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Yes, I live in “my” world, and most everyone else lives in “their” world. My daily world involves my love of staying connected with friends and family, assisting others on finding authoritative information, cooking and eating, walking, studying God’s and man’s designs around me – trees (yes, I hug one now and then πŸ™‚ ), flowers, vegetable gardens, wonders of mountains and oceans, architecture (interior and structures, old and new), sculpture, pottery, furniture, fibers, apparel, and on and on. I also find people fascinating! Sometimes they surprise me, and if they suprise me in a negative way I try to learn a lesson. If they surprise me in a positive way then I can smile about it for days!

To learn more about all the above I need to step out of “my” world. I can walk the streets, go to museums, and I love a furniture store jaunt into DC or NYC. I can also read. How fortunate I am that I can read. Below are pictures of two places (not the only places, but two main places) where to go for such a pleasure.

A library – and here is a picture of the New York Public Library I passed during my last visit to the wonders of NYC. It’s not the best picture, but I believe I was focusing on the engraved name of the establishment and the capitals of the Roman Corinithian columns:

A newspaper. Not only a newspaper, but for me, the newspaper. I can read The New York Times online (with a subscription) or in print. It’s not the only place I go for domestic and global news, but it is the main place I go in the mornings. Walter Cronkite always recommended reading at least one newspaper a day and being sure to read an article in a section that is not as familiar to us – learn more outside “my” world. For me, that would be the sports section.

And just for fun, I snapped the following picture of this building in the area of Times Square during that same visit. I was so amazed and taken back with this design that I forgot to find the identity of this building, nor memorize the exact street. But, being the strong librarian search engine I am πŸ™‚ , I utilitzed another search engine via Internet when I returned home (not so easy this search – because I began totally clueless!) and discovered it was the Weston Hotel. Reviews have been mixed, but I personally loved the surprise of the colors.


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I slept almost two extra hours last night, which meant I was still up before 6:30am. Since then I’ve had 3 cups of delicious coffee! There was a light breakfast, a tasty lunch of leftover chicken fried rice, and a Pepperidge Farm chocolate brownie cookie that I heated for a bit in my small toaster oven. Soft cookie, gooey chocolate chips. . . oh my goodness was it scrumptious! And I’m usually not a huge lover of chocolate, but today I totally was such a fan! And that, my friends, was when I dove in for a third cup of hot coffee with cream.

Today I’ve written in my journal and emailed a few friends. I watched The September Issue via Netflix streaming, my second viewing. This documentary follows Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington and the others at Vogue magazine in New York as they prepare their tremendously huge and popular fall issue of 2007. I highly recommend this documentary for anyone interested in fashion or artistic abilities of any kind and the business necessary to keep these creations in the public’s eye.

After my recent visit to New York City and my walk through Bryant Park, I just had to watch it again. And now I cannot wait for my 2011 September issue to arrive in just a few more weeks! (FYI – for those that are interested, Bryant Park is no longer the place for Fashion Week; Lincoln Center is the new venue.)

In one of my recent posts I asked readers if they would share thoughts on how they arrange their stuff. How people organize so that they can later find (a very major purpose of a library and its staff). Below is a picture of my most recent pile by my bed. I took the picture just at it looks. Right now. For me I can tell I’ve been in a fashion/design/artistic state of mind lately. No NY Times articles regarding public policy and no books near the top about peace and security. [Hmmm . . . I’m wondering where my book is about Starbucks? I was just reading it the other night – I’m guessing in my backpack.]

If anyone feels like replying, I’d love to know more about how your organize. Books, canned goods in the kitchen, your closet, electronic files, or anything you want to share. If not about organization, then maybe a few sentences about what you have beside your bed today?

Here’s my pile of fun!

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