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Back to knotting pearls. I truly love the look of the perfectly colored glass pearl.

No real counting once I’ve laid out the design. Just take the thread, add the pearl, and proceed to make the perfect knot! Each time.

After knotting for a bit there was lunch. This Southern girl really loves fried okra. I usually rinse and pat dry the veggie. Then cut off the larger tougher end and just throw them plain into a hot cast-iron frying pan. No water, oil, or anything extra. Just toss it around for a few minutes until it is really toasty. Just before removing this green morsels from the pan, I add a little salt, toss 20 seconds longer – and perfect okra every time!

There were also some baby potatoes from a recent farmers’ market purchase and leftover salad from the day before.

And how about a few pictures from my February 2015 NYC trip, beginning the day with a banana quinoa muffin from Smile to Go on Howard Street. I understand this breakfast goodie is a favorite of a very popular young singer. 🙂

Then it was off to Bleeker Street to get a glimpse of the historical building where Margaret Sanger worked during the first half of the 20th century

There was a quick stop at Lincoln Center to see a little of the happenings of Fashion Week. Most of us were just bundled up in warm coats! But I liked this picture because it almost appears to be a black and white picture, but then you see the powder-blue coat, bright orange shoes, a child’s hat, and there is pink! Even on the the little doggy there is color. The photographer seems to be posing – but he is not. He was actually looking at something behind me (don’t remember what it was).


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Second day of the new year. Yesterday I was busy around the apartment, cooking, eating, playing with the cat, assembling my new shelf from IKEA, and then re-organizing my kitchen.

Let me say, manual labor, no matter how wonderful the instructions, usually takes more coordination than I possess. However, the shelf instructions were so easy to follow. Lots of pictures. Fabulous! I’m so proud that I’m sharing a picture of the finished product that now houses my beans, nuts, grains, and other necessities:

My noon meal (celebrating the finished shelf) was a quick meal, prepared with leftovers accumulated during the week from elsewhere. I started with creamy mushroom matar and basmati rice that I purchased the other night at Whole Foods. Smooth and not too spicy. Alongside the matar was flatbread I purchased one night at the Level, a Mediterranean restaurant on West Street. [side story: walking back home one night from work, I was really hungry, and the nuts I had eaten in the afternoon just had not given me the energy I needed to walk over two miles after working all day. I needed carbs to get back home, so I stopped and purchased soft, warm, flat bread and ate half of it.]

The chips and salsa? From Baja Fresh this past Thursday. Indian, Mediterranean, and Mexican (or maybe some consider Baja Fresh to be American Mexican?). However it is described, it was all fresh and so delicious. A true reward after connecting all the right parts with the right tools for my new piece of furniture.

And then there was supper. . . . Collards that I cooked a long, long time. Like our grandmas have done for decades! Pintos sweetened with a little molasses. Sliced egg for protein and onions sprinkled over all. There was cornbread and a few sugar-free bread & butter pickles from Mt. Olive, a company in North Carolina. They make the best store-bought pickles ever!

Dessert? Quinoa pudding. Creamy and flavored with vanilla, but next time I plan to add a little more sugar. Since it wasn’t quite as sweet as I had hoped, I added a little apricot preserves on top. Then sprinkled with pistachios. Oh my oh my…..another tasty meal!

Happy New Year everyone!

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