least putting them out there were I can find them.

Recently I watched The Hundred Foot Journey. With Helen Mirren, the French countryside, and Indian food that I have not yet learned how to master in the kitchen. A little bit of possible romance, camera closeups of chefs at work … why even the whisking of eggs in a glass bowl made me swoon. What’s not to love if you like a sweet (and sometimes sad) good story.

And there was Chef. Jon Favreau was great, but I particularly enjoyed seeing Oliver Platt – one of my favorites. And John Leguizamo, whom I believe to be a terrific actor. For me it was a story about a man who appreciated his connection to food, the importance of sharing that connection, and the relationship he builds with his young son.

A few years ago there was Today’s Special. Aasif Mandvi makes me laugh and I love to see the way he takes on a character, but here he also brought more than just laughter. Why was it not released on the big scale? Don’t know. Again, Indian food and the heart of food bringing people together.

For me? Starting a pot of vegan creamy broccoli soup – making the veggie broth with all these goodies. The potatoes easily provide the creamy I adore. And after the creamy base is done, I add more fresh broccoli for the …. well, the fresh morsels of broccoli!

And one more favorite? Julie & Julia. Yes, I realize this movie came out in 2009, but I’ve seen it three times and am ready for another. Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci in the same movie??? OMGosh – such amazing talent!! And if you really enjoy food and the connection it brings to people, the scene where Julia first tastes sole meuniere? I know. Simple and short. But I could feel Julia’s amazement in my heart as she shared her discovery with her husband. Really, it was there 🙂


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Right now I am sitting in my back yard on the patio of sorts, wearing a comfy long-sleeve denim shirt and enjoying the cool morning. I prepared my coffee on a backpacking propane stove, trying to save energy. I’m not sure I’m saving money at this point, but my number one goal is to save energy. It would be nice to know if I have saved money, but since I run my air conditioner, it would be hard to tell! However, no matter how I made this coffee today, coffee outside on a cool morning makes the best time of day even better!

I have been feeling a little more stress than usual, so I’ve been trying to eat healthy. Only failing in this effort. Thursday we had a birthday celebration for one of the student workers in the library, and not only was there cake, but there were also brownies, candy, and corn chips with a very tasty dip made with cream cheese. Today I’m in the mood for some good vegetables!

I’ve been practicing eating with chop sticks. I eat slower that way and it has been fun to learn something else new. I bought Asian food for lunch a few days ago and sat down at my desk to eat with chop sticks. I found a short video online that gave instructions on using these utensils and I’ve been using them with just about everything! Even tossed salad. My brother taught me how to use them in 1980 when he took me out to try my first Japanese restaurant when I visited him in New York City (where he was living at the time). I never quite got the hang of it, and I have gotten tired of living in college towns where the students used them so proficiently and I have been just a-strugglin’! So now I’m becoming proficient myself!

Well, back to discussing food itself. I’ve been busy busy busy at work lately, coming home really tired and not been preparing the healthiest meals possible. The day of the cake I had already been feeling puny, so by 5:00pm I was really feeling bad. I knew I had to eat something, and all I wanted was a mini-bag of microwave popcorn and a small bowl of cereal. I believe that was the day I ate NO veges!

One night I prepared curried shrimp and cauliflower. I did not eat rice of any kind, just the cauliflower (and a few other veges) and shrimp. It was very good, and the hot pepper flakes I cooked with it made it spicy, which slowed down my eating even more. One night I had fresh green beans, a few small new potatoes, and pickled beets. The beets I prepare with Splenda, so there is no added sugar but added chemicals. Oh well. Ooooh yes! And I soaked pintos and had several meals consisting of pinto beans and homemade cornbread. With the pintos I used a spoon! One night I had three small servings of salads from the grocery store salad bar. One was a broccoli-based salad, one was mostly mayo and pasta, and the third was a three bean salad. I used chop sticks, and the only real challenge was the three bean salad. That’s when I knew that a bowl of pintos would send me back to the spoon.

I will check out the farmer’s market this morning. There has been no kale the last few times, but when I talked to the young men from K-State that sell it, they said they thought they should have some today. I’m going to check it out! I wonder if I will be able to buy fresh turnip greens out here this fall? I love turnip greens – especially with a hardboiled egg, vinegar, raw onions, and a slice of cornbread. Oh my goodness what a meal!!!

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Food and Friends

Thursday night Regina came to share dinner with me. First I prepared one of my favorite appetizers: toasted baguette slices topped with mushrooms and garlic sautĂ©ed in butter. For the entrĂ©e I tried an Emeril Lagasse recipe for Kung Pau chicken, only I substituted tofu for chicken. Other than the fact that the thickening paste I made was too thick, it was very tasty. Lots of fresh vegetables sautĂ©ed in a sauce made of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and wine, mixed with a little turbinado sugar and Hoisen sauce. A few other flavors as well. We had small raw vege salads with balsamic vinegar and ended the meal with a small homemade carrot cake I had in the freezer (purchased a few weeks ago at the farmer’s market. just yummy!) And decaf coffee. After Regina left I fell into bed with a warm full tummy and slept very well!

I spent several hours working on my research project on July 4 and have decided I need to stop the research and start the writing! I love the research part and cannot ever seem to get enough of learning about a subject. The writings isn’t bad, it is just not as rewarding for me. Last night was a wonderful Independence Day celebration in a neighborhood on the edge of the city. A dear friend invited me to join her neighbors and family, and I was able to enjoy some early-evening fireworks. Lots of food, and even though there was plenty of the Kansas BBQ, I steered away (ooh! I made a pun!) from that and found plenty of non-meat nutrition. Heavy on the carbs, but it was a holiday after all.

I went nuts again at the farmer’s market this morning and bought too much food considering I am going out of town on Wednesday for a few days. But I will simply cook and freeze what I cannot eat. I am going back to my small town in Virginia to see my family, so I will be able to continue my healthy eating plan there. It’s not so easy when I go to a large city to a conference only to realize that finding a restaurant meal that is both healthy and affordable is nearly impossible. Cooking for myself is much easier and cheaper. But like anyone else there are times I just want someone to put the food on a plate and set it down in front of me. No prep, no cleanup.

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