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Sunday morning starting off just right with a delicious cup of coffee and two small cookies. Oatmeal cookies, so I can count it as breakfast, right? Oh how I love those little crunchy oatmeal cookies with the icing on top! You know, the ones every major grocery store has in a variety of inexpensive off-brand bags? Usually on the very top or very bottom shelf? Never eye level? Yes, those – you know what I’m talkin’.

This is a weekend of lounging around the apartment, enjoying time to myself. Sure there are a few weekly chores I completed yesterday and a few more ahead today, but there aren’t too many of those pesky tasks. And in between those duties (and we all have them!), I’m watching some old TV shows again on Hulu and videos I checked out from Nimitz Library. And then the pièce de résistance of the weekend ….. Murder She Wrote with one of my favorite actresses/women in the world, Angela Lansbury. A good friend loaned me several DVDs from this 1980s – 90s television show for the weekend – thank you Alexis!

Oh sure there is also reading involved: a journal article about library collection development, a book about the subject of economics (not the yawner some might expect!), and Howard Schultz’s new book Onward about the “come back and rise” of Starbucks.

And food. Food I enjoy the most. Easy dishes. Because it is rather a goof-off weekend. And even though some of it is junk food, such as the oatmeal cookies and chips and dip, there is also some fairly healthy food like the nachos pictured below – prepared just the way I like them! ‘Cept I had no beans. Dang. Out of all my dried beans in the apartment, I had failed to soak and cook any of them (Remember? Except for the reading and pesky tasks – goof off weekend!).

So here you have my favorite meal from yesterday – whole grain corn chips, toasted in the oven to melt the extra sharp cheddar, topped with onions, tomatoes, and extra-lean beef cooked with just a little salsa (it cooks better with a tasty liquidy tomatoey something) and the perfect mixture of seasonings I blend in while cooking. Celebrated with a dollop of sour cream in the middle.

I see ahead today more of my favorite food, reading, movies, television, and maybe even step-exercising in front of the computer while I watch Jessica Fletcher solve another mystery in Cabot Cove!


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Thought I would bring you up-to-date a bit on what I have been doing and what tasty nibblets I have experienced lately. I actually posted last weekend as well, but after reading my words the next day, well……they just read kinda lame, so I removed the post. So I’m going to try again!

Last Saturday was a beautiful day here in Manhattan, Kansas, and I walked over 8 miles, just around my small city, looking at the yards as homeowners are getting out and upgrading their landscaping. Flowers are blooming; hostas all look so green; it was a fantastic day! As much as I love Kansas, toward the end of the winter I get very tired of the brown. Almost every tree and blade of grass is brown. Everywhere. Brown. So when I see the green hostas I truly get excited! Thank you fellow Manhattanites – for providing me with the green. As much as I love flowers, the green replacing the brown is what really lifts my spirits!

I walked to my own People’s Grocery that day and purchased a few bulk items (I had depleted my supply of not only the wild rice blend, but also brown rice. oops!), and some Amy’s salsa. I’ve been on a beans and rice and salsa kick for quite some time, so I keep running out of the main ingredients! I’m not a fan of Amy’s frozen foods, but Amy’s salsa is organic and tasty, and it offers a little something extra I like: a useful and functional jar.

Many of you know that I will often pay extra for a product in a glass jar for the “eco” reasons. Whenever possible, I avoid plastic. Well, so far all salsas I find are in glass, but Amy’s jar is heavy and a little square instead of round. Plus, the top is colorful! So Amy’s jars are the ones I especially like to save for storage. When I re-use them they fit well on the counter or in the cabinet. Amy’s should advertise that after these jars are empty, they “play well with others”.

I went out to lunch one day with a professor that seems very organized in her thoughts. I can be organized with my things, but not so often with my thoughts! She talked with me about the article I’m struggling to write after so many hours of research and a failed first attempt at putting it on paper. What was so wonderful was the fact that she didn’t tell me what to do, she simply asked me questions, making me look at my own work and figuring it out on my own. And while we talked, I ate a delicious salmon salad with a little sweet dressing. I couldn’t finish it all, but the productive lesson, fun conversation, and healthy “brain” food made for a magnificent break in a busy day.

Yesterday I walked just a little over 6 miles, once more enjoying extraordinary Kansas weather. It was not too warm, and I guess I would describe it as a hefty breezy day. You know, more than a gentle breeze but not enough to blow your head off. Again I walked on various streets admiring the green and flowers, but I went to Poyntz instead of People’s.

I needed to purchase the new book for our Ft. Riley/K-State Professional Reading Group, and I decided to go to Walden’s in the mall since someone told me they had a copy. Plus, it gave me an excuse to get out and walk again. I treated myself to a butter and salted soft pretzel and water for a lunch-snack. I didn’t call it a lunch because it wasn’t quite enough to call it a balanced meal. But whatever it was – it was great. Ah……bread with butter and salt. Yeah, not too nourishing.

On my way back home I stopped at Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts on Poyntz and purchased a few beads to make another necklace. I just make simple necklaces and earrings from time to time, but this way I can acquire just the colors I like without spending too much money.

And then, before I knew it, there was Emerald City Market. Right there. On my right. With a huge OPEN sign on the door. OK, so the sign isn’t huge, but I tell myself it is so I can blame the store for encouraging my weakness for their fudge. Really. It is Larry’s and Clark’s fault that I buy their fudge. Always their fault.

First, of course, I browse the store, pretending I’m a sophisticate that is interested in the chinaware, cappuccino machines, gourmet tapenades, and luscious pastas. [And sometimes I really am interested in those items, just not today.] No need to tip them off early that I am just in there for my creamy fudge fix! What do I want today? Plain milk chocolate? The dulce de leche? Chocolate with the creamy coconut filling? I decide on the chocolate with the praline filling, and believe me – Emerald City did not disappoint! Oh my oh my! It was all I could do just to take a few bites before I got home. Really. It was hard to stop munching!

This week I also devoured a delicious burrito with lots of black beans and salsa and cheese. My neighbor Larry introduced me to cranberry juice with a little diet tonic water, and I’ve been enjoying that right often. And there was some baked chicken along the way, French fries I made from scratch, tomato bisque (lots of 2% milk and a little cream), and, of course, peanut butter. I almost always keep 2 or 3 Ritz and natural peanut butter crackers in my drawer at work for when the hunger pangs attack! However, this weekend I stocked up on celery, which makes a healthier base for the peanut butter. And after a week of fudge and French fries, we all know how the health component is most important to me! Truly, it is. But for some reason lately all I want is comfort food, and I better quit it, or too soon there will be too much of me to comfort!

All in all, yesterday was a wonderful start for a beautiful Mother’s Day weekend! Happy Mother’s Day to all Mamas including me!

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