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2015, What will it bring for each of us? What will we make of it? How will we proceed?

I will reflect on the past and hopefully learn from mistakes made. One thing I want to learn is how to work my dang camera! I do not know how to focus nor adjust for lighting. I will learn soon. Promise! In the meantime, however, please bear with me. I really want to concentrate on today and what is ahead! But before moving ahead too far, let me share with you a little about the past few weeks.

Christmas celebrations, of course. Delicious food (some not so vegan but never straying from vegetarian!) prepared by family and friends. And yes, I prepared a bit myself! But there was also preparing for the celebrations, so here are a few pictures:

Working on an idea . . . . . ????????????????????????

Two bracelets created and given as gifts. I like these tiny adornments that can be worn alone, with a watch, or layered with other bracelets 9two????????????????????????

And this particular gift is a little dressier than the others, but sometimes to brighten a day, dressy can be just plain fun! ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????

Crocheting wire is a new love of mine right now (an remember, focus of the camera will be a new love soon!)

Now let me show you a few things about my tiny little tree that I like. Music. What is life without music?!? ????????????????????????

And the top of the tree is usually reserved for Angels and stars, so I added several stars 🙂 ????????????????????????

And well, you know me and Starbucks! I now most often go to the Harbour Center Starbucks, and even though this pic is not the clearest (you should see all the ones I deleted!!), it gives a true sense of the peace and quiet there. Serenity except for the usual shenanigans of the baristas behind the counter – which I always enjoy 🙂 Just to the right of the Starbucks logo is a lovely fireplace. And what you cannot see are several folks in front of the fireplace, sitting in comfy chairs, starting their busy day with fascinating and rather intellectual conversations. I’m really liking this place . . . . ????????????????????????


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Welcome to our new year!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a wonderful day for me. I’ve played on the computer, watched a good movie (Office Space) some of the students at work recommended to me, visited with my neighbor for a bit, shared some of my beet/apple/goat cheese salad with him, and watched junk TV I recorded earlier in the week. I cannot remember the day I did so little of nothing. It was absolutely fantastic! Plus, the cold I brought back with me from Virginia has proven to be very mild. Thank goodness!

Last night was fun, too. Tara C. came to eat supper with me and there I sat, for over two hours, good conversation and good food. Even if I prepared it, and even if the meat was a little tough (should have slow cooked it for about another 45 minutes I think), it was a wonderful evening. First we ate Greek salads with lots of feta. Then I served the roast cooked with onions, carrots and parsnips. I had never cooked parsnips with my roast, but that’s a keeper of an idea! Scrumptious! I fixed green beans with a little thyme and red wine, all thrown in with onions and mushrooms previously sautéed with lots of butter. I boiled potatoes and served with garlic butter and parsley flakes. A little red wine, of course. And for dessert I made those simple lemon tarts I’ve mentioned before. I just hope she enjoyed the evening as much as I did.

She left before 9:00pm to meet more friends, I cleaned the kitchen, and fell into bed pooped out and was asleep by 10:00pm. Yep. Slept right through to the new year. I enjoyed it, too. The library has been opened this week and we have been a little busier than I expected. I’m glad we were there for the faculty and researchers who try to come when parking is a little easier. Even though there were people there needing our services, it was still rather quiet and a good time to get tasks completed and my desk cleaned. Well, maybe not cleaned, but it looks better than it did before I left for my Christmas vacation!

As I look at this past year and forward to 2009, I think about my blessings. A job I really like. The ability to help people find the information they need. A small apartment that is dry and cozy and safe and easier to keep at a comfortable temperature because it is not very big. A family that I love and to whom I feel very close, even though we are many miles apart. Friends in many places: Virginia, North Carolina, Kansas, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and elsewhere. The ability to read a good book. And on and on.

This coming year I want to do good things, not just for my career, but for those around me. I believe I’m in a position to do just that if I stay focused. But even while I’m trying to stay focused and keep up with the world around me, I sure look forward to more moments of goofing off and watching junk TV!

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