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Not much into new year’s resolutions, yet I find myself re-evaluating my life during the first of most every year. I think it is because the new year follows the Christmas holiday season, or winter soltice, or Hanukkah, or whatever we each call that time in December when life seems to slow down a bit. For me, since I officially celebrate Christmas, my slowing down comes after Christmas Day. Since becoming an academic librarian, I only get one day off for Christmas, but I usually take one or two vacation days to follow. No close deadlines at work over which to worry. And I totally relax, enjoy myself, my family, and my friends! And for me it is just the quiet and relaxing time to reflect that gets me started on a more positive note – not necessarily a particular goal for the year.

Since I love to eat, I think about food even then! I plan to eat and cook healthier. Make sure I get that walking in every week. Sometimes, as some of you that have read my blog off and on since the beginning know, I think of pescetarianism. The longest I’ve ever stuck to that plan is two years – almost to the exact day.

Anyway, I’ve decided not to hit myself over the head for my inability to maintain a strictly pescetarian lifestyle. I have, however, managed to eat much, much less meat than I did 10 years ago (and that means less fish). That change is better for me, animals we raise for food, and the environment.

I will continue to try to buy products in glass containers instead of plastic even if it means paying a little extra. Fret over whether the shrimp was farm-raised in Thailand or wild caught in the Atlantic. Sometimes I will make “not the best” decision. But if I try, and I succeed most of the time, then I will make less of an impact on our earth. These efforts are never, never, not worthy of my time.

For breakfast this morning there was fresh fruit again and my favorite one-egg omelet with cheddar, mushrooms, onions, and red bell pepper. One slice of buttered toast under the omelet. Oh yum!

Feeling “back to earth” tonight and am preparing a meal of chicken and root vegetables – all in the same pan!

First I sautéed a few root veggies. Tonight I have onions, white potatoes, and carrots. Parsnips are particularly good here but forgot to make that purchase. Tossed them around a cast iron frying pan for about 5 minutes in a little olive oil, salt, black pepper, and garlic. Just long enough to mix the flavors.

Then I mixed a little honey, dried thyme, and dry hot Oriental mustard I purchased at Yi’s Oriental Market in Manhattan, KS.

Next, placed a chicken breast (with skin and bone) on top of the veggies, poured on the honey mixture, covered with tented foil, then placed pan in oven for about 45 minutes. And …. ta da !! A delicious and beautiful meal. With enough for leftovers!


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Yippee!! Today is farmers’ market day! Tomatoes, more corn, tiny cucumbers, and that delicious kale from the KSU student garden. Oh my goodness my day is off to a good start! I have decided, though, to only purchase 6 ears of corn. That way I will not be tempted to have more than one ear a day. For me, corn really increases the glucose levels.

Last night I tried out the new pizzeria on Poyntz, and it was delicious! It’s not the cheapest pizza around, but it wasn’t TOO pricey for such a huge slice. They offer one size (large) Sicilian pizza, the deep-crusted square pizza. They also offer the traditional round, hand-tossed large pizza. Variety of tasty toppings for each, of course. In addition to those large pizzas they have the traditional pizza by the slice – large slice. I must say it is the best pizza I’ve eaten here in the Little Apple. Last night for supper I ate a slice of the vegetarian pizza, which comes with green pepper, onion, mushrooms, and black olives. I purchased an extra slice which I will eat for supper tonight – another slice of the vegetarian, and I also had them add a little broccoli and pineapple. FYI – you can purchase any slice of their “specialty” pizzas (such as the vege), and add more toppings at no extra cost.

And they have Coca Cola products!!! Out here almost all restaurants serve Pepsi products. Ooooh yuk. I’m a Coca Cola girl!! And they have a wide variety of tossed vege salads with cheeses and fruits and nuts. And garlic knots! Haven’t had those since I left Chapel Hill. OK OK, enough of my commercial.

I learned something new this morning. The term pesco-vegetarian is not really correct. Well, it is, but since it is a confusing term it has been replaced with pescetarian. (“pesce” is the Italian term, coming from the Latin “piscis” meaning = fish. Etymology lesson of the day!). Well, I guess that term is confusing, too. But since I am not technically a vegetarian, I think it could make more sense to use that word. According to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary it is pronounced PES-ke-tarian. Which also sounds like peskytarian. Which for most cooks who have to deal with us – they probably prefer the second term!

I got the results back earlier this week for my recent lab work. Wonderful news! The best Hemoglobin A1c I’ve had in over 13 years. Honestly! I was so excited. And since I quit making the tomato bisque I prepared so often this past winter, using way more heavy whipping cream than necessary, my LDL cholesterol level went back down to the normal range. Everything was great except the anemia factor. But I can fix that, I think. Been reading about it today and I should be able to get the blood levels in range without adding mammals to the diet. I don’t think the lack of meat has been the issue, because I was eating some meat every week up until a few weeks ago. I read that this type of anemia is a side effect of one of my meds, as well as. . . .ahem. . . .it shows up more often in the more mature woman. What? Who said that??!??!

I’ve fixed a healthy lunch to take to work with me today. I had only about 1/4 cup of black beans left, so I’ve added raw onion, shredded pepper jack, and a little tomato salsa to that and taking a few corn chips (did someone say corn?) to eat with that. Then I made a salad of cucumber, onion, Stilton blue cheese, and balsamic vinegar. I will add avocado to that when I get ready to eat – no need to peel that sucker ahead of time. Of course I am taking a little celery with my natural peanut butter purchased from my co-op for a snack. I keep a Luna Bar in my desk in case I need a “pick-me-up”. I only need to eat 1/4 of a bar to hold me a couple of hours to my next meal.

Yeah, I gotta go. Don’t you hear it? That’s the farmers’ market calling me!

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