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Library of Congress (LOC). Pretty much there all day long yesterday. Arriving at 9:00am, breaking for lunch, then back in the Main Reading Room until 4:00pm.

The LOC has miles and miles of shelving, and to be sure that these books are available for years to come, patrons such as myself cannot roam the stacks. Instead, we use the online catalog (and some print indexes) to see what is available. I requested three books via the Internet on Friday, and when I arrived Saturday morning they were waiting for me!

After signing in, I had a question for the reference librarian, which he answered right away. He asked what I was researching, and I told him Twiggy, the English fashion model from the 1960s. I then walked into the reading room, gathered my three books, and sat down at “my” desk. Soon the reference librarian was bringing reference books that had brief biographies about Twiggy. I felt like a queen! I’m not sure that they always have time for such service, but Saturday morning the Reading Room was not yet busy. I typed my bibliography but wrote my notes by hand – thank goodness I was of the generation that learned cursive! I would never have gotten so much done that day if I had not.

After reading for about an hour, I decided to look at older fashion magazines, so I requested a few. In about another hour (they were housed in another building), there they were!

At the end of the day, I used the Microforms Reading Room to read and copy ($.25 per page) an article from a 1967 New Yorker about Twiggy’s first visit to the United States and an interview with Twiggy published in The Saturday Evening Post, also from 1967. There were several other researchers utilizing microfilm as well. One had not used the machines in several years and was having troubles. Since the attendant that day was not very available, I was able to help her several times. It was really fun! I cannot explain it, but even though that task is part of my everyday job as a librarian, I find great enjoyment in showing other people how to use those machines. go figure 🙂

The Microforms Reading Room is wonderful, filled with the opportunity to read what has not yet been published electronically or is too old to read in print (preservations concerns). But the Main Reading Room is absolutely breath-taking. Truly one of the most elegant and amazing interior spaces ever. Surrounded with several floors of open stacks with reference books I was able to browse if I wished. Every time I stopped reading and just looked up to take a ten-second break, I was reminded of a scene in Yentl, when Barbra Streisand’s character walked into a room full of books, knowing she would finally have the opportunity to learn and read them all if she wanted. Her first lines:

There are moments you remember all your life
There are moments you wait for
And dream of, all your life
This is one of the moments

For me, the Main Reading Room provides such moments.

And speaking of great moments, did I mention lunch? I only could eat about a third of this individual pizza and had to toss the rest, because I couldn’t take it back to the LOC and save. Such a waste. But here is the picture. Yum!


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Hello! I’ve not written in a long time – been very busy with other things. So busy, actually, that I have eaten out way too often and prepared (if I can actually use that word!) mostly quick easy meals, like frozen. Or peanut butter crackers. Or cheese on a Ritz. Bowl of cold cereal. And lot’s of Amy’s Soups! I’ve been a bad girl. But lately the weather has been nice. Oh, it’s been raining a lot but at least it is no longer freezing freezing freezing cold!!!

Yesterday (Saturday) was beautiful. I started with a trip to Howie’s to meet my other tree-huggers as we brought our recyclables to be (duh) recycled. Then onto the Farmers’ Market which had much more produce than I expected this early in the season. Here are a few pictures from that trip:

I've got my tote bag and I'm all ready!

Honey, solid lotions, and homemade pies.

Greens from the K-State student organic farmers

Organic radishes and onions from K-State student farmers

From there it was on to my coop Peoples Grocery. We have just moved into a wonderful new space and products are so much easier to see and find. Lovely! We actually just moved a few feet into a new building, so we have same parking lot. Only there is still a lot of construction, so it takes some Kansas intuition to find a spot right now. But totally worth the effort. Here are a few pictures from that visit as well:

Our new space

Squash, onions and 'taters

So many bulk bins

And now that I have been shopping for all this food, what will I do with it all?

Let's make a pizza!

Add sauce, mushrooms, and garlic on a pre-made pizza crust I purchased at Dillons a few weeks ago

Then added green pepper, onion, shallot, and lots of cheese! Then moved it to the oven.

Oh my goodness!! Delicious!! Saturday and I'm done.

But the weekend also involves Sunday. What did I do to satisfy my tummy on Sunday?

Sweet potatoes and eggs from Peoples. Onions, turnips, and turmip greens from the open market. I think I'm officially stuffed, now.

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Right now I am sitting in my little apartment, cuddled under covers with my computer, talking to my kitty, drinking my second cup of awesome coffee, and eating a very small portion of a Bumble Bar I bought at my own People’s Grocery. It is mostly composed of rice syrup and tons of tiny little flax seeds and a few peanuts, but it pretty much looks like a bunch of little seeds just smashed together! However, I tend to wake up hungry, and just two or three bites of something like this takes care of it. And this bar is made of good wholesome ingredients, so it is totally healthy and filling! However, I’m sure I’ll still want breakfast again in an hour or two.

While I am sitting here crunching on this Bumble Bar, I am also thinking about the totally delicious pizza I ate Friday night at Regina’s house. Not only were the two pizzas super tasty, they both looked so pretty they could have been on the cover of any foodie magazine as a prize winner! Ellen and I dined on these pizzas with Regina, and even though I purchased a few of the ingredients, I did not help put them together. I still have this cold, and even though I thoroughly washed my hands, I didn’t want to touch the food too much that others would be eating.

Anyway, Regina made pizza dough, so the crusts were freshly made. One pizza was a thin crust, and we had no tomato sauce on that one. First Ellen placed huge chunks of mozzarella over the whole thing. Then she sprinkled kalamata olives, chopped red onion, mushrooms, artichokes, fresh spinach leaves torn into tinier pieces, a little basil, and feta cheese. It was so pretty! With the white cheese, green spinach, and purple olives, it really looked like a classy Christmas decoration! I would say that I hated to eat it because it was so pretty, but that would be telling a tale. I didn’t mind eating it at all. None. Nada. It was…..oh my goodness it was so very good!!

Then Regina also had a dish to prepare a deep dish pizza. On that one Regina first layered on more thick chunks of mozzarella. And instead of a tomato sauce she just opened a can of tomatoes and spread out a few chunks of that juicy red fruit along with some basil for extra flavor. (mmmmm……!!). Then she added cooked sausage, chopped red onion, pepperoni, mushrooms, and more slices of mozzarella on top. That one took a little longer to cook, but it was definitely worth the wait. I still couldn’t eat a whole lot because of my cold, no matter how tasty. So I brought home the rest of the slices I did not eat and I shall enjoy them this afternoon. I make pizzas sometimes but always buy the crust. I probably will not delve into the world of homemade crust, but I definitely will go with the idea of putting mozzarella on the bottom of all the toppings. That was an absolutely delectable idea!

Then yesterday my neighbor Larry and I shared a lunch together of some of his totally awesome chili, topped with cheese and his famous guacamole. Really, I’m sure it is famous. And then he prepared a side salad of greens, onions, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, and a drizzle of basalmic vinegar and walnut oil. You know? I’m not a real walnut fan, but that drizzle added just the right amount of sweet. Again, I couldn’t eat all of the chili, so I brought the rest back to my refrig so I can eat it for lunch later this week at work. Geez…..I’m already psyched about lunch at work. Man! I guess I really, really do like good, wholesome food, huh.

So, today is Sunday. Which means I do my weekly laundry, finish my cleaning around the apartment, and watch some TV I recorded earlier this week. I also need to spend several hours completing my prep for a class this week. And for my food today (yes, as confirmed in the last paragraph, a real priority for me!), I plan to eat some of the leftover pizza I brought home from Regina’s with a side of a tossed vege salad. And I think for another meal I will prepare my new fried rice recipe with veges and peanuts.

I seldom get philisophical in my writings, but today I will share something with you. This movement into whole, natural foods I began a few years ago has been a large part of my deeper spiritual growth. I am a woman of faith. And as I look at these foods in their more whole and natural state, I realize, again, how much love God has for each of us. He provided us with so many delicious foods. So many vitamins and nutrients. Juicy apples and oranges, colorful carrots and squash and spinach, peanuts and almonds and pecans, And when I do decide to sit down and eat part of an animal – and let’s all face the fact that when we eat meat we do just that – I thank the Lord and the animal for living his life so that I may have protein and other nutrients. Some people believe it is wrong to eat an animal, others believe that practice is part of the circle of life, and I sit somewhere in the middle. I believe it is a personal choice, but somewhere deep inside I don’t think I myself should practice carnivorism. I will continue my quest to eat less meat, and eventually I hope to be a full pescatarian. Why is fish OK with me? I’m not sure, but right now I’m OK with that practice. However, I’ll be honest in my blog and not hide the fact that yes, I do still eat meat.

My goodness! It is almost 9:00am! Time for one of my favorite shows ever – This Week with George Stephanopoulos, and time for me to shut up! I like the way the people in the roundtable offer varying points of view without being rude to each other like they do on FOX and even CNN sometimes. They do not interrupt each other and we can actually hear what they say. As a professor said to me once, “In a conversation we learn when we listen, but not when we talk.” A wise man.

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Last night I prepared a small pizza for my supper. Our son, the chef, told me that extra salt is the reason my favorite pizza with lots of cheese from the restaurant in my Virginia hometown tastes so much better than my homemade pizza with all lots of cheese. Is that sentence long enough for ya?!? So last night I made one of my favorite homemade pizzas, purchased crust, pizza sauce, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, lots of mozzarella, and salt. Mmmmm. . . . .yes!! He was right!! I knew he would be. It was SO much better than usual. It is not the healthiest pizza around, because I use a crust made with white flour. And the cheese is full-fat. But it was a small one and I only ate half of it. I added a salad of tomato, onion, and cucumber with a little salt and pepper. And then I cooked fresh squash I purchased at the farmers’ market this past Saturday and ate some of that on the side, too. For dessert? One ear of corn straight out of the refrigerator, no butter, no salt. Hmmm. . . .maybe since I eat it cold I can consider it ice cream? Corn ice cream. I’d probably like that. I like hot corn, corn pudding and creamed corn. I like hot coffee and coffee ice cream. Yep! I’m a candidate for corn ice cream.

Yesterday walking home from work was absolutely lovely. Overcast sky, soft wind blowing. You know, more than a breeze but not a strong wind. Almost cool. I didn’t check the temperature reading, I just know it was grand. Then to set my day off just right, in the Holiday Inn parking lot, was the trailer that carries the Carl Edward’s “show” car! Now, for me to follow a race car driver and his stats, it is so out of character for me. Because I try to walk everywhere I can and save on fossil fuels. I conserve my electricity. For me, that is part of my duty as a human being, American or not. But our daughter lives in Concord, NC and is about to finish her two-year community college motorsports program as she starts another in accounting. And to be a part of her life I want to keep up with what is important to her. And my hubby likes it, too, so I find I really enjoy the business end, keeping up with who sponsors whom and who drives for which owner. Hubby and daughter both really simply enjoy racing, from the pavement to the dirt track. Motors going fast – they get a kick out of it. Not so much for me. Hey! But I do enjoy turning left. [For those of you who don’t understand the Southern roots of NASCAR, that is pronounced “turnin’ lay-uft”. You know, two syllables. That’s important]

Of course, Carl Edwards is not from the South, he is from Missouri. So his speech is more articulate, which is one reason he makes pretty effective commercials. But I forgive him for that, and he is my absolute favorite driver! In his first race in the Nextel Cup series he came in 10th, and that is when I decided he was the driver to follow and for whom I would yell “whoo hoo!” Later that same racing year, my daughter saw him outside a friend’s apartment while she was talking with me on her cell phone. I convinced her to ask him if he would speak to me, and (under protest) she gave in. So I spoke with him on the phone and I was absolutely thrilled! And . . .sigh. . . .I acted so silly. Of course for him it was like talking to his mother (bummer), but for me it was just exciting. And let me be honest here, I didn’t just sound silly, I acted like an idiot. Embarrassing, but still thrilling for me. Good news is that should the chance ever come that I am able to help him with a reference question, or find some government information for him, or help him find just the right geographical resource, he won’t remember that I was the idiot on the other end of the phone that day. Whew! And I’m sure he will be calling me any day now so that I can help him with such a question. I’m a-ready!

It is important to mention here that I also like a few other drivers, Jeff Burton, Jr., Kevin Harvick, good ol’ Ward Burton, Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer (from Kansas, ya know), and Mark Martin. Martin has signed a new contract, just when I thought he was retiring. yippee!

One more racing tidbit before I sign off this morning. If you are not a vegetarian of any type, you must one day travel to South Boston, Virginia and take in a race at the Speedway. You can carry in your own water and colas and beer, but you absolutely must bring money to purchase a baloney burger. They are delicious!! Stay long enough so you can eat two. Really, in the NASCAR world we are famous for our baloney burgers. (yes, I know the proper spelling is “bologna”, but who on a race track would bother to do that? Not even me! And I can be quite the “word” snob.) Side note – Vegetarians may also enjoy the track, just keep your dietary habits a secret. I went there during the time I was a pescetarian in the past – just took carrots in my cooler instead of beer. I felt like such a rebel!

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Yippee!! Today is farmers’ market day! Tomatoes, more corn, tiny cucumbers, and that delicious kale from the KSU student garden. Oh my goodness my day is off to a good start! I have decided, though, to only purchase 6 ears of corn. That way I will not be tempted to have more than one ear a day. For me, corn really increases the glucose levels.

Last night I tried out the new pizzeria on Poyntz, and it was delicious! It’s not the cheapest pizza around, but it wasn’t TOO pricey for such a huge slice. They offer one size (large) Sicilian pizza, the deep-crusted square pizza. They also offer the traditional round, hand-tossed large pizza. Variety of tasty toppings for each, of course. In addition to those large pizzas they have the traditional pizza by the slice – large slice. I must say it is the best pizza I’ve eaten here in the Little Apple. Last night for supper I ate a slice of the vegetarian pizza, which comes with green pepper, onion, mushrooms, and black olives. I purchased an extra slice which I will eat for supper tonight – another slice of the vegetarian, and I also had them add a little broccoli and pineapple. FYI – you can purchase any slice of their “specialty” pizzas (such as the vege), and add more toppings at no extra cost.

And they have Coca Cola products!!! Out here almost all restaurants serve Pepsi products. Ooooh yuk. I’m a Coca Cola girl!! And they have a wide variety of tossed vege salads with cheeses and fruits and nuts. And garlic knots! Haven’t had those since I left Chapel Hill. OK OK, enough of my commercial.

I learned something new this morning. The term pesco-vegetarian is not really correct. Well, it is, but since it is a confusing term it has been replaced with pescetarian. (“pesce” is the Italian term, coming from the Latin “piscis” meaning = fish. Etymology lesson of the day!). Well, I guess that term is confusing, too. But since I am not technically a vegetarian, I think it could make more sense to use that word. According to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary it is pronounced PES-ke-tarian. Which also sounds like peskytarian. Which for most cooks who have to deal with us – they probably prefer the second term!

I got the results back earlier this week for my recent lab work. Wonderful news! The best Hemoglobin A1c I’ve had in over 13 years. Honestly! I was so excited. And since I quit making the tomato bisque I prepared so often this past winter, using way more heavy whipping cream than necessary, my LDL cholesterol level went back down to the normal range. Everything was great except the anemia factor. But I can fix that, I think. Been reading about it today and I should be able to get the blood levels in range without adding mammals to the diet. I don’t think the lack of meat has been the issue, because I was eating some meat every week up until a few weeks ago. I read that this type of anemia is a side effect of one of my meds, as well as. . . .ahem. . . .it shows up more often in the more mature woman. What? Who said that??!??!

I’ve fixed a healthy lunch to take to work with me today. I had only about 1/4 cup of black beans left, so I’ve added raw onion, shredded pepper jack, and a little tomato salsa to that and taking a few corn chips (did someone say corn?) to eat with that. Then I made a salad of cucumber, onion, Stilton blue cheese, and balsamic vinegar. I will add avocado to that when I get ready to eat – no need to peel that sucker ahead of time. Of course I am taking a little celery with my natural peanut butter purchased from my co-op for a snack. I keep a Luna Bar in my desk in case I need a “pick-me-up”. I only need to eat 1/4 of a bar to hold me a couple of hours to my next meal.

Yeah, I gotta go. Don’t you hear it? That’s the farmers’ market calling me!

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