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So, what about the rest of the June ALA Annual Conference? Learning, visiting with friends and colleagues, walking and walking, palm trees and more delightful foliage. And the scrumptious food 🙂 .

There was the Italian restaurant, Mama Cozza’s where the company of my K-State buds and colleagues out-ranked a still delicious meal. Later I sat for a while with librarians from Florida State, and at their table were a few pieces of left-over pizza …. and yes, they offered me a piece. I ate two! Good thing I walked four miles to meet my friends! Thankfully Leo had rented a car and I did not have to walk the four miles back.

And then there was Thuyen Vien on Euclid St., the vegan Vietnamese restaurant I enjoyed tremendously with Regina, where we chowed down on noodles and vegetables in delicious sauces. Three mile round trip walk for both of us. Good thing. Just sayin’

With all this walking, the designs I enjoyed the most were the tiny courtyards between small apartment buildings. And the foliage. Magnificent palm trees that stood SO strong and tall! Just about everywhere I journeyed – there they were. Between meetings and programs there was more walking in the warm breeze, finding the shade, and standing in line for Starbucks. Knowledge, colleagues, nutrition, beauty, friendships – made the rest of the trip fantastic!

And, of course, I wasn’t the only librarian reading and resting and talking and enjoying the breeze and sun and shade all at the same time!


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American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference. Anaheim, California. Palm Trees. Disneyland. Meetings. Palm trees. Programs. Delicious food. Palm trees. Did I mention the beautiful palm trees?

My day starts with the beautiful palm outside my motel window

Then there was a delicious breakfast along with reading for fun

And this day continued with a GODORT (Gov docs round table) meeting, a presentation about the good of the Internet (Arab Spring) and the bad (ease of governments gathering private information), awards for librarians that have done amazing things for their communities, and ending with a scrumptious meal (Ceasar salad and fried onion rings for me!) with two colleagues/friends outside in this wonderful California breeze.

The night before was really a special treat for me! First, I met up with Leo, a friend from K-State. We met over tea and soda pop and talked about our jobs and what we were doing new and different since we last saw each other. After that, an amazing young woman I have come to know as family picked me up and treated me to and an evening out near her apartment in Huntington Beach.

On the ride out that way I still found myself amazed by the trees

First she showed me her apartment – felt like I was in the middle of a 1950’s film. Wonderful small homes and apartments creating communities for the residents. Just lovely. Here are a few pictures from the pier:

Volleyball. Sorry fellows, no bikinis this time!

This woman arrived ready with her surfboard and wet suit, her hair coiffed perfectly from a day on her job! What a fantastic way to wind down from a day of work. You go girl!

People who live in this buidling have quite a view

After a walk on the pier there was a scrumptious Italian dinner accompanied by a glass of sweet Sangria. Had the camera, but forgot to take a picture of the meal, which began with hardy bread and tapenade and/or olive oil with herbs. I enjoyed eggplant parmesan while Laura ordered crepes surounded by shrimp and crabmeat with a rather spicy sauce.

So, I forgot to take a picture of Laura, or the meal, or her apartment. Really bummed about that. But still – what a glorious day!

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