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Back to knotting pearls. I truly love the look of the perfectly colored glass pearl.

No real counting once I’ve laid out the design. Just take the thread, add the pearl, and proceed to make the perfect knot! Each time.

After knotting for a bit there was lunch. This Southern girl really loves fried okra. I usually rinse and pat dry the veggie. Then cut off the larger tougher end and just throw them plain into a hot cast-iron frying pan. No water, oil, or anything extra. Just toss it around for a few minutes until it is really toasty. Just before removing this green morsels from the pan, I add a little salt, toss 20 seconds longer – and perfect okra every time!

There were also some baby potatoes from a recent farmers’ market purchase and leftover salad from the day before.

And how about a few pictures from my February 2015 NYC trip, beginning the day with a banana quinoa muffin from Smile to Go on Howard Street. I understand this breakfast goodie is a favorite of a very popular young singer. 🙂

Then it was off to Bleeker Street to get a glimpse of the historical building where Margaret Sanger worked during the first half of the 20th century

There was a quick stop at Lincoln Center to see a little of the happenings of Fashion Week. Most of us were just bundled up in warm coats! But I liked this picture because it almost appears to be a black and white picture, but then you see the powder-blue coat, bright orange shoes, a child’s hat, and there is pink! Even on the the little doggy there is color. The photographer seems to be posing – but he is not. He was actually looking at something behind me (don’t remember what it was).


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Back to food! Ahh…..another beautiful, cool morning in Kansas. I started with opened windows, sitting in bed, reading news, blogs, and emailing family. Yesterday I eventually moved to the patio-type thingy in the back yard. Where I moved on to a food vice of mine: BBQ potato chips. Really. Sad, huh. I also had a few cashews in the bowl, and I’m thinking two squirrels wanted me to leave so they could grab them. They truly seemed to covet my ‘shews. The both twirled around the tree, ending up several times just above my head on a tiny little limb. Fussing. Just looking at me and fussing loudly. And let me tell you, the last squirrel needed to do like me and quit yearning for so much food and stop long enough to do a few sit-ups. Seriously, people, major belly issues going on. In truth, there was also some sisterhood going on. Would have high-fived her if I could have shimmied up the tree.

Earlier this week I made a few totally brilliant meals. There was my fabulous beet and apple salad and freshly grown okra (from our own K-State students’ garden.). The only thing I had to change this time in the salad was adding praline pecans instead of my really fav maple syrup pecan pieces from the all famous People’s Grocery. There were no maple syrup pecans left in my little jar, so I just stopped by a convenience store walking on my way home from work and bought a small snack package of the praline.


And the okra? Delicious as usual! I sauté them in a tiny little bit of canola oil on high heat. I would roast them without any oil, but going for less energy in this move. I vow to use just enough to keep them from sticking to the pan. And then there is sea salt sprinkled at the end. And now they are all gone. sad.

Oh yes! And there was a lunch that involved one-half a bagel, spaghetti sauce from a jar, freshly chopped green bell pepper and onion. Covered first with grated Parmesan cheese, then covered in gooey Mozzarella cheese! oooooh! See this romantic picture below with my little pizza lunch? All the candles? Yep! Cheese deserves a little romance. Love it!

Another tasty dish was some of my homemade ‘tater soup. A little skim milk, a little whole milk. butter. onions. taters. And fresh jalopeños from the back yard. Only I did not use enough to get the heat I like. I’m really not proficient at using fresh jalopeños and still need to work on how to adjust the amounts, so I add a few dry red pepper flakes each time I prepare a bowl. I also added some teeny tiny chopped carrots, boiled in a little water, and all of that poured into the soup as well. So that maybe I get some of the nutrients I have boiled out of the carrots into the water. I even had a bowl of this creamy, heaty goodness for breakfast yesterday. Now it’s all gone. 😦

The pièce de résistance came today when my food bud Tara C. invited me to her place for lunch, and let me tell you it was quite a feast! There was good music on the computer and great conversation to start. Then we sat down to a meal of green chicken salad. Yes, “gulp”, green. I never wanted to eat any of Sam’s green ham, much less green chicken! But she assured me it was the avocado and touch of wasabi in the mixture that made it green. And we had pink apple salad to go with the sandwich. Seriously. She assured me it was yogurt (I think) that gave it the pink color. And some nuts and cream cheese. And olives to dive in for! Ooohh how I like a good olive! And a lettuce salad with goat cheese. Blueberry muffin. A culinary delight for sure!


Good thing I walked there and back because I really stuffed myself. Fantastic break in my day, but now it is back to work!

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Last night I prepared a super delicious supper! I started with a salad of tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers, all purchased from the local Farmers’ Market. I added a few carrots and then made a dressing my grandmother used to make, a little mayo, sugar, and vinegar. I used to love that dressing when I was a little girl and haven’t made it since last summer. So this salad took me back to my younger days when I would stay a few days with her and Granddaddy every summer in Asheville, North Carolina. We’d go to her garden and pick the vegetables, wash and slice, and serve up on the little table in the kitchen. Ahhh………memories!

Something else I prepared which made me think of her was okra. I purchased okra at a new grocery store here in town, grown on a local farm, picking out the smaller, more tender pieces as I chose just the right pods to bring home. As usual, I cut off the little “head” (or whatever that part is called!), washed them, and tossed them in a really hot pan with a little vegetable oil. I like them whole, and it doesn’t take but a very few minutes to get them just right! Added a little sea salt, and my oh my were they fantabulous! Yes, my grandmother also introduced me to the wonders of okra. Thank you, Grandmama!

I also took from the freezer a piece of beef I cooked several months ago (froze three left-over servings). I weighed it – a little less than 4 oz. Perfect! I let it defrost, and after that it just needed to heat up a little. I sautéed onion slices in a hot pan, and when they were still crunchy-tender, I set the slice of meat on top of them, covered the pan, and let it heat throughout for about two minutes. It was very tasty, and cooked perfectly, but I still couldn’t eat it all. Weird. I still crave meat, but I can’t really eat it. Maybe there is a term for this condition? Nuts? Whishy washy? Yeah, I’m probably both those things.

So you are thinking I did very well. A little protein and all those vegetables. Well, not so fast! I also gave in to another food group I should avoid. Processed white flour. Seriously. I bought frozen rolls at the earlier mentioned grocery store. I let them rise, then baked them, then slathered with butter, and then devoured those two soft, warm rolls. I think somewhere in the middle of one bite I did my little happy dance. For real. !! It was just……..oh my were they good!!

Some people think that I am a far-lefty-liberal when it comes to the environment. Well, maybe in today’s political climate that could be true. However, when I was a young child it was considered conservative to conserve the earth and our resources. And honestly? Yes, I do want to conserve our resources for the people and other living creatures around me, for those that are yet to be born, and for the good of all mankind. And for some reason when we attempt to make decisions for the good of all it is considered liberal. However, I am also looking out for me me me!! Because I want to continue eating meals just like I had last night! Keep it up Kansas, Virginia, North Carolina, and all the other states (and other countries) that provide my tummy with tempting morsels. Take care of your land, your soil, your air, your water so I can continue to eat what I like. Oh! And you know what? While you are doing that for you and me, you will also be helping all living cells, from humans to kitties to doggies to squirrels to fish to bugs and even trees. Word.

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