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Yes, I live in “my” world, and most everyone else lives in “their” world. My daily world involves my love of staying connected with friends and family, assisting others on finding authoritative information, cooking and eating, walking, studying God’s and man’s designs around me – trees (yes, I hug one now and then πŸ™‚ ), flowers, vegetable gardens, wonders of mountains and oceans, architecture (interior and structures, old and new), sculpture, pottery, furniture, fibers, apparel, and on and on. I also find people fascinating! Sometimes they surprise me, and if they suprise me in a negative way I try to learn a lesson. If they surprise me in a positive way then I can smile about it for days!

To learn more about all the above I need to step out of “my” world. I can walk the streets, go to museums, and I love a furniture store jaunt into DC or NYC. I can also read. How fortunate I am that I can read. Below are pictures of two places (not the only places, but two main places) where to go for such a pleasure.

A library – and here is a picture of the New York Public Library I passed during my last visit to the wonders of NYC. It’s not the best picture, but I believe I was focusing on the engraved name of the establishment and the capitals of the Roman Corinithian columns:

A newspaper. Not only a newspaper, but for me, the newspaper. I can read The New York Times online (with a subscription) or in print. It’s not the only place I go for domestic and global news, but it is the main place I go in the mornings. Walter Cronkite always recommended reading at least one newspaper a day and being sure to read an article in a section that is not as familiar to us – learn more outside “my” world. For me, that would be the sports section.

And just for fun, I snapped the following picture of this building in the area of Times Square during that same visit. I was so amazed and taken back with this design that I forgot to find the identity of this building, nor memorize the exact street. But, being the strong librarian search engine I am πŸ™‚ , I utilitzed another search engine via Internet when I returned home (not so easy this search – because I began totally clueless!) and discovered it was the Weston Hotel. Reviews have been mixed, but I personally loved the surprise of the colors.


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4:50am: I am the Political Science/Economics Librarian at the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, MD. This week I am participating in a Library day in the life project with other librarians from around the world, blogging about my everyday activities. [Everything I say comes from ME and I do not speak for nor officially represent the USNA] Awake and drinking that first cup of coffee. This time my cup is a huge mug our daughter gave me for Christmas several years ago – a large New York Times crossword puzzle mug, which came with a crossword puzzle book. That girl of mine. She knows how much I adore New York City! I’ve already checked my USNA email, so now I’ll take time to read some news, browse the financials to check on Dunkin Donuts, and then continue with my morning routine and get to the library early enough for my morning walk!

8:20am: Been here about an hour. Took that morning walk outside the gates to purchase a cappuccino this morning. Because of the brisk walk, after getting to my desk just before 7:30, I had to turn on my cubi fan to cool off before I could drink the frothy concoction. And it is delicious! Added to my to-do list, discussed a recent article in the NY Times with two colleagues, and responded to some email. Picked up three extra hours at the ref desk later today. Now I’m researching within and analyzing again two databases we currently have on trial. Then I will sign up to lead two or three library tours for the plebes in a few weeks and also sign up for a shift at the library info table over Parent’s Weekend when I will have the opportunity to introduce to them all the wonderful services and resources we have here in the library for their sons and daughters. Whew! Was that a run-on sentence or what??!!

12:45pm: Just finished my lunch in the staff lounge. Brought canned soup and Saltines from home today and chatted with colleagues. Below is a picture of some of what we do for fun during out lunch breaks here. There are those of us that read (what a surprise!), some that chat (that be me), and some that love the jigsaw puzzles. Sometimes I work on the puzzles, too, but the Van Gogh Starry Night was way hard and I didn’t spend much time on that one, so I cannot take credit. However, it did take many weeks to complete. Remember, the really committed people who worked and worked on it only had a few minutes a day, and that’s only the days they ate lunch in the lounge. Proud of them!

3:30pm: Back at the Reference Desk. I scheduled something on the online classroom calendar, which I had not done since the early part of the spring semester, so it took me awhile to remember exactly how to do it. Helped a user with a reference question involving the U.S. Code and Code of Federal Regulations. Love those gov docs/legal-type questions! Even though they do take some time. Marking off small (but important!) tasks on my to-do list. Rather quiet here today.

5:25pm: Finishing up my dinner and am terrifically tired tonight. Not really sure why except it seemed like today was just really busy with small but vital duties that took me hither and yon. Every time I checked off something from my to-do list I’d add two more tasks. Anyway, I can rest now. I think I’ll clean up my dishes and prepare the coffee pot for in the morning, watch an hour of TV (via Internet), and read a bit of something in that pile beside my bed!

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