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6:58am – Need a haircut today. And a few groceries. Other than that, I plan to write, ponder, cook, and eat today. And tomorrow. First there was coffee – yum! Then a breakfast of fresh fruit (wonder how far the orange traveled to get to my table?) and a bowl of slow-cooking old-fashioned oats topped with a little brown sugar for tastiness and a pat of butter for stick-to-the-ribs-a-little-longerness.

2:05pm – Haircut done. Groceries put away. Lunch of leftovers digesting in the tummy, and I’m in the middle of my writing and research. And yes, I’m already into my afternoon snack of one cup of coffee and an oatmeal cookie from the Whole Foods bakery. Just another excuse to eat, I guess. Yeah. That would be me.

8:20pm. Well, I’ve written enough for today and will finish this project next weekend. I’m beginning to get very sleepy because I got up pretty early and it’s just that time of night for me. Also enjoyed a Netflix DVD this evening – War Stories with Jeff Goldblum. It is a TV movie I saw back in 2003 and decided to watch again. Still one of my favorites for sure. Highly recommend it!

And, of course, another delicious meal. Swordfish baked in the oven with a little lime juice, garlic, and a few tiny tomatoes. Placed this swordfish on top of some fresh spinach I sautéed with thinly sliced onion, sea salt, and a little feta cheese. oooooh! Just a little creamy! There is wild rice I prepared a few weeks back when I fixed some for a friend and had several servings left over, so I froze them. There is rice, onions, water chestnuts, all cooked in homemade chicken broth. And today all I had to do was defrost and heat on top of the stove!

Hmmmm ….. Maybe it’s time for a glass of milk and another cookie?


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7:30am – Yesterday was an extra-long day at the library, so this morning I am going in a little later than usual. Thus, extra time for my blog!

Even though we are getting closer to the Christmas Holidays for the midshipmen, last night we were very busy at the Reference Desk. Computers were all utilized pretty early in the evening. Even though I did not have many questions last night, the ones asked took more time than usual. Most of the questions I received delved into the sciences – not my strength. But each interaction ended successfully! Just took a little longer than normal. Therefore, there was NO down time – but still all good time. Left late last night feeling that fantastic type of exhaustion – when you feel like you’ve spent your time doing something helpful and positive. You know what I mean! Now. . . off to work again. . . .

1:20pm – Just finished listening to two of the economics honors students present their papers to economics faculty – sorta the half-way mark. These papers will be due the end of next semester, and this week they have presenting what they have so far with critical feedback from faculty, which will play a huge role in their completing their year with a successful paper. Last week I was able to listen to several of those in political science present their half-way mark papers as well.

AND !! I’ve listened to students in several other political science classes present their end of semester papers as well. I’ve learned about Ulysses S. Grant, Ronald Reagan, Fidel Castro, the economy of various African countries, North Korea, trade, politics of Indonesia, and so much more. I took tons of notes because it was all so interesting! Also talked with a few mids about more resources (for those honors students who still have work to complete).

3:00pm – Just got off the Reference Desk – covered an extra hour for a colleague. Still busy. Had more than the usual number of questions for a Wednesday afternoon. But I was up to the task!

7:15pm – Left work a little after 4:00, stopped by the grocery store for just a few items, came home and tidied up just a little, put on comfy clothes, prepared and ate a few tacos with meat and beans I cooked a few weeks ago and placed in the freezer. Oh my yum!! Added a few chopped tomatoes and raw onion, torn-up lettuce from the salad bar that the grocery, and then shredded cheddar. Felt like gourmet tacos for sure! Now I’m getting ready to drink a cup of super-delicious decaf coffee with a piece of pineapple orange cake purchased from the bakery at the grocery store. Yes….. life is wonderful tonight!

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The past few days I’ve been really pushing forward on my paper and haven’t had as much time to plan my meals as I like. Thinking about food? Oh yes! Always. But concentrating and planning – not so much. Considering all the different aspects of my topic I have included in my research, the paper is really coming along well. I believe I have just reached the point where is has taken me away from people for several weeks and I miss the fun and distraction. The social. But I have a goal to write and submit, and today I will go back to the library for another day of writing. I will continue to focus and just hope I don’t get any more ideas of, “ooh! That would be good in this paper, too. Wonder where I can find information about that??!?” And then I’m off in another direction!

Friday night I was invited to a gathering at the home of a librarian and it was wonderful. I had worked all day and got to spend the evening with good friends, good conversation, and good food. Absolutely one of the activities I enjoy the most – mixing three of my favorite activities into one.

I skipped the farmer’s market yesterday, but I bought a few good things at the regular grocery store. Last night I had more fresh corn (what a surprise), fish with the killer tartar sauce I have learned how to make, squash and onions, and a side of cole slaw. I’ve really been in a sweet mood lately, which we know is not good for the glucose levels. But after that dinner I ate three miniature Hershey candies and fell right to sleep! I was afraid I would keep myself awake since I’m a little tense about the paper, but I did well. It was pointed out to me a while back by a dear friend who knows me well (probably a little too well) that when I get stressed about my work, if I will sit back, look at it objectively, I will most likely see I am doing much better than I realize. Well, Janice, you are right. Again. This paper is coming along well. I just need to get it out of the way and quit trying to perfect it. Perfecting it is good and required. Perfecting it over and over and over is obsessive.

I was involved in quite a little adventure this past week. I went to another building on campus Friday, and as I was leaving, I spotted a possum walking along the hallway on second floor. I tried to herd him down the steps and out the front door, but once we got to first he scooted into a large classroom. There were two students in there working on projects and I pointed out to them that there was now a possum under one of the desks. Well, we worked together for over 15 minutes while he hid up in one little cubby hole and then another. We finally corralled him into a trash can and I took him outside to the bushes and let him go free. I hope he found his way home, poor little thing.

And while I was typing this paragraph above, I noticed my kitty in the window intently watching some activity outside. I live in a wonderful older neighborhood in a house that has been converted into two apartments and mine is upstairs. It is just about 6:00am and the sun is not really up yet, but kitty and I are able to see outside. Well, I watched Susie staring, and I heard rustling noises, so I went to see what was going on. There were four raccoons running around the garage! Four! What a wilderness zoo for me! I’ve seen lots of bunny rabbits and squirrels since moving here last year, but here in a matter of a few days I saw my first possum that wasn’t dead in the road and four raccoons!

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Food and Friends

Thursday night Regina came to share dinner with me. First I prepared one of my favorite appetizers: toasted baguette slices topped with mushrooms and garlic sautéed in butter. For the entrée I tried an Emeril Lagasse recipe for Kung Pau chicken, only I substituted tofu for chicken. Other than the fact that the thickening paste I made was too thick, it was very tasty. Lots of fresh vegetables sautéed in a sauce made of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and wine, mixed with a little turbinado sugar and Hoisen sauce. A few other flavors as well. We had small raw vege salads with balsamic vinegar and ended the meal with a small homemade carrot cake I had in the freezer (purchased a few weeks ago at the farmer’s market. just yummy!) And decaf coffee. After Regina left I fell into bed with a warm full tummy and slept very well!

I spent several hours working on my research project on July 4 and have decided I need to stop the research and start the writing! I love the research part and cannot ever seem to get enough of learning about a subject. The writings isn’t bad, it is just not as rewarding for me. Last night was a wonderful Independence Day celebration in a neighborhood on the edge of the city. A dear friend invited me to join her neighbors and family, and I was able to enjoy some early-evening fireworks. Lots of food, and even though there was plenty of the Kansas BBQ, I steered away (ooh! I made a pun!) from that and found plenty of non-meat nutrition. Heavy on the carbs, but it was a holiday after all.

I went nuts again at the farmer’s market this morning and bought too much food considering I am going out of town on Wednesday for a few days. But I will simply cook and freeze what I cannot eat. I am going back to my small town in Virginia to see my family, so I will be able to continue my healthy eating plan there. It’s not so easy when I go to a large city to a conference only to realize that finding a restaurant meal that is both healthy and affordable is nearly impossible. Cooking for myself is much easier and cheaper. But like anyone else there are times I just want someone to put the food on a plate and set it down in front of me. No prep, no cleanup.

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