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I slept almost two extra hours last night, which meant I was still up before 6:30am. Since then I’ve had 3 cups of delicious coffee! There was a light breakfast, a tasty lunch of leftover chicken fried rice, and a Pepperidge Farm chocolate brownie cookie that I heated for a bit in my small toaster oven. Soft cookie, gooey chocolate chips. . . oh my goodness was it scrumptious! And I’m usually not a huge lover of chocolate, but today I totally was such a fan! And that, my friends, was when I dove in for a third cup of hot coffee with cream.

Today I’ve written in my journal and emailed a few friends. I watched The September Issue via Netflix streaming, my second viewing. This documentary follows Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington and the others at Vogue magazine in New York as they prepare their tremendously huge and popular fall issue of 2007. I highly recommend this documentary for anyone interested in fashion or artistic abilities of any kind and the business necessary to keep these creations in the public’s eye.

After my recent visit to New York City and my walk through Bryant Park, I just had to watch it again. And now I cannot wait for my 2011 September issue to arrive in just a few more weeks! (FYI – for those that are interested, Bryant Park is no longer the place for Fashion Week; Lincoln Center is the new venue.)

In one of my recent posts I asked readers if they would share thoughts on how they arrange their stuff. How people organize so that they can later find (a very major purpose of a library and its staff). Below is a picture of my most recent pile by my bed. I took the picture just at it looks. Right now. For me I can tell I’ve been in a fashion/design/artistic state of mind lately. No NY Times articles regarding public policy and no books near the top about peace and security. [Hmmm . . . I’m wondering where my book is about Starbucks? I was just reading it the other night – I’m guessing in my backpack.]

If anyone feels like replying, I’d love to know more about how your organize. Books, canned goods in the kitchen, your closet, electronic files, or anything you want to share. If not about organization, then maybe a few sentences about what you have beside your bed today?

Here’s my pile of fun!


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5:20am: Here we are, day 5 of the Library day in the life project. Today is the last day in this project where I have participated with other librarians around the world in blogging about my everyday activities. I am the Political Science/Economics Librarian at the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, MD. [Everything I say comes from ME and I do not speak for nor officially represent the USNA] I’ve Been awake since 3:00am, tossed and turned for about 30 minutes, then just got up. So I’m all showered and anti-aged up with the creams and lotions! Just spent some time emailing a dear friend in Manhattan, Kansas. As much as I love my life in Annapolis, I do miss many friends I made while living in Kansas. So connection is amazingly important for me! I’ve checked my USNA email and am now on my second cup of coffee. Oh my how I love that warm, soothing drink each morning! Trying to listen to a song I downloaded to iTunes from the Internet yesterday – yes, a legal download thank you very much – and my computer cannot find the file. Huh. I listened to it yesterday several times and have it in a playlist. I was even able to find the file thread, but when I actually followed the thread, it really wasn’t there. dang. I don’t mind downloading it again, but I wish I understood the problem. God wasn’t giving out as many geek/tech genes when I was born 🙂 .

7:50am: At my desk in Nimitz library, sitting in front of the fan again today – not feeling very well. Maybe not enough sleep? Dunno. I’ve agreed to help shift a collection of books at 9:00, so I hope I’m all better by then!

10:10am: Just finished working with others in the library in moving some of the reference collection to another floor. Didn’t take very long since we all worked together. Afterwards, the librarian in charge of this project and my own boss let us charge to them whatever we wanted at the Coffee Mess (Our little coffee bar). Very nice – thank you both! I didn’t feel like coffee, but I had purchased a bottle of ginger ale earlier which was very tasty after the physical labor! And a nap would be nice.

12:30pm. Updated my personal calendar to reflect my new fall reference desk and night schedule. Ate a lunch of cheddar cheese and crackers and ginger ale. Worked on some folders and finished a report. In about 30 minutes it’s the reference desk, followed by a meeting. Actually, I’m getting right much done to be so sleepy!

8:30pm: Reference desk was not busy so I was able to check up on some federal legislative activities from various news publications on the Internet. Meeting regarding our web pages was over in about one hour. Left the library at 4:00 and went out for dinner tonight with two of my girlfriends and was actually finally able to eat more than a small snack. I was hungry and ate a few onion rings and 1/2 a sandwich, which means I brought home 1/2 sandwich for the weekend. I’m still hot and tired, but I bet I’ll feel much better tomorrow. Just one of those days. We all have them, even librarians.

Well, that’s it for day 5 of the Library project! I don’t usually blog every day, but I’m am open to all! Please come back and visit me sometime – right here at WordPress!

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4:50am: I am the Political Science/Economics Librarian at the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, MD. This week I am participating in a Library day in the life project with other librarians from around the world, blogging about my everyday activities. [Everything I say comes from ME and I do not speak for nor officially represent the USNA] Awake and drinking that first cup of coffee. This time my cup is a huge mug our daughter gave me for Christmas several years ago – a large New York Times crossword puzzle mug, which came with a crossword puzzle book. That girl of mine. She knows how much I adore New York City! I’ve already checked my USNA email, so now I’ll take time to read some news, browse the financials to check on Dunkin Donuts, and then continue with my morning routine and get to the library early enough for my morning walk!

8:20am: Been here about an hour. Took that morning walk outside the gates to purchase a cappuccino this morning. Because of the brisk walk, after getting to my desk just before 7:30, I had to turn on my cubi fan to cool off before I could drink the frothy concoction. And it is delicious! Added to my to-do list, discussed a recent article in the NY Times with two colleagues, and responded to some email. Picked up three extra hours at the ref desk later today. Now I’m researching within and analyzing again two databases we currently have on trial. Then I will sign up to lead two or three library tours for the plebes in a few weeks and also sign up for a shift at the library info table over Parent’s Weekend when I will have the opportunity to introduce to them all the wonderful services and resources we have here in the library for their sons and daughters. Whew! Was that a run-on sentence or what??!!

12:45pm: Just finished my lunch in the staff lounge. Brought canned soup and Saltines from home today and chatted with colleagues. Below is a picture of some of what we do for fun during out lunch breaks here. There are those of us that read (what a surprise!), some that chat (that be me), and some that love the jigsaw puzzles. Sometimes I work on the puzzles, too, but the Van Gogh Starry Night was way hard and I didn’t spend much time on that one, so I cannot take credit. However, it did take many weeks to complete. Remember, the really committed people who worked and worked on it only had a few minutes a day, and that’s only the days they ate lunch in the lounge. Proud of them!

3:30pm: Back at the Reference Desk. I scheduled something on the online classroom calendar, which I had not done since the early part of the spring semester, so it took me awhile to remember exactly how to do it. Helped a user with a reference question involving the U.S. Code and Code of Federal Regulations. Love those gov docs/legal-type questions! Even though they do take some time. Marking off small (but important!) tasks on my to-do list. Rather quiet here today.

5:25pm: Finishing up my dinner and am terrifically tired tonight. Not really sure why except it seemed like today was just really busy with small but vital duties that took me hither and yon. Every time I checked off something from my to-do list I’d add two more tasks. Anyway, I can rest now. I think I’ll clean up my dishes and prepare the coffee pot for in the morning, watch an hour of TV (via Internet), and read a bit of something in that pile beside my bed!

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4:45am: I am the Political Science/Economics Librarian at the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, MD. This week I am participating in a Library day in the life project with other librarians from around the world, blogging about my everyday activities. [Everything I say comes from ME and I do not speak for nor officially represent the USNA] So here goes! Yes, that morning cup of coffee and the computer. Emailing family this morning – love to connect with them first thing. Sure, it will most likely be a few hours before they read, but hey! I’ve done my part! Looking at my bedroom I have a real mess beside my bed, something I have avoided since I moved to Annapolis. I had decided I would no longer just throw my reading materials by the bed, that I would place them in a neat spot in my living room and just keep one or two items by the bed. And I went almost a whole year accomplishing that very thing! But here I sit looking at my old (about 15 years old) western civilization history book, a few consumer reports, book on Goldman Sachs and the economic fiasco, Onward by Howard Schultz (a fan of the Starbucks company am I), a magazine about the summer happenings in Annapolis, a couple of Economists, and a few glossy design magazines. And as my usual companions, a few NY Times articles I’ve copied from their website but not yet read.
I have made this mess by my bed for several years, and thus began my constant interest as to how different people organize their information. Or their stuff. Some of my piles are done by subject, some are done by soft-cover or hard-cover, some by size – large or small. And then there is the whole organize electronically thing. The electronic is more difficult to me, but I have been improving in that area. Since I grew up with paper files and used only those for the first 15 years of my adult life, I still think in that manner. And when I think, “what would I do with this information if I had it in print”, I make a new electronic folder and try to treat it the same way. Why? Because that thought process really works for me! Sure, sometimes I cannot find the folder right away, but that happens with the ol’ filing cabinets as well. I remember with my first job back in “mumble mumble..”, one woman had a sticker on her filing cabinet that said, “Filing cabinets. The way to lose things alphabetically.” Amen! So when I lose an online file, I don’t panic. Well, not usually. I simply stop and think about what is in the folder and where might I have placed it. And of course, if that does not work, there is always the magic “search” feature! My old metal filing cabinets did not have that attribute. Wow! I do some of my greatest (ha!) thinking first thing in the morning! Libraries and information. We are full of it – information, that is. Our job is to find it, organize it, store and preserve it, and help others find it and use it. I am fascinated with how people organize and the thought process behind it.
It would be really cool if librarians (or anyone else) reading this blog would comment with how they arrange their own information. Even kitchen cabinets! How do you find your canned peaches or soups? How do you arrange your books or anything else so you can locate? Enough already! Time to get ready for the rest of my day. And eat my breakfast, of which I will place a picture below.

7:45: Have been at my desk for about 30 minutes, arriving 15 minutes early after my walk along the sea wall. I guess all that energy I had when I first woke up is still with me! Unpacked my backpack and yes, desk is properly cluttered now. Liberated a few chocolate peppermints from my boss’s desk. Looked at financial news – Dunkin’ Donuts going public today. [And thanks to the hubby for giving me that info on the phone this morning.] There are tons of employees with Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and McDonalds. If you’ve read my previous posts, you have probably discovered I am first a Starbucks (or an independent) fan when it comes to coffee. However, there should be enough coffee drinkers to support all three of the big ‘uns, and I guess we will soon find out. I will also be following the NASDAQ web site and the Wall Street Journal closely these next few days to see what the Congressional deficit/debt discussion (or lack of) will do to or for the financials of our business world.

11:00: Had an interesting email this morning from staff elsewhere at the Academy that sent me up to archives. Fascinating place to visit. Then I followed the archivist around as he worked his magic, because I find what they do to be quite amazing. My BA is in history with a minor in preservation, and this type of research took me back to my roots. It took a few minutes, but by being thorough, he knew that he had found the exact correct information. The best work often does takes time. After that I attended a workshop for Avaya, a software used for virtual meetings, training, reference, or many other activities I’m sure. For my layperson’s description, I would simply say it is a software for which I may need to create an avatar-type persona and quite fantastic! I also tried today to adjust my PBwiki Library day in the life URL posting, tried to stay within my own parameters, and wham! Screwed up the whole page! I called Bobbi Newman and it seems repaired now. Geez. If I steer away from an online presence I will fall behind in my profession. And I really enjoy connecting with other librarians – I learn so much and improve at my job with this camaraderie and sharing of info. But every-once-in-a-while . . . . I can be dangerous 😦 .

4:00pm After the meeting I worked at the reference desk and actually had a couple of real thought-provoking reference questions! Not too many of those during the summer months. I had particular fun helping one midshipman find the info and she was grateful. Especially liked that part. I met with my boss for awhile to go over a few projects I’ve got going this summer and cleaned off a few things on my desk and added even more. And before I knew it, it was time to leave and the work day was over.

7:45pm: A girlfriend and I went to Five Guys for a burger and fries after work. I’m really fortunate – she loves the fries and always buys the small size but cannot eat them all. Being the dear friend I am, I help her with that dilemma. We each purchase the little burger – oh yum! They may be the little burgers, but they sure seem huge to me! So we talked about Congress and public policies and blogging and databases and some of the vendor policies that go along with databases. Really. I decided a few years ago that if a person discusses their work over and over even during leisure time, then that person must have found the job perfect for them.

9:00: Talked to the hubby and also our daughter tonight (she lives in NC). Listening to Broadway tunes on Pandora radio, and when each song starts, I try to guess who is singing. I do pretty well with that! Well, I’ll sign off but leave you with a view from one of the many windows of our Nimitz Library at the USNA!

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5:02am: Slept all night! Yippee!! Brushed my hair, washed the face, slathered on all the girly creams, and now I’ve settled back on the bed with my first cup of delicious coffee. Good day, good day. Shouldn’t get above the low 90s here today, which is another yippee! I am the Political Science/Economics Librarian at the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, MD. This week I am participating in a Library day in the life project with other librarians from around the world, blogging about my everyday activities. [Everything I say comes from ME and I do not speak for nor officially represent the USNA] Checking emails from my USNA email and also my personal gmails. I am a morning person and I am ready to start talking, and believe me, it suits most everyone I know to do it electronically. Then they can “listen” whenever they want. Checking the headline news, and if I don’t goof too long here with the computer, plan to get to the library early enough for a walk around the sea wall. Haven’t done much of that in the extreme heat, but today should be great to go!

10:30am: I’ve been at the library for three hours, got in my walk and completed a few small chores. Spent some time weeding in the economics area of the stacks and also pulled a few books in need of repair. Submitted paperwork for a day off later in August, just before classes start. Read some news stories online about various representatives in our Fed House of Representatives as they deal with the debt crisis. And I better say no more about that subject! Because ugly words may fly from my head to my fingers to the keyboard and up on the screen. Now I’m getting ready to work with and analyze a couple of databases we have on trial right now. But before I get started on that, here is a picture of my desk. (We reference/subject librarians share a room with individual cubicles.) I did not clean it up first – wanted to be honest and show you a little of how my work space looks. The flowers on my computer screen are from a picture I took early this past spring during a jaunt into DC; they were planted in front of a townhouse near the Library of Congress.

1:30: Lunch in the staff lounge today. Corned beef on rye. Again. Not very adventurous today! Helped a library user find a book in the Reference section. Love to connect just the right person with the book of their dreams! OK, so it wasn’t the book of her dreams – but she needed it and I found it. ta-da! Requested a few books for what we call our “recreational reading” area. Some academic libraries may call it “leisure reading”, but these are books, both fiction and non-fiction, that can simply be enjoyed. For those who want to learn more about current events or simply be taken away by a grand story or an even grander adventure. When that Political Science paper just wipes away the mind and they need to bring it back.

7:30pm: There was a meeting this afternoon that lasted just under 2 hours. ugh. However, we discussed databases and which ones were more important than others. We try to get a general consensus as to which one are the most valuable for our midshipmen and faculty. Like any institution, business, or family, we try to prioritize the spending of funds. Left at 4:00pm and ran a few errands. Picked up Chinese food on the way home and watched a TV show over the Internet while I ate. Cleaned the kitchen, prepared the coffee pot for in the morning, packed my lunch (leftover Chinese!), and now I’m pooped! Gonna check out facebook and read a little before falling asleep and starting all over again tomorrow!

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1:44am: No, I don’t normally get up quite this early! Just cannot sleep tonight. I could read, but my eyes don’t want to stay awake – just the rest of me! However, since I’m awake I might as well create my first posting for the Library Day in the Life project. Then, I’ll just turn off the light and try to sleep. Try to stop thinking so much. Well, that’s almost an impossibility for me! If there was ever anyone who thinks too much, it would be me. But here goes…..

6:20am: I realize I am to talk first a little about me with each posting. Guess as much as I think, I wasn’t thinking too clearly at 1:44am this morning with my first posting! I am the Political Science/Economics Librarian at the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, MD. This week I am participating in a Library day in the life project with other librarians from around the world, blogging about my everyday activities. [Everything I say comes from ME and I do not speak for nor officially represent the USNA] On August 2 I will have been here one year, so I’m still pretty new. Before USNA I was the Government Information and Geography librarian at Kansas State University. Just prepared my second cup of coffee and fixed a little breakfast, and a picture follows. Think I’ll read some news on the Internet and wait for my hubby to call. His job and my job are not in the same city, so we do the long-distance thing right now. He likes to call while he drives to work – and yes, he uses the blue tooth thingy. And then it is off to the library for me!

Starbucks coffee in a Radina's cup.  Half of an oatmeal and date scone from Whole Foods.  Yum!

8:30am: Ordering resources before the end of FY2011. It is really cool that browsing through print and online catalogs of new publications and databases, and analyzing our needs with the offerings, is something I MUST do to succeed at my job. Trying to finish up today.

12:25pm: Book orders done for the day. Corresponded with a few faculty members about database trials and reminded them that now is the time to contact me about any books they may want for the library. Just read an interesting article written by a USNA professor about Vietnam and irregular warfare. Next I’m on my way to the staff lounge to devour my corned beef sandwich and pickles I brought from home!

2:50pm: Just finished one hour of browsing Economics books in the stacks. Even though we have lots of databases, print sources are still very important and used often, and I’m trying to bring myself more up-to-date with the collection before fall semester. Also deciding the best way to note LC call numbers in my new subject guide (yet to be created!) to help the midshipmen in their browsing. Of course I show them how to search by subject via the online catalog, but these students are so very curious that they also enjoy discovery in the stacks, especially when they are in the early stages of a research paper.

3:50pm: Discussed a database trial and possible purchase of another database with the head of collection management. Worked on a report but will finish up tomorrow. Time to head home in a few minutes.

4:40pm Home. Left the library in the pouring rain, but it sure cooled down the temperature. Delightful! Now it’s time for supper and then clean off the top of a cluttered table top [my artwork from this weekend 🙂 ]. Plan to watch one episode of Upstairs Downstairs (thank you Netflix!) and look at one of my new design magazines. Read some more of Howard Schultz’s Onward. Yes, another great day!

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Lovely day to be inside. I’ve got the air conditioner going but trying to keep the temps up higher than what I really prefer. The last thing we need is for Annapolis (or any town/city for that matter!) to blow a major thing-a-ma-jig and all of us lose electricity. As you can tell, engineering and infrastructure are not two of my strengths.

Went to Borders last night to partake in the first day of major sales but stuck mostly to design magazines. Yep! Still in that NYC frame of mind. Purchased the hubby a hunting magazine, the most recent C.J. Box paperback, and a few other mags I thought he might like. And! There was food. Again, I took my camera. Again, I forgot to take a picture of my meal. Dang people. I dunno where my mind goes when food is set before me, but it sure isn’t focused as well as it should be.

Alexis and I both had chicken wraps with lettuce and sweet-hot chili jelly and a little yogurt sauce. Oh my! And the French fries were hot and crispy with nothing but a little salt. Alexis finally got the ketchup to flow from the bottle, so I did have some yummy red stuff on the side for the taters. Watching her try to get an air hole in the back of the bottle was quite the entertaining sight!

And tonight? Oh my…… Backing up – one night in NYC I ordered some heavenly liver (chicken) paté. I have wanted more ever since, so I decided to find a recipe and make my own. No wonder I love it so much! Not only is there 20 oz of chicken livers in this concoction, there is heavy whipping cream and 1.5 sticks of melted B U T T E R!! First thing Monday morning I am making an appointment for my first angioplasty procedure!

Anyway, I’m sure I could eat way more than I should, so I scooped out a little and placed the rest back in the refrig. Tomorrow I will be freezing it in individual servings so I don’t eat too much at one time. The best thing for me to do is simply not have it available! I did have a little taste just now and I must say – I did a bang up job! This paté is about the best I’ve ever had. So here is my plate. (also see olives, garlic cloves, tiny cornichons, marinated baby onions, capers, fresh tomatoes, and garlic melba toast) I must leave now, pour me a small glass of Riesling, and enjoy the rest of my evening. Cheers to each of you!

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