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Participating in a fascinating library blogging project with others from around the world (library day in the life). I am a librarian at the U.S. Naval Academy in the USA, but everything I say here are my own thoughts and NOT those of the Naval Academy.

8:30pm – Saturday, so I did not go into work today. Instead I road the metro (closest stop about 20 miles away) through DC and down into Vienna, Virginia. Met a childhood friend for lunch, and we sat for three hours at that restaurant! She paid for our lunches and was sure to tip the server very very well since we sat for so long. We talked about our parents (all have passed over) and siblings and other friends we no longer see. Our children. It was a wonderful wonderful afternoon! Even with the rain and repair being done on the metro tracks. Because of the repair work there was a bus ride involved as well. But all very much worth the extra effort!

Stopped by the grocery store for a variety of nuts to take for snacks next week and a few mushrooms to prepare with a fresh Parmesan cream sauce.

Read a few news articles on the train – always keeping up with current events and possible changes in public policies!


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Participating in a fascinating library blogging project with others from around the world (library day in the life). I am a librarian at the U.S. Naval Academy in the USA, but everything I say here are my own thoughts and NOT those of the Naval Academy.

4:30am – Another day after a good night’s sleep. Kimba and I are doing much better getting acquainted and we’ve only had four nights together. Yay! Now is the time for coffee coffee coffee !!

6:48am – Into work early to polish up my class. Junk food morning – brought some potato chips for breakfast, started downstairs to the drink machines when I realized I was short a quarter. Went back upstairs and realized I did not bring my key and was locked out of the building. Feeling pretty darn stupid, but thankfully (I guess) my supervisor had come in already as well, so I called her on my cell phone. Why did I take my cell phone and not my keys? Dunno. Because it wasn’t yet 7:00am maybe? Embarrassing …..

12:30pm – Two classes of National Security Policy completed, a quick walk to the ATM for some weekend cash, a few short conversations with colleagues, and now settling down to a lunch of canned corn and half an avocado. Not very exciting but couldn’t think of what I wanted today, and that’s what made its way into my lunch box.

The professor of the morning classes asked that I show the mids how to find congressional hearings, which I did. I also thought it would be good to show them an easy way to find the law as it stands today, but as I was showing them Title 50 (War and National Defense), then Chapter 15 (National Security), then a few subchapters and sections …. well, you can imagine I was losing them! To me, the law is fascinating, but even I was getting sleepy hearing me talk about it! Poor first class – I was able to present much better for the second class.

7:30pm – Afternoon classes about Latin America and International Relations completed. I had a few questions in each class, plus a couple of midshipmen have already asked about one-on-one help with their paper topics. Wonderful! That means they are planning ahead.

After work I went to PetCo to return the carrier I used to bring Kimba home this past Monday night. I took the carrier I had often used for my last kitty (lovely Susie), but Kimba is so much bigger that he was totally squished in that one! So they loaned me a larger one. I stopped and bought a fish taco for supper and enjoyed it home.

Let me leave you today with a Sept 2011 picture from NYC’s fashion week. Just a picture of part of a much larger group of people walking in and out of the plaza surrounding Lincoln Center that day. Will miss not being there next week.

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Participating in a fascinating library blogging project with others from around the world (library day in the life). I am a librarian at the U.S. Naval Academy in the USA, but everything I say here are my own thoughts and NOT those of the Naval Academy.

4:40am – Planning to drive in early, spend time at Starbucks and walk a bit. There is something about a coffee shop that really promotes a work environment for me, which is one reason I miss the faculty status of librarians at so many universities – not so here at the USNA. There are many other reasons why I enjoy my position and work here, but I truly miss the freedom that came with working as faculty. At Kansas State University I had enough work to do that I was never bored nor got by with less than 40 hours of work a week. BUT !! I had the freedom to do that work pretty much whenever and wherever I wanted. Of course I had to spend most of my time at the library – how else can one work with students and faculty if spending too much time away from the “office”? But sometimes, when creative solo work is needed (such as prepping for a class), off-campus produces the best work for me.

6:00am – Dang. Just looked out the window and it is raining too hard to take a long walk downtown. The streets of downtown Annapolis make for wonderful walking, and I’ll miss that this morning. Well, in the meantime, I will post the following picture of Vietnamese stir-fry veggie rice (with egg) I took back to my hotel room one night during my recent trip to Dallas. There was a time I ate with chop sticks often because I wanted to learn to be proficient in the task. Not so much any longer! And I forgot to ask for a fork. Dang, again. The chop sticks worked, but boy was it a L O N G dinner hour for me!

7:50am – Settling in at my desk after a short walk downtown! Rain has stopped so I walked up the street to the Starbucks near State Circle, then straight back to get to work. While checking emails I was pleased to hear from a colleague I have not seen since my UNC at Chapel Hill days. Great fun! Enjoying my coffee, updating a few libguides and creating a new one, and preparing for tomorrow’s classes.

12:40pm – Just returned from the Political Science Department faculty meeting where I spent a few minutes bringing them up to speed about Library purchases, web page changes, and a recent vendor issue with a database. From some of the discussion I heard before I spoke, I realized, again, that the officers and civilians who round out the professor pool here are very, very dedicated to doing the best job possible. They don’t come up with a multi-page detailed syllabus just because they care about their subject, they really care about the mids and their success.

1:50 – Getting ready for a short shift at the reference desk. Spoke to someone again about the database/vendor issue to stress the urgency of the problem. A professor and his classes are using this database for a class project. Sometimes vendors don’t respond right away, so I thought maybe my colleague would “push” a little harder if I asked politely! πŸ™‚

2:15pm – Database problem solved! Will contact professor, the rest of my department, and make sure I thank the other Nimitz folks who pushed to get the problem solved so quickly. Way to go, people!

9:50pm – Pooped! Worked the desk, attended a web team meeting where we continue set some guidelines and create a template for a few of our webpages. This is a rather slow process to make sure we are really successful, but today was quite productive!

After the meeting I was off to a “beauty” appointment (need those sometimes!), stopped for some take-out supper to eat at home, then off and running at my dining table for several hours to work on the classes tomorrow. Got a lot done, very pleased. I’m going to be ready for the midshipmen in the morning. And afternoon. Go me!

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Participating in a fascinating library blogging project with others from around the world (library day in the life). I am a librarian at the U.S. Naval Academy in the USA, but everything I say here are my own thoughts and NOT those of the Naval Academy.

5:30am – Awake and drinking my first cup of coffee. Slept much better last night; Kimba and I seem to be acquiring an understanding of our individual routines a little better! Oh thank you! I slept much more peacefully last night. I am beginning to see the hunter in my great white lion. Last night when I got home from work there was a red gum drop in the middle of my kitchen floor. This morning a coffee bean and two dust bunnies. He surely is earning his keep, cleaning out from under my cabinets like that!

Catching up on news: Romney won the Florida primary, fear of a worse economy in Afghanistan as so many foreigners begin to leave, Arab and Western states in the U.N. berating Russia for not signing with them to condemn Syria’s leadership, Julian Assange will appeal his extradition to Sweden later today, and more – of course. New York Times is also gearing up for the beginning of the fall 2012 fashion week, which begins a week from tomorrow. I love it!

Traveled to NYC last September for one day during the spring fashion week and saw so many marvelous colors and designs and people who dared to dress in ways I could not have imagined. And since I’m a goober from the outside looking in, I’m not talking about on the runway (because one must be “invited”), I’m just talking about on the street and outside Lincoln Center. Therefore, off and on between now and through the end of fashion week I will be catching up on the news here: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and also following the websites of a few designers I like. I am fascinated by my profession as a librarian, and I truly get a kick out of reading about new resources and software used to instruct online, but fashion and design of any kind suits my fancy, too.

Well, I need to leave for work in a bit, and I want to spend a little more time catching up on the news, a very important task for a librarian! But speaking of design, I’d like to share a picture I took in Dallas. I have been a Charles and Ray Eames fan since I was a young girl, and even though the Eames Rocking Chair is not one of my favorites, I was thrilled to see this one in a hotel room in Dallas one morning where several of us gathered to write a resolution against (if that is the right word) the disappearance of government information from websites. I walked in, and there it was. Waiting for me!

7:00pm – Sitting on the sofa with Kimba. My time spent at Nimitz Library was really great today. Collaborated with two mids working on their capstone projects. Discovered that we owned an old newspaper on microfilm that another midshipman will be able to use, then found that another academic library had created an index for this older foreign publication and posted it online. Yay! Now he can search for just the right article without scanning pages over and over and over. It has been said that librarians are the ones that don’t like microfilm/fiche, not students and other patrons. I tend to agree. Sure, it is a format that is older and not used at much, but I’ve never had one student (whose been looking online and in print for the right resource, not found it until he was introduced to microfilm) complain once they learn how to use it. It’s not the format that is so wonderful; it is the content needed. Once again, microfilm saved the day for this student!

Also went to our first meeting about a new mission statement. I’m really looking forward to this project – working with others outside my own department is always a good thing. Worked an hour at the reference desk. Attended a lecture about Iran and the Islamic culture. Found a vendor error with one of our databases and completed an online support ticket so our oh-so-fantastic-electronic resources librarian can repair the problem! Spent time preparing for one of my library instruction classes on Friday. And tomorrow it starts all over again!

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Participating in this wonderful library blogging project with others from around the world. I am a librarian at the U.S. Naval Academy in the USA, but everything I say here are my own thoughts and NOT those of the Naval Academy.

7:00am – ugh. Did not sleep well last night, but then neither did Kimba, my new roomie kitty I adopted yesterday from PAWS. Of course, he is sleeping just fine now as I down my second cup of coffee. But hey – he lets me love him and scratch his ears and back whenever I want! I might try a little something different tonight but not sure what, yet. Oh well! He’s already very comfortable with me, but naturally also still a little jittery. Life will get easier for both of us as the days go on. All in all, I’m very glad he chose to adopt me. Not going into the library until early afternoon because I work tonight until 10pm. So this morning there will be breakfast (yum!) and probably a third cup of coffee. Sure, I could take a nap myself, but I am determined to finish this encyclopedia entry before SAGE Publishers start to yell at me. It’s almost done, but for some reason I’m having difficulty finishing the last section. I really, really want this entry to be a good one.

Well, I think I’ll find me something to eat – a bowl of oatmeal with just a Tbls of brown sugar and a Tbls of soy protein powder is sounding very good right now. But in the meantime, here is a picture of a delicious breakfast I enjoyed in Dallas while attending the American Library Association’s MidWinter meeting in Dallas last week. Most mornings I ate a piece of fruit and a power bar, but this particular morning I splurged on a veggie, cheese, and egg burrito with taters (I didn’t really like the taters so much, obviously processed with too much sprinkle seasoning fake stuff) and a little bit of salsa. The burrito and salsa were absolutely awesome!

12:05pm – Getting ready to leave for work. Kimba has found his new sleeping spot at the end of the bed on the floor. My box springs and mattress are actually ON the floor (long story) so the covers hang over, forming a nice little hiding place that Kimba seems to like best. Writing did not go well this morning. Not feel very well – think it’s from lack of sleep. So all will be good soon!

6:15pm – sitting at the Reference Desk and right now there are very few people in the library. Dinner hour, so to speak. After 7:00 the pace most likely will pick up tremendously! This afternoon I corresponded with a few professors about upcoming library instruction classes. Must have a copy of the syllabus to make sure I offer the best class possible! Another had questions about a possible journal purchase. Answered a few emails from midshipmen about upcoming assignments so they could get a head start on their research. Feeling really sleepy, but I’m sure I will perk up soon – always do!

11:05pm – Arrived home around 10:30, found Kimba in his little hiding place at the end of the bed. Washed my face and ready for sleep! As soon as Barbara (the other reference librarian who also worked the reference desk tonight) came back from dinner, I perked up. And the library and reference desk and computers and printers got busy! How many times was I called for printer maintenance??!!? It wasn’t bad, and I was able to help a few mids find resources via the databases and also help a few locate their books using the Library of Congress call numbers. Most know about how to find the numbers, but they like to ask which floor before they get started! Don’t blame them. No need to start on the ground floor if the number you want is on the third floor!

Tomorrow is the first meeting for a few of us that will collaborate on a new mission statement for the library. When there was a lull or two at the desk I was able to get an article read that our director wanted us to read in preparation for this first meeting. Thank goodness he will be leading the way!

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5:30am – Good morning! Thus begins a week of blogging with my librarian buds (most I have never met!) as we discuss our lives. The exciting and the not so much. First, let me tell you that I am a librarian at the U.S. Naval Academy, I am required to make sure you know that anything I say just comes from MY brain, and in no way do I speak for the U.S. Naval Academy. And right now, as part of the Library Day in the Life project begins, I’m just here to say “good morning” while I enjoy my first cup of coffee. My posts will most likely be focused on my work (naturally!), what I read, write, and cook and eat. After all, a blog IS a diary/journal/log of one’s life. Right?

6:55am – Starbucks. Drove into the Yard early, walked a bit. Getting ready to write for an hour, then walk back to the library an hour later than usual and making up that time tonight. Following is the view from “my” morning work space!

8:00am – walking back to the Naval Academy to start my day. Sun is up for this walk and these tiny little streets look extra amazing! Here are two pictures of a new stoop on an 18th century house. Recently redone.

2:30pm – Working four hours at the reference desk today – more than usual. We are down by two librarians right now and it may be quite a few months before those positions will be filled. In the meantime, there are extra hours at the desk for many of us as we also prepare and teach library instruction classes. A very busy time of the semester for subject librarians for sure! When quiet, though, I am able to get some of that prep work done and a few other tasks that need to be completed before I leave later this afternoon. Beautiful sunny day outside and lots of busy midshipmen researching for papers due later this week.

4:25pm – Just finished locating national security legalities in the U.S. Code. Thank you, U.S. Government Printing Office, for online PDFs!

9:00pm – Today was a really good day. Spent at least half my work day at the Reference Desk. Spent some of the other time emailing mids about research and preparing for library instruction classes later this week. After work my friend Alexis and I went to PetCo so that I could adopt a 7-yr-old cat I had first seen there a few months ago. Finally decided it was time. After he becomes more comfortable in our new home I will have a picture to show you. He lets me love on him for a bit, purrs, then returns to his new spot under the dresser. He is huge and very white, appropriately named Kimba, I’m guessing after Kimba the White Lion from the anime series of the 1960s.

Yes it was a very good day. And now I have a new roomie to talk to again. Welcome, Kimba!

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5:20am: Here we are, day 5 of the Library day in the life project. Today is the last day in this project where I have participated with other librarians around the world in blogging about my everyday activities. I am the Political Science/Economics Librarian at the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, MD. [Everything I say comes from ME and I do not speak for nor officially represent the USNA] I’ve Been awake since 3:00am, tossed and turned for about 30 minutes, then just got up. So I’m all showered and anti-aged up with the creams and lotions! Just spent some time emailing a dear friend in Manhattan, Kansas. As much as I love my life in Annapolis, I do miss many friends I made while living in Kansas. So connection is amazingly important for me! I’ve checked my USNA email and am now on my second cup of coffee. Oh my how I love that warm, soothing drink each morning! Trying to listen to a song I downloaded to iTunes from the Internet yesterday – yes, a legal download thank you very much – and my computer cannot find the file. Huh. I listened to it yesterday several times and have it in a playlist. I was even able to find the file thread, but when I actually followed the thread, it really wasn’t there. dang. I don’t mind downloading it again, but I wish I understood the problem. God wasn’t giving out as many geek/tech genes when I was born πŸ™‚ .

7:50am: At my desk in Nimitz library, sitting in front of the fan again today – not feeling very well. Maybe not enough sleep? Dunno. I’ve agreed to help shift a collection of books at 9:00, so I hope I’m all better by then!

10:10am: Just finished working with others in the library in moving some of the reference collection to another floor. Didn’t take very long since we all worked together. Afterwards, the librarian in charge of this project and my own boss let us charge to them whatever we wanted at the Coffee Mess (Our little coffee bar). Very nice – thank you both! I didn’t feel like coffee, but I had purchased a bottle of ginger ale earlier which was very tasty after the physical labor! And a nap would be nice.

12:30pm. Updated my personal calendar to reflect my new fall reference desk and night schedule. Ate a lunch of cheddar cheese and crackers and ginger ale. Worked on some folders and finished a report. In about 30 minutes it’s the reference desk, followed by a meeting. Actually, I’m getting right much done to be so sleepy!

8:30pm: Reference desk was not busy so I was able to check up on some federal legislative activities from various news publications on the Internet. Meeting regarding our web pages was over in about one hour. Left the library at 4:00 and went out for dinner tonight with two of my girlfriends and was actually finally able to eat more than a small snack. I was hungry and ate a few onion rings and 1/2 a sandwich, which means I brought home 1/2 sandwich for the weekend. I’m still hot and tired, but I bet I’ll feel much better tomorrow. Just one of those days. We all have them, even librarians.

Well, that’s it for day 5 of the Library project! I don’t usually blog every day, but I’m am open to all! Please come back and visit me sometime – right here at WordPress!

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