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Right now I am sitting in my little apartment, cuddled under covers with my computer, talking to my kitty, drinking my second cup of awesome coffee, and eating a very small portion of a Bumble Bar I bought at my own People’s Grocery. It is mostly composed of rice syrup and tons of tiny little flax seeds and a few peanuts, but it pretty much looks like a bunch of little seeds just smashed together! However, I tend to wake up hungry, and just two or three bites of something like this takes care of it. And this bar is made of good wholesome ingredients, so it is totally healthy and filling! However, I’m sure I’ll still want breakfast again in an hour or two.

While I am sitting here crunching on this Bumble Bar, I am also thinking about the totally delicious pizza I ate Friday night at Regina’s house. Not only were the two pizzas super tasty, they both looked so pretty they could have been on the cover of any foodie magazine as a prize winner! Ellen and I dined on these pizzas with Regina, and even though I purchased a few of the ingredients, I did not help put them together. I still have this cold, and even though I thoroughly washed my hands, I didn’t want to touch the food too much that others would be eating.

Anyway, Regina made pizza dough, so the crusts were freshly made. One pizza was a thin crust, and we had no tomato sauce on that one. First Ellen placed huge chunks of mozzarella over the whole thing. Then she sprinkled kalamata olives, chopped red onion, mushrooms, artichokes, fresh spinach leaves torn into tinier pieces, a little basil, and feta cheese. It was so pretty! With the white cheese, green spinach, and purple olives, it really looked like a classy Christmas decoration! I would say that I hated to eat it because it was so pretty, but that would be telling a tale. I didn’t mind eating it at all. None. Nada. It was…..oh my goodness it was so very good!!

Then Regina also had a dish to prepare a deep dish pizza. On that one Regina first layered on more thick chunks of mozzarella. And instead of a tomato sauce she just opened a can of tomatoes and spread out a few chunks of that juicy red fruit along with some basil for extra flavor. (mmmmm……!!). Then she added cooked sausage, chopped red onion, pepperoni, mushrooms, and more slices of mozzarella on top. That one took a little longer to cook, but it was definitely worth the wait. I still couldn’t eat a whole lot because of my cold, no matter how tasty. So I brought home the rest of the slices I did not eat and I shall enjoy them this afternoon. I make pizzas sometimes but always buy the crust. I probably will not delve into the world of homemade crust, but I definitely will go with the idea of putting mozzarella on the bottom of all the toppings. That was an absolutely delectable idea!

Then yesterday my neighbor Larry and I shared a lunch together of some of his totally awesome chili, topped with cheese and his famous guacamole. Really, I’m sure it is famous. And then he prepared a side salad of greens, onions, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, and a drizzle of basalmic vinegar and walnut oil. You know? I’m not a real walnut fan, but that drizzle added just the right amount of sweet. Again, I couldn’t eat all of the chili, so I brought the rest back to my refrig so I can eat it for lunch later this week at work. Geez…..I’m already psyched about lunch at work. Man! I guess I really, really do like good, wholesome food, huh.

So, today is Sunday. Which means I do my weekly laundry, finish my cleaning around the apartment, and watch some TV I recorded earlier this week. I also need to spend several hours completing my prep for a class this week. And for my food today (yes, as confirmed in the last paragraph, a real priority for me!), I plan to eat some of the leftover pizza I brought home from Regina’s with a side of a tossed vege salad. And I think for another meal I will prepare my new fried rice recipe with veges and peanuts.

I seldom get philisophical in my writings, but today I will share something with you. This movement into whole, natural foods I began a few years ago has been a large part of my deeper spiritual growth. I am a woman of faith. And as I look at these foods in their more whole and natural state, I realize, again, how much love God has for each of us. He provided us with so many delicious foods. So many vitamins and nutrients. Juicy apples and oranges, colorful carrots and squash and spinach, peanuts and almonds and pecans, And when I do decide to sit down and eat part of an animal – and let’s all face the fact that when we eat meat we do just that – I thank the Lord and the animal for living his life so that I may have protein and other nutrients. Some people believe it is wrong to eat an animal, others believe that practice is part of the circle of life, and I sit somewhere in the middle. I believe it is a personal choice, but somewhere deep inside I don’t think I myself should practice carnivorism. I will continue my quest to eat less meat, and eventually I hope to be a full pescatarian. Why is fish OK with me? I’m not sure, but right now I’m OK with that practice. However, I’ll be honest in my blog and not hide the fact that yes, I do still eat meat.

My goodness! It is almost 9:00am! Time for one of my favorite shows ever – This Week with George Stephanopoulos, and time for me to shut up! I like the way the people in the roundtable offer varying points of view without being rude to each other like they do on FOX and even CNN sometimes. They do not interrupt each other and we can actually hear what they say. As a professor said to me once, “In a conversation we learn when we listen, but not when we talk.” A wise man.


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What a weird week for food. Remember those hot dogs I could not wait to eat? Bought a package of beef hot dogs (less greasy than others and the only kind I can usually eat). Prepared slaw and raw onion just the way I like. Nice soft bun. Fried the hot dog and soak it twice in a paper towel. Took one bite and thought, “Oh my goodness!! poo. yuk. I cannot eat this thing!” Boy! What a waste of money and waste for the cow, too. That’s not good.

Last night I really, really wanted a steak. I found a one on sale at Dillons. Cut it in half so that I’d have no more than 4 ounces. Sliced mushrooms and onions, and cooked those with a little butter, garlic, and cooking wine. Prepared those 4 oz. just the way I have always liked and only ate one bite. Just couldn’t get past……something. I just can’t eat it. But I seem to want it!

However, earlier this week Larry had a reception for a visiting lecturer and was kind enough to invite me for the lovely fall meal. His apartment was packed with students and faculty, all gathered as best as they could around his dining table. Larry served scrumptious chili, and I ate almost a cup of that, I think. It was very, very good. Lots of beans. The chili was sitting in a huge pot on top of the stove in the kitchen, and the dining table held the homemade guacamole. Oh my that was delicious! He also served grated sharp cheddar cheese (not the stuff that comes pre-grated in a bag), sour cream, corn chips, and a bowl of extra fresh cilantro. Also a platter of soft cheeses and crackers. What a spread! Very simple menu. And I could tell that everyone there thought it was absolutely perfect. There was red wine and a large pitcher of ice water with lemon slices floating on top. Well, duh to me, it’s not like they sink, ya know.

He also had two pitchers of Sangria. Now, you know I can’t really drink, so I waited until just about time for me to leave before someone poured me a cup of that. Sure enough, even after eating some chili, that Sangria went right to my head! I left soon after, taking the rest of my drink up the steps to my apartment. Got ready for bed, checked the news on the Internet, finished the Sangria, and fell right to sleep without getting up one time! As we all know, for someone who is over the age of “mumble mumble“, going all night without having to get up at least once is quite the feat! I’ve decided Larry needs to market his Sangria as “The Fruit That Makes you Sleep Good.”

I did prepare for myself at least one other tasty meal this week. I try to stick with brown rice, but a few weeks ago I bought a package of the white rice flavored with saffron. Love that stuff! I froze individual servings of it, and pulled some out this week. Topped it off with black beans I had cooked and seasoned just right. Just before I ate the beans and rice I added pieces of fresh tomato and chopped raw onion. Now that was a great meal. Made a small vegetarian pizza that provided two meals.

And I ate lunch at the student union when the Bluemont Room prepared their Halloween buffet. The buffet was a good price, but I can never seem to eat enough to make the money worth it. What did make the meal worth the money was sharing the meal with Tara C. I always enjoy our times together. We had both completed our “interview” with the tenure committee that morning and just needed to unwind a bit. I’m not really sure if we ate more or talked more! But we all know that one of my absolute favorite activities in this world is sharing a good meal with a good friend over good conversation. That day – was worth every penny.

Another great evening occurred that same Thursday night. Several of us met after work to relax together after the day of pre-tenure interviews. I splurged with a real Dr. Pepper. (I really like those!). I ordered onion rings, which ended up being my supper. Well, except for some of the sweet potato fries that Elisabeth ordered and shared. Mmmmm……..oh my!………..

Today will be busy. Going into the library for several hours to get a start on the next two weeks of activities. Dropping off two DVDs I rented at the public library, taking items to the recycle place, and then maybe can spend tomorrow just watching junk TV I recorded this week. And figure out if I can get into a mood to prepare something very, very good to eat. Hmmmm……

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