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Following is the blog I wrote a few days ago but could not get to a stable Internet hookup until today:

Sitting at the airport in Kansas City, waiting for my connecting flight to Raleigh, NC, where I will visit with a friend (while I wait for my main squeeze to pick me up). Then it will be several days in Virginia visiting family and friends before returning to K-State on Sunday. Delays in flights this morning due to early morning fog. Right now it doesn’t look too bad, I guess maybe we are waiting for the other flights that have been delayed and now we wait in line? I’m never sure exactly how that works!

Sigh. . . I’m having troubles with the pesco-vegetarian thing. I think I need to purchase more fish when I go to the grocery store? I’m not sure it’s meat or protein I’m missing, but I sure am craving more of that than usual. Maybe it’s the fat? I have daily 2 or 3 Tbls. of peanuts, but I’m craving them in the Payday candy bar. Not good, coz I’m giving in to the cravings. I’m including olive oil in my veges and dried beans, but in the end I’m not really getting but a smidgen of fat in each serving. I’m hoping to visit a nutritionist in the next few months. While in Chapel Hill I met with several that were very familiar with vegetarianism. Now, I’m sure that the ones recommended through “my” diabetes clinic in Topeka will be familiar as well. After all, they have to be certified! But in the Chapel Hill area being a vegetarian or vegan is much more common. Support is everywhere, and it’s easy to go to just about any restaurant and eat a full and varied vegan meal. Not to criticize Kansas at all! Since restaurants must offer what their customers want the most, and Kansas being such a “meat” state, a larger percentage of the people here want meat. I can eat a vegetarian meal at many of the restaurants, it’s just the selection is usually smaller. And I run out of ideas for home. Green beans and squash and pintos have been great this week, but I’m not sure that is enough variety. I just need to think a little harder about good fats, like olive oil. And avocados. I’m already eating about 2 Tbls. of natural organic peanut butter daily – love it on celery. One of my vegetarian friends and co-workers has given me two small cookbooks for tofu. I am trying to eat more of that as well, I just need more marinades in which to saturate the little cubes! Any suggestions, folks? For tofu or any other way to get oil and/or healthy fats in my diet?

Ooh! Let me tell you about my meal last night. Wanted to clean out some in the refrigerator, so I finished up okra, fresh fruit, and green beans. I froze the rest of the pintos so they will be good when I return home. Anyway, cooked some shrimp and made this delicious shrimp salad made with celery, salt, black pepper, a little mayonnaise, and a secret ingredient. (My brother and his ex-wife use to make one very similar when they owned a restaurant years ago.) Oh my oh my it was good. And seemed to satisfy me. But I can’t be eating shrimp all the time! And my line-caught, wild, frozen salmon I purchased this past January directly from a small family fishing company in Alaska is all gone. bummer.

As you can guess, it is not easy purchasing fish here in Kansas. At the grocery stores it’s either farm raised (and my shrimp is farm-raised in Honduras) or processed in China. I have no problem with the citizens of China processing my fish, it is the polluted waters that deter me. And if I can get fish flown over from China cheaper than I can get it from the Gulf of Mexico, or the coast of California, or the coast of North Carolina, then some fisherman is not getting paid enough! With being overweight and etc. etc., I have been reading the labels of food for many years, so a lot of the nutrition info I have stored in my head forever! Now I spend way to much extra time at the grocery deciding, as best I can, which products have not be presented to me on the “backs” of workers who are being exploited to make obscene amounts of money for the corporation’s bottom line and stockholders. And sometimes I give in, like the shrimp. However, as a person of faith and someone who believes strongly in not taking advantage of others, how can I not spend the time to ensure, as best I can, that the food that is being prepared for me to sustain my life is not being prepared at the mistreatment of God’s children? Or using poor eco principles to the detriment of future generations?

Well, time to toss the coffee (and the paper cup, sigh….no room for my reusable cup when traveling by air) and make my way through security to the gate and wait a little bit longer for the flight to Raleigh. Carolina here I come!


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Healthy foods

This beautiful morning I have a long-term goal in mind: Become a pesco-vegetarian. Last time I accomplished this change I kept it going for two years almost exactly to the day. OK, so I cheated at times with organic roaming-freely chicken broth for a cheese soup I adored. And then there was that time I prepared a turkey for the family at Thanksgiving, and as I pulled out the turkey from the oven and saw the gizzard, I ate it because I knew no one else wanted it. As I swallowed the last bite I remembered it was meat! So much for advanced education.

I write this out to the world as a way to say, “Ah ha! People know. People may watch. Get your act together.” I do not plan to start right away today. Totally. The two-year change I mentioned above took many, many unsuccessful tries before that. A vegetarian friend of mine in Chapel Hill suggested I take it slowly and gradually remove meat from my diet. And it worked better than any other method I had tried in the past. So, I plan the same method today. There are several portions of meat in my freezer and I plan to eat it.

One positive consequence from my past pesco-veggie life is that I really still cannot eat much meat. Give me a delicious steak that my husband grills (and believe me, no one grills a steak better than he does!), and I still can only eat a few bites. At least I keep my meat consumption to a minimum already.

The main reason I went back to a more fatty diet is I eventually began to eat way too many carbohydrates, which is not good for an over-weight diabetic. All of a sudden I was hungry all the time, and I was so tired of nuts, couldn’t find tofu prepared a way I could enjoy, so I found myself reaching for awful junk food simply because it had no meat. Thankfully, through the last few years I have lost a lot of weight, and even though I still have 20 pounds to go, I’m much better now. Yes, I need to watch my intake of carbs, but it is not as serious an issue as it was at that time.

I will try to go for variety, color on the plate, and attempt to keep my carbs to a healthy minimum. After all, diabetics really do need carbohydrates! Before the day is over today I will have a 3 oz. beef steak. At least I froze my meat in 3 ounce servings so I already know what will be on my plate!

Even though it is Sunday, and I prefer not to shop on Sunday, I will walk to People’s Grocery (the wonderful little co-op about a mile from my apartment) and purchase a few salad greens, more fruit, and yogurt. Not shopping on Sunday was very important to my father, and I took his practice close to my own heart. And it is surely not bad to have at least one day a week when I do NOT practice this awful consumerism habit! But today…sigh….I will make George W. happy and spend money and consume.

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