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Hello! I’ve not written in a long time – been very busy with other things. So busy, actually, that I have eaten out way too often and prepared (if I can actually use that word!) mostly quick easy meals, like frozen. Or peanut butter crackers. Or cheese on a Ritz. Bowl of cold cereal. And lot’s of Amy’s Soups! I’ve been a bad girl. But lately the weather has been nice. Oh, it’s been raining a lot but at least it is no longer freezing freezing freezing cold!!!

Yesterday (Saturday) was beautiful. I started with a trip to Howie’s to meet my other tree-huggers as we brought our recyclables to be (duh) recycled. Then onto the Farmers’ Market which had much more produce than I expected this early in the season. Here are a few pictures from that trip:

I've got my tote bag and I'm all ready!

Honey, solid lotions, and homemade pies.

Greens from the K-State student organic farmers

Organic radishes and onions from K-State student farmers

From there it was on to my coop Peoples Grocery. We have just moved into a wonderful new space and products are so much easier to see and find. Lovely! We actually just moved a few feet into a new building, so we have same parking lot. Only there is still a lot of construction, so it takes some Kansas intuition to find a spot right now. But totally worth the effort. Here are a few pictures from that visit as well:

Our new space

Squash, onions and 'taters

So many bulk bins

And now that I have been shopping for all this food, what will I do with it all?

Let's make a pizza!

Add sauce, mushrooms, and garlic on a pre-made pizza crust I purchased at Dillons a few weeks ago

Then added green pepper, onion, shallot, and lots of cheese! Then moved it to the oven.

Oh my goodness!! Delicious!! Saturday and I'm done.

But the weekend also involves Sunday. What did I do to satisfy my tummy on Sunday?

Sweet potatoes and eggs from Peoples. Onions, turnips, and turmip greens from the open market. I think I'm officially stuffed, now.


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