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Oh my goodness it is Thanksgiving! The day when I am truly grateful that I will have more food than I need before the day is over. The discipline will need to kick in for sure this evening when, at 4:00pm, I meet Alexis and we share a delicious dinner at a restaurant here in Annapolis. Kick in, yes. Take over? Never!

Will miss cookng the huge spread I prepared often when the children were younger, we all lived in the same house, and we shared food with neighbors and friends in our dining room. I cooked all day (and several days before) and was exhausted after the kitchen was cleaned. But I loved it. Absolutely.

However, even without our family’s tradition, Thanksgiving is my fav holiday. It’s all about friends and family and food and thankfulness and love and peace without the shopping involved. Unless, of course, I’m in the grocery store trying to reach that last package of cream cheese in the back!

So, here I am in the apartment, enjoying my quiet day at home. Trying not to eat much because I want to super really enjoy my meal later today with Alexis. So, how do I make the morning special? Well….. my second cup of coffee was awesome!

First, I took my cup and plopped in a heaping teaspoon of Cocoa Haze!, a hazelnut & chocolate spread I purchased last week at Whole Foods. Poured in my hot Starbucks coffee brewed a little earlier, and added a little heavy whipping cream and right much skim milk. “Why the skim milk?” you may ask. Well, so if anyone says to me, “Antoinette! You know that chocolate/hazelnut/caffeine/fatty cream mixture is not good for you.” I can reply with, “But I used skim milk!” Yes. This advanced education made me a genius.


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