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My weekend began Saturday morning with my usual gathering of cohorts at my favorite Annapolis Starbucks. We talk about current events, recent remarks from various U.S. presidential wannabes, the economy, our global education successes and failures, films (recent and older), and whatever other thought that flies through someone’s head. Then it is out there for all!

Now enjoying the weekend at home, cooking a little, cleaning a little, watching a movie or two via Netflix, and creating a few new things to add color to my world. Here are pictures of some of the recent items I am eager to “play” with:

Wooden and seed beads

Unakite and red sponge coral
A few weeks ago I took my first try with making vegan phớ. Not as tasty as I’ve had in a restaurant; didn’t season the broth very well and it didn’t have quite enough flavor. Ah …. but a new culinary quest in my future!


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2015, What will it bring for each of us? What will we make of it? How will we proceed?

I will reflect on the past and hopefully learn from mistakes made. One thing I want to learn is how to work my dang camera! I do not know how to focus nor adjust for lighting. I will learn soon. Promise! In the meantime, however, please bear with me. I really want to concentrate on today and what is ahead! But before moving ahead too far, let me share with you a little about the past few weeks.

Christmas celebrations, of course. Delicious food (some not so vegan but never straying from vegetarian!) prepared by family and friends. And yes, I prepared a bit myself! But there was also preparing for the celebrations, so here are a few pictures:

Working on an idea . . . . . ????????????????????????

Two bracelets created and given as gifts. I like these tiny adornments that can be worn alone, with a watch, or layered with other bracelets 9two????????????????????????

And this particular gift is a little dressier than the others, but sometimes to brighten a day, dressy can be just plain fun! ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????

Crocheting wire is a new love of mine right now (an remember, focus of the camera will be a new love soon!)

Now let me show you a few things about my tiny little tree that I like. Music. What is life without music?!? ????????????????????????

And the top of the tree is usually reserved for Angels and stars, so I added several stars 🙂 ????????????????????????

And well, you know me and Starbucks! I now most often go to the Harbour Center Starbucks, and even though this pic is not the clearest (you should see all the ones I deleted!!), it gives a true sense of the peace and quiet there. Serenity except for the usual shenanigans of the baristas behind the counter – which I always enjoy 🙂 Just to the right of the Starbucks logo is a lovely fireplace. And what you cannot see are several folks in front of the fireplace, sitting in comfy chairs, starting their busy day with fascinating and rather intellectual conversations. I’m really liking this place . . . . ????????????????????????

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5:30am – Good morning! Thus begins a week of blogging with my librarian buds (most I have never met!) as we discuss our lives. The exciting and the not so much. First, let me tell you that I am a librarian at the U.S. Naval Academy, I am required to make sure you know that anything I say just comes from MY brain, and in no way do I speak for the U.S. Naval Academy. And right now, as part of the Library Day in the Life project begins, I’m just here to say “good morning” while I enjoy my first cup of coffee. My posts will most likely be focused on my work (naturally!), what I read, write, and cook and eat. After all, a blog IS a diary/journal/log of one’s life. Right?

6:55am – Starbucks. Drove into the Yard early, walked a bit. Getting ready to write for an hour, then walk back to the library an hour later than usual and making up that time tonight. Following is the view from “my” morning work space!

8:00am – walking back to the Naval Academy to start my day. Sun is up for this walk and these tiny little streets look extra amazing! Here are two pictures of a new stoop on an 18th century house. Recently redone.

2:30pm – Working four hours at the reference desk today – more than usual. We are down by two librarians right now and it may be quite a few months before those positions will be filled. In the meantime, there are extra hours at the desk for many of us as we also prepare and teach library instruction classes. A very busy time of the semester for subject librarians for sure! When quiet, though, I am able to get some of that prep work done and a few other tasks that need to be completed before I leave later this afternoon. Beautiful sunny day outside and lots of busy midshipmen researching for papers due later this week.

4:25pm – Just finished locating national security legalities in the U.S. Code. Thank you, U.S. Government Printing Office, for online PDFs!

9:00pm – Today was a really good day. Spent at least half my work day at the Reference Desk. Spent some of the other time emailing mids about research and preparing for library instruction classes later this week. After work my friend Alexis and I went to PetCo so that I could adopt a 7-yr-old cat I had first seen there a few months ago. Finally decided it was time. After he becomes more comfortable in our new home I will have a picture to show you. He lets me love on him for a bit, purrs, then returns to his new spot under the dresser. He is huge and very white, appropriately named Kimba, I’m guessing after Kimba the White Lion from the anime series of the 1960s.

Yes it was a very good day. And now I have a new roomie to talk to again. Welcome, Kimba!

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Change of routine

Wild woman today. Since I worked last night, I moved a few work hours around so I could arrive at the library one hour later than usual this morning. AND I decided to go to the other downtown Annapolis Starbucks instead of my favorite. Oh, I like this one – there is delicious tea and coffee and well as excellent service – but the one at the dock not only opens an hour earlier (just for me I’m sure!), it just has that special something. To me anyway. This one, however, is very historical in design inside and out. Love the exposed 18th century brick walls. It was still a wonderful way to start my day!

First, here is a picture of the Maryland Inn, and this particular Starbucks lives underneath. So cozy!

And here is just one corner of this fabulous basement Starbucks!

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My Signature

Starbucks in Annapolis – the one in the shopping center with Barnes and Noble. What? Why, I’ve only been in Annapolis for 10 months – I shouldn’t be expected to know the name of this favorite shopping center already. oops! Maybe I should.

My friend Becky is perusing Barnes and Noble and I’m sitting in Starbucks, giving her some time to herself to ponder and peruse. Yes, I used the word “peruse” twice. I’m smart like that!

Talking to you, watching people, and enjoying my signature drink – Grande single shot, decaf 5 pump mocha, extra hot, whip on bottom, mocha. Thanks for the new mug Hannah! This time no one had to try to remember!!

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Thursday was another amazing day in DC – someone pinch me! Arrived early for an hour of Starbucks and a delicious cup of Gold Coast with a banana. I’m in the midst of reading Imperial Hubris (au: Michael Scheuer), so I just sat there, read my book, enjoyed my coffee, and watched people come and go.

Then walked less than a block to work in the library at the Middle East Institute (MEI) for several hours (pro bono). The Institute provides a tremendous resource for scholars but are without a full-time librarian right now. Met a few new people and spent the day doing what I love to do!

When I finished at MEI, I walked up to U Street for a chili dog at Ben’s Chili Bowl, and it was as delicious as I had heard it was. I arrived about 2:45pm and the line was literally, honestly, out the door. Inside the line snaked around a little, but they are so on the ball that it didn’t take long to get my hot dog.

Old Motown coming out of the speakers. Lots of loud laughter and smiling faces. People in all types of dress (and incomes) waiting for the same thing. Didn’t take long to place my order; they have perfected their process of dealing with a crowd! I sat at the counter with my meal in a bun, trying to contemplate how on earth I would eat it without utensils (loaded with their famous chili, onions, mustard, and topped with a little bit of creamy coleslaw)! Just as I looked up to ask someone to bring me a fork, one of the cooks behind the counter brought me a fork and knife. Thank you!! And the chili really is fantabulous!! A little extra heat. I’ll surely be back.

In the meantime, here is my fav Ben’s Chili Dog video:

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Oh my goodness! Seriously, people. Delicious!!

• Heated up ½ cup of Starbucks coffee left from this morning (perked/brewed at home).
• Added a little non-sugar sweetener, two heaping tablespoons of Ghirardelli cocoa mix, and 1/2 piece of hard peppermint candy.
• Stirred until all was dissolved.
• Added more coffee (room temp by this time of day), and a little half & half.
• Completed with skim milk (I like a lot of milk).

Ice. Straw. Stir again. Oh yum!!

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