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Today I am helping a friend move to Annapolis. She and all her …… uh ….. younger friends will be driving in with all her stuff, and I will assist in moving boxes. I can move 300 hundred pounds as well as anyone half my age, but it is important that the 300 pounds be divided into various boxes. And that my dear friends, is where I come in!

To ready myself for the day I prepared a healthy breakfast – the first smoothie I’ve made in a long time. Delicious! There is orange juice, a banana, pineapple, rice milk, soy protein powder, and bright green fresh kale. So very very tasty and extra healthy for the day ahead.

In a cup my family friend Laura gave me last summer while in California. See how pretty?

On moving day when Brianna is busy with thoughts of what goes first, who watches her sweet little doggie at what time, and wondering all of what is in which boxes, she was kind enough to prepare some foods for her little elves to enjoy. But I agreed to fix my own snacks so she wouldn’t need to think about vegan for me today. Therefore, there will be peanuts, dried fruit, crackers, and a few carrots in my own little box from home.

Looking back a few weeks, just before Christmas, I made cupcakes for the grandchildren. What fun! Multi-colored cupcakes with white icing and chocolate sprinkles!

Here are a few pictures I took along the way. No pictures of the finished product. Somehow I forgot that part!

Making blue batter:

There was green:

A little purple:

And here is how they looked coming out of the oven!


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